VIDEO: Bike Repair Stands, Necessary?

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By Ontherun

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The Product

Sport-Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand


The Maker

Ultimate Support

The Price


The Rating


The Skinny

Nice addition to your tri gear to help maintain and repair your bikes.







12.8 lbs



Height adjusts from 42"-65.3"  Allows 360 deg. rotation of the bike



So far, I have found no way to break it with normal use.

Customer Service





I would buy the stand again.


Random Thoughts

  • The Pro Classic model is essentially the same stand with quick releases on the tripod and height adjustment. It comes in a nice looking red color

  • The Pro Elite also offers a quick release head for the clamp.

  • Stand will hold up to 65 lbs.

  • Tripod is very stable when full extended. Make sure the bike is secure and stable before beginning any service or repair.

  • Carrying bag is an option, but I did not see it necessary.

  • Watch your fingers when opening and closing the tripod. I did manage to get my fingers pinched when not paying attention.

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date: April 3, 2008

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