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Whew, I still remember how to ride a bike outdoors! Lovely day outside, and a practice run of sorts for Tour de Cure next weekend. Garmin isn't synching with BT so this may end up double logged some day when it decides to sync. The ride was nice; happy to be back on my bike and took it easy peasy.

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Cleaning the Arkansas river banks with co workers! More like 2 hours but just going to log this.So happy so many showed up! 46 degrees and windy but not raining.

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Booked my tickets for the gallery where the original Statue of David is, plus tickets to climb the Tower of Pisa. I think that's the last of the things I need to pre-purchase - whew! 

We have a big river clean up event tomorrow morning that I planned for work - not super looking forward to tromping around in the mud all morning (we're slated to get a couple of inches of rain today), but excited to kick off our first regional event for conservation efforts. Just hoping most of the volunteers show up.

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Made myself do this at 9 pm. The power of an extra Fitbit challenge from my boss!

Got a call on the way to work this morning from the Atlanta recruiter and I thought OMG I'm going to get an offer whilst in the car! So I pulled over. Only to hear that they want me to interview with an additional director on the INTERNAL side (if we are counting, this is interview #5 with person #7). So we set that up and I got it done early this afternoon. Great conversation and again just feel like I'm everything they are looking for, for either role.

My boss has been having all kinds of side conversations and said she found out the the VP I interviewed with zeroed in on something I said the other day that made her say "we need her on the internal side" - so I think that's where I'll go if they offer me something. It's not the role I would prefer if I got to choose, but still an amazing step for me and I know I would be good at it - plus would get to remain being a people leader. I also trust that I'll end up exactly where I belong.

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Standard Bentley plus treadmill walk.

Finally getting excited about my cruise in three weeks! I was hesitant to book excursions and activities as I wasn't sure if I would be in the middle of moving or what, but seeing that I leave in 20 days I decided I'm GOING, regardless of if I get an offer between now and then. I've booked some stuff through the cruise line, one with a group on the ship through a private company, and two with private companies I'll be doing solo. I'm a little afraid I'm going to get "tour fatigue" but this might be the only time in my life I get to visit these countries. Here's what I have planned:

Florence/Pisa - small group tour (churches, palaces, statue of David, leaning tower, etc.)
Cannes France - small group tour of Eze, La Turbie and Monaco
Palma Spain - Bicycle tour
Barcelona Spain - Montserrat, Tapas & Wine tour
Naples Italy - Mt. Vesuvius (climb!) and Pompeii
Rome Italy - Rome in One Day - Colosseum, Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica

I also booked some pricey private transportation from the airport in Rome to the cruise ship port. Looks like it's about a 45-minute drive, and this is the piece of travel I'm most nervous about so I decided to go through the cruise line vendor so I feel more confident about that part. Once I get on the ship I will feel much better.

Last, I changed my on-ship "free" selection from the beverage package to WiFi. I figured I'm not going to be on the ship enough to get my money's worth out of the drinks (service fee was around $100) and there is no service fee for WiFi - just had to make a call to get it changed and the $100 refunded. I think I'll want to message my family and have access to the internet in case anything comes up since my cell phone won't be operational. EXCITED!

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Easy does it. 80 degrees and a nice welcome to warmer weather. Did a 3:1 interval and had to stop a few extra times to catch my breath, but overall okay. Glad I ran for sure.

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Cool down with Bentley.

Feel good about the interview. It was shorter than the others, which I expected as this VP is super high level. We seemed to click when it came to opportunities and the value I could bring to the team, as well as when talking about my experience and where I'm looking to go in my career. I reiterated my desire to be on the external team, and that relocating to Atlanta was an exciting opportunity for me. She even mentioned something at the end about having the two hiring folks talk to each other so they weren't "fighting" over me - which seems like a good sign that I'll at least be offered one of the roles. Now I just have to wait!

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