Dr Appt at 130 today....

Mom’s guess is Influenza B. Hope not.

Woke up Friday to every part of my body hurting to touch - even a blanket.

That continued through first part of Sunday. Felt better Sunday afternoon. Actually ate some mashed potatoes - chewing doesn’t even sound fun right now and nothing even looks good but was better than the 2-3 jello cups I had the day before. Sunday was also the first day I didn’t sleep 20+ hours a day.

Thought I would be ok for work today and was exhausted by the time I got to the kitchen. Chris said call the dr and back to bed. He is working from home until he sees if it is contagious so he doesn’t take it to work - or he realizes this is why he feels crummy aka not 100%.

Matthew went to the doc on Thursday and has the viral cough and sore throat - see what I got...
Sick....really really sick...
Another shitty night of sleep for both Chris and I. Chris has been feeling crummy all week - I attributed it to 80-90s and sun in Hawaii; 30-40(so far) and cloudy in Alaska. But I think he is coming down with something. Matthew is with us this week and has been coming home but has had his girlfriend over until about midnight each night and we hear it when she leaves. Not conducive to good sleep. Neither of us got up with the alarm (ok I did to feed the dogs and try to sleep again) and tonight we have plans to go to a Craft Beer/Cheese tasting at 6 right after work. Will see how the day goes about getting to the gym.

This week has gone down the crapper. I had such a good streak going.
Belly has calmed down. Not sure what today will bring. Legs are sore - I think it is time to get new shoes. Last shoes were bought in July - granted they didn't get miles upon miles. Also - work last night at midnight led to no in depth sleep until about 630 with an alarm at 715. Needless to say running on empty today. Meeting over lunch with people that drive me crazy when I have had a full nights sleep - can imagine what today will be like.

Maybe gym after work - maybe off day. See how I feel later. Dinner is in the crockpot - just need to make rice.

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