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2013-12-29 6:12 AM

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Subject: Specialized SHIV fuselage hydration system
...this thread is about the SHIV's integral fuselage hydration system (for water) not the frame-mounted fuel cell (for carrying spare parts and nutrition).

Santa brought me a new 2013 SHIV and I'm experiencing mixed results with the integral hydration system. In theory this is a great idea and I really want it to work, but the bladder is hard to fill completely - holds much less than it should - and the bite valve is virtually useless in real world application - requires more effort to suck than the trickle of water is worth. This technology has been around for a while so I'm wondering if others are experiencing the same things and, if so, if they have developed workable solutions.

Reading on the 'slow twitch' forums I found some users who have replaced the OE bite valve with a Camelbak "big bite" valve and they say this has solved the flow problem. Anyone else tried this? That'll be my first fix.

But what about the capacity issue? Seems like the bag gets hung up upon re-entry (after removing it for cleaning) creating folds or twists that limit capacity. And since it's gravity fed there doesn't seem to be a way to force the issue. Has anyone come up with workaround? I tried using the handle of a kitchen utensil to probe the bag, but that was only somewhat effective.

The rest of the bike is sweet, but I'd love for this to work, too!

2013-12-30 4:35 PM
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Subject: RE: Specialized SHIV fuselage hydration system

I replaced the OE bite valve with a Camelbak "big bite" valve and that seems to have alleviated all flow-related issues. Easy does it. Note: the Camelbak big bite valve fits inside of the magnet extender, not around it like the OE bite valve. Just twist it in. It fits. Six bucks.

And I tried to address the capacity issues by blowing into the end of the tube to reverse the flow. That seems to have forced open some of the folds and created some additional capacity. Still not all the way there, but better. Note: remove the bite valve to reverse the flow.
2013-12-31 9:46 AM
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Subject: RE: Specialized SHIV fuselage hydration system
I have the same issue, not with the mouth piece, but the volume and putting it in... I due HIM or less racing, so I just keep one bottle behind the seat and the what's in the bladder... I've noticed that mine holds about 500ml of fluid installed, so I have to keep in mind what's available during a race and grab something on the fly if I might need more. I have a love-hate relationship too.. I found that the tube the holds the cables for routing gets in the way when installing the bag, I learned to lean the bag to the the left to avoid colliding with the cable tube thing.

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