• 45m 15s
  • 4.44 miles
  • 10m 11s /Mi

Reverse Brick Run - 15 minute warm up including tire pulling, ending with three miles build.

  • 1h 19m 03s
  • 24.16 miles
  • 18.34 Mi/hr

Rainy day brick on the trainer.

  • 1h 00m 58s
  • 6.72 miles
  • 09m 04s /Mi

K Pump

I did this in the trackside area near downtown

Warm up

4 x 5min with 3min recovery between sets
Each of the 5min sets should have 30sec at Race pace followed by 30 sec easy.

Cool down

  • Stretching
  • 20m

stretch 'n' roll

  • 48m 14s
  • 5.11 miles
  • 09m 26s /Mi

Downtown-Peakway route

Z2 run. Left hip (hip flexor?) a bit "sticky" today.

  • 1h 31m 01s
  • 27.34 miles
  • 18.02 Mi/hr

I looked at today’s workout and decided that even though I generally don’t add bike workouts to my Garmin (traffic considerations), this was a good candidate for doing so. Unfortunately, I forgot that auto pause doesn’t work with workouts :-/ As a result, I had no idea if I was at 95 minutes or not — just a best guess based on the route. Moving time as 91 minutes so I guess I was kinda close (exactly 4 minutes of stopped time — plus I hit the stop button at Tody Goodwin & Beaver Creek and again at Bonsal because I knew traffic would cause a stop and I was in the 3 minutes rest.

The interval that I didn't trust myself to remember (or read while I was doing it!)

* 15sec Sprint all out effort, Out of Seat, be sure your chain is not 'clunking' if its doing this then you need to gear down in the back for more resistance.
* 45sec recovery
* 30sec 90% effort @ 90rpm+
* 30sec Recovery
* 30sec 90% effort @ 90rpm+
* 45sec recovery
* 15sec Sprint all out effort, Out of Seat.
* 3min recovery Spin between set.

Anyway, other than Garmin woes, the ride went well. I don’t feel like I do that well on the standing stuff — especially on the tri bike.

  • Stretching
  • 20m

Ride tonight!

  • 48m 47s
  • 2100.00 yards
  • -----

YMCA swim
200 w/u
150 kick
200 pull with buoy between ankles

3 x 250 as
- single paddle, switch hands each 50
- all pull, no paddles
- bilateral breath every 3 and every 5 by 50
300 kick alternate free and back by 50
6 x 50 build @15 sec recovery
200 easy c/d
= 2100 yards

  • Funtional Strength
  • 30m

Foam rolling
Foam roller back stretches
T-Spine Rotation with Reach
Hip Flexor Stretch from Half Kneeling with Dowel
Single Leg Lowering
Straight Leg Bridge
Plank Diagonals
Extension from Half Kneeling with FMT

  • 2h 00m 38s
  • 36.22 miles
  • 18.01 Mi/hr

I rode out to Shearon Harris for my warm up and then did the five repeats — 1 minute build to Z5 power @ 75-65 RPM, 4 minutes at Z4 @ 90 RPM, 1 minute at Z6 @ 90 RPM with 5 minutes recoery between sets. The five minutes didn’t quite get me back to where I started so I ended up creeping towards the power plant for the start of each interval. I understand what I am supposed to be doing — pushing more power/harder at a 90 RPMs that is really comfortable — it’s just really really hard for me to do for some reason. I can use a harder gear and a lower RPM but a harder gear and a higher RPM, for some reason, is really hard. I don’t even know if it’s mental of physical, At any rate, my legs did really feel the workout and holding a higher cadence on the cool down heading home was a challenge at times.

  • 35m 08s
  • 3.86 miles
  • 09m 06s /Mi

Downtown brick run off the bike. This went better than I expected!

√ Brick workout on tap later.

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