I was right... seeing IM Chatt in person gave me this incredible jolt of energy towards training - it was pretty awesome, despite the volunteer experience not living up to what I thought it would be. I got there right for my 2:30 p.m. shift, but we were told that we were still "an hour or two" away from anyone finishing (I understand why they ask people to get there early, but two hours was sort of extreme?!). So I went over to T2 and watched people come off the bike and start the run, and immediately got emotional. T2 is a magical place for me, and a place I didn't make it to in my last IM. I cried behind my sunglasses and watched, imagining myself in that place a year from now. 

Back at the finish line, I chatted with folks and waited around forever. I met a guy who was wearing an Atlanta Tri Club hat and talked for awhile about the tri club and training in ATL. Then finally, the fast people started coming in. But it was like 10-15 minutes between finishers, and around 20 volunteers. Just so much waiting around doing nothing. It did pick up a little bit around 6 p.m., but that was when the next shift of people arrived, so now we had double the volunteers. I stayed until almost 7, but was waiting 10-15 minutes between catching folks. 

Some highlights were that I caught the amateur women's winner, or at least her friend was sure she had won by 31 seconds. Since it's a rolling start, you never really know what place you're in (in other news, the new tracker from Ironman seems to update super quick?!). One guy I caught sat down on a palate of water in the chute and proceeded to take a water bottle shower for about 5 minutes. He finally got up when the EMTs came over and started questioning him. And the last gal I caught was the 20-24 age group winner - her friend was screaming "WE'RE GOING TO KONA!" as I was literally doing the thing where I put her arm around my neck so she wouldn't collapse on the way to the medical tent.

Ate dinner at a bar down the street and left - home by 9:30! 


  • 1h 19m 25s
  • 6.01 miles
  • 13m 13s /Mi

Could not get it together this morning. Not fun.

  • 1h 55m 37s
  • 9.05 miles
  • 12m 47s /Mi

Oh boy, my mind is NOT cooperating this week. I just have no desire to run. Hoping that seeing IM Chattanooga tomorrow will jump start things!

Run was warm and slow. 85 degrees or so. Overheated and ran out of water (even with my Camelbak). There were definitely some good segments in here, but most of the time I just did not want to be moving.

Feeling run down this week so took a chill night. Should have run, but just wasn't feeling it at all.

Travel day back... got super lost in the morning trying to find our offices in Northern Virginia. Then the gal I was going to have lunch with was sick, literally had to leave work to go to the doctor's office right before I arrived. Then her boss had some other training going on. So I was in our offices but just checked email for an hour or so instead of chatting with my co-workers. Oh well. Ate too much bad stuff today between Mexican food for lunch and Reeces Pieces for dinner. Glad to be home though.

  • 52m 55s
  • 4.33 miles
  • 12m 13s /Mi

Fought the urge to order takeout and not run... I mean I did order takeout but I ran first haha. From George Washington University Campus to the National Mall and back. Beautiful at sunset!

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