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Decided to try out a lunch time spin class in my work building and it was so great. Full class, fun instructor, great music. Energetic with ladies next to me dancing in the saddle and clapping and singing. But also down to earth and a chill, low-key vibe. These are my people! This is my class! Plus it's FREE.99

I was a little anxious about all of the women exiting into the locker room and showers at the same time, but there are like 20 or 30 showers, so no worries at all. Quick rinse, touch up makeup, hair in a bun and I'm back at my desk.

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This was a good workout, but completely overshadowed by my internal embarrassment. At CycleBar, your stats are displayed on big screens throughout the class in real time (unless you opt out) and I CAME IN DEAD FREAKING LAST! Every time the instructor would pop the stats back up I felt humiliated. Not that anyone but my co-workers (who are great) knew my name, but that crappy feeling of being the slowest and the worst grew and grew and grew all class long and I almost cried at the end. I put on my happy face and chatted with the Cox girls afterwards, but jeez I don't like feeling that way.

The GOOD things about CycleBar is that they provide a ton of amenities, from cycling shoes to towel service to a stocked bathroom with everything like hair ties and bobby pins to tampons and spray deodorant - even robes. Free water bottle, filtered water and fresh fruit. Very posh. Beautiful spin bikes that track calories burned (based on the stats you entered online), speed, distance, RPM and power. Great playlist. Etc.

The OK things were the actual class. Great cardio workout but very gimmicky in terms of bopping up and down, side to side, front to back, elbows in and out, push-ups up and down, even bicep curls with a weighted bar. Good for keeping your mind occupied, ridiculous for translating into actual riding.

The BAD was obviously my internalization of coming in last of a group of 22 people. I know it's all mental and I shouldn't let it bother me, but who wants to come in last for their first experience at this kind of place? I am completely not a competitive person, so seeing my numbers didn't encourage me to go harder, it just made me feel like shit.

Going to a CycleBar class tonight with co-workers. Fancy spin studio - first class is free and otherwise super pricey, so I doubt I'll be back, but we'll see if it lives up to the hype. We have free spin classes in the building where I work for pete's sake, but it's more about getting to know my co-workers tonight.

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Short Sunday run.

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Quiet and serene time on the Chatahoochee River. This was "take 2" yesterday I went out to the river, paid for the kayak rental and right when I got down to the beach it started storming. So I deferred to today and it was great! I went early enough in the morning that it wasn't crowded like yesterday at all.

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What!!!! Can't believe I ran under 13s outside!!! Super proud of this progress just 5/6 weeks after moving to this surprisingly hilly area. Whoop!! Also the most I've sweat since being here. Turned on the weather when I got home and the weather lady described it as a "tropical air mass" - yaaa

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Haircut experience was weird last night. Sort of a higher end place, which was fine, but the lady was a bit veiled-judgy. She was apprehensively OK with not shampooing me (commenting "I'll respect your wishes.."), but then made other snooty comments about my hair like why is one side framing my face longer (my former stylist did that intentionally since I tuck that side behind my ear - this lady could not get her head wrapped around that), what do I feel in your hair (well I don't use any product and it's clean, so I'm assuming you are used to feeling silicone-coated hair and mine is not) - she concluded that it must be the henna coloring I use. OK? Who cares? Just cut my hair? She tried to connect with me about dogs and what not, but I was not feeling it. I ended up being charged $60 (OMG - I thought their website said $40) and then I tipped since I didn't want to be that person, but $60 for a 15 minute dry cut? Never again.

Also, when I first arrived, they pointed me to a dressing room with smocks and I was like OK I put my own smock on. Then in the chair she put another one over that one - OK? At the end, she was like "Oh, you didn't remove your blouse? I can just take both smocks now".... I was apparently supposed to de-clothe from the waist up for a hair cut? NOPE. Not going to feel like I'm getting a doctor's exam when it's just my damn hair. Take my BLOUSE OFF?! 

Hair itself looks fine, just the experience was not ideal. Trying to calculate if I can make it to Thanksgiving so I can see my Kansas gal but I think that's too long to wait.

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