Saint Charles,IL 
Sunny High 63FLow 47F
  • Temp: 50F
  • Hum: 54%
  • W: 4mph NE
Light drizzle
High 68F
Low 52F
Moderate or heavy rain with thunder
High 68F
Low 52F
Light drizzle
High 54F
Low 43F
Patchy light rain with thunder
High 61F
Low 47F
  • 3h 21m 30s
  • 55.60 miles
  • 16.56 Mi/hr

Not so bad. I was expecting this to be terrible, as my first couple of road rides usually are in the spring, but the elements conspired for a beautiful mostly windless day. Never was working too hard... Both brakes were off. Haha.

Got a little sun too. This is good. I am starting to feel less like quitting IMWI and more like doing it. Great news.

Getting ready to head out on my first REAL road ride of the year. Am nervous, as always. We'll see how I do. 

Went really well. Felt great the whole time. I was so nervous. I think it's good to be a little nervous before every ride... keeps you on your toes. We rode some pretty highly traveled roads. Riding again tomorrow night. We'll see how I do back to back. 

Gaze up on the group... 

I have been riding with these same fools for like 12-14 years. We moved away, but I drive back up to Crystal Lake bc i like the roads and I love this group. Only 4 of us made it today. 



  • 1h 45m 17s
  • 7.02 miles
  • 14m 59s /Mi

This started out really auspiciously. Ended in a lame (literally!!) 2 mile limp. When I limp, everything is impacted, all up and down the L side, as well as my lower back on my R side. My knee my foot, my ankle, everything.

I anticipated a blister, so I wrapped my L foot with some tape, pre-emptively.

Around mile 5 the tape started to bunch up, and I could feel it in my shoe. I stopped, untaped my foot and exposed a huge blister. Walked on blister for 2 miles. Unpleasant.

At least it was a nice sunny day. I may have gotten some sun. There has to be one positive thing about this horrible slog.


  • Bike 1 
  • Long Bike
  • Run 2  
  • Swim

  • 52m 34s
  • 3.58 miles
  • 14m 41s /Mi

By feel. Walked to CVS to pick up what I hope to be the last of my blood thinners. Specifically didn't take the Garmin, used Strava and kept my phone in my pocket. Wanted to see if I could replicate a sub 15 pace without constantly checking on myself.

Turns out I can. So. OK.

8:00 AM: Let's try this again. So right now I'm going to go do yesterday's walk to CVS to pick up my last RX of blood thinners. I have checked into work and nothing is going on right now, so I'm going to steal away. Then at lunchtime I will get my trailer hitch installed. Then after lunch I will work the rest of the day, doing a little bike ride tonight.

I am in a huge funk. I don't know what is wrong with me. Considered not doing IMWI last night. Like just saying FORGET IT. Chris was like "You can do it!" And I'm like "I know I can do it... I don't know if I WANT to" You've got to have a lot of WANT to get through an Ironman summer, when executed properly it takes over your life.

4:15 PM: Trailer hitch has been installed on my car.... so in the event I decide I don't want to fink out on Ironman, I can bring my bike around with me using the new ride.

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  • Long Bike
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  • Run 2
  • Swim

8:24 AM: Got all dressed up, hairdo, makeup, cute shoes and outfit and had Chris drop me off at the train. Bought myself a RedBull and a banana, and no sooner do I walk out the door than I hear an announcement.... ALL TRAINS HAVE BEEN HALTED IN BOTH DIRECTIONS DUE TO A LOCOMOTIVE FIRE in Winfield. No trains until the fire department cleared the fire, which they were actively attempting about 4 stops down the line.

My 7:25 AM train came through, (surprise!?) and the conductors told us we'd be stopped for an undetermined amount of time at the next stop. People got on, people got off, people stood around... no one knew what to do.

I called Chris and opted to work from home. So I'm logged on now and have already done more work than I would have done in the office... considering I would even BE in the office by now. Unfortunately I wasted some shampoo and shower gel, as well as hairspray and hair gel. (My apologies to the ozone layer) 

PS Does anyone else find it sort of disconcerting that the locomotive caught FIRE? That doesn't sound super safe.

So I'm home with this one today. My perpetually disgruntled assistant.

Today was a FAILURE. That is all. Worked late, then did laundry while all dressed in my clothes to go walk. Never did go for that walk. Meh. Tomorrow.

  • Bike 1
  • Long Bike
  • Run 1  
  • Run 2
  • Swim

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
  • 1h 00m
  • 2734.03 yards
  • 02m 12s /100 yards

200 swim/kick/pull
5 x 50 breathing drills
300 swim @ 70%
3 x 100 25 Tarzan/50 drill/25 swim
200 swim @ 80%
3 x 100 IM
150 swim @ 90%
3 x 100 Reverse IM
100 cool down
2500 M

  • 35m

Slightly abbreviated bc I don't want to piss off my knee. It's starting to play back along. Did all of the lifting slightly lighter. It's too late to build muscle and big strength now. I just need to maintain and keep myself durable for the season of beating that's to come.
To that end:
Lat pulldowns
Quad extensions (I didn't go crazy here)
Hamstring curls (these always make my knee sort of hurt, so I go very lightly)
Inner and outer thigh (AKA adductors/abductors)
Leg Press
Ab machine (sit up)
Ab machine (lower back)
Chest press decline
Bicep curls on one leg (12 on one leg and 12 on the other)
35 lb kettlebell upright row, followed all the way to the ground for a deadlift type motion. (So this is a 2 in one)
Side Shoulder raises
Front shoulder raises
Rotator cuff inside and outside.

I was sweating like a lunatic after this was over. It seems I'm sweating a lot lately. Whatever.

10:00 AM: I am bloated. Wearing Spanx so I can fit into a skirt in order to show my face @ the office. ALSO, we have "professional headshots" today, so I am wearing 40 layers of makeup. My photo appointment isn't til 3pm, so I will have to reapply 38 layers after I lift at lunchtime.

12:40 PM: Apparently I *was* thinking when I scheduled this appointment... My headshot is at 12:45 which is BEFORE going to the gym. Perfect. I have added a 41st layer of makeup, and I'm ready to roll.

2:15 PM: Just returned from my workout. Stopped at Subway on the way up to the office. The lady that works there told me I'm beautiful. It could be the Spanx, but I think it's all the makeup. That's 41 layers people... FORTY ONE LAYERS!

9:17 PM: For God's sake... I SWAM! 

  • Rest
  • Bike 1
  • Long Bike
  • Lift 1
  • Run 1
  • Run 2
  • Massage
  • Swim
  • Swim

Wow, look at all of the progress I've made. Haha.


Got home at 6:30 AM, took a nap til about 10:30, worked the rest of the day. Then went to bed at 8:45 PM. No energy to workout. If you cut me, I bleed Merlot. Oy.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 4

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