Random Thursday Thoughts:

Finally picked up my new Tacx trainer from FedEx last night! Super excited to get it set up. 

Georgia Marathon training begins next week. 

I am going to do a Whole 30 in January. There, I said it! I have known for a long time that I have a high emotional connection with food, and I need to get it under control. My food emotions come from having Celiac Disease my whole life and not being able to eat a lot of "goodies" everyone else could. Granted, my mother did a phenomenal job of procuring and baking "Lisa treats" in the 80s and 90s - and letting my experiment in the kitchen to my heart's desire - but there's still a big mental scar remembering the feeling when your 10-year-old self couldn't eat birthday cake at a friend's party, or pizza at the class pizza party or accidentally giving away YOUR OWN, specially brought gluten free birthday treat to someone else in the class that you had set aside for yourself (so vivid - 3rd grade. Homemade Rice Krispy treat with vanilla icing. Gone.). So as an adult, and with the explosion of gluten free "goodies" on the market and in restaurants, I freely partake. All the time. And I have also realized I reward myself with food (and wine) all the time. I know the holidays are a bad time for Whole 30 so I'm not going to torture myself there. And they'll have an "official" Whole 30 thing in January, so there will be plenty of online support. I'm doin' it.

I'm back! Can't get my Garmin to upload any data (shocking), so waiting to back-log everything. In a nutshell... despite some race organization glitches (including one that had our runner 3 miles off course - a direction signage pointing the WRONG DIRECTION at 3 a.m. in the pouring rain...), it was a 100% phenomenal experience. Will detail all the good/bad/ugly when I have a hot minute.

Some final Ragnar thoughts, in case someone is searching and this pops up.

  • It was amazing. Mostly due to the group of girls in my van. We had a few drama moments with the other van, mostly because they were being bitches at a few points, but we were laid back and brushed everything off. The people in your van, and their personalities, matter.
  • We went through sunshine, pouring rain, a heat advisory, lost a runner, gave a ride to a runner whose van was engulfed in a mud pit, managed multiple distance changes, slept in a cramped van, formed a crazy team bond in a matter of minutes... it was just something else. All with probably only an hour of sleep during a 30-hour race. 
  • Ragnar did a few things wrong during this race, including: canceling three of the legs mid-race due to unsafe (crime) conditions, having incorrect signage in multiple places resulting in runners miles off course in the middle of the night in pouring rain, not offering sleeping areas like advertised (usually a high school gym or church), adding mileage to multiple legs (probably 5 or 6 of them) mid-race and not updating the app which they said they would do, having a ridiculous finish line set up where they forced vans to park 2 miles away and "shuttle" - but the "shuttle" was a golf cart and MANY teams missed running in together because they were so backed up, and last, no finish line photographer (at least when we finished) and NO FOOD OR DRINK FOR SALE at the finish line. They had water (but no cups, you had to have your own and all of ours were in the van 2 miles away) and 2 pizzas per team but our vegan, vegetarian and gluten free team members couldn't partake. I was so low on calories I scraped some cheese off of a pizza top because I felt like I was going to pass out. I would have paid $50 for tacos from a food truck - for anything. 
  • I would totally do it again! I made some amazing friends - really two in particular who live in Athens (~1 hr away) but felt like my college friends, like we'd known each other for years. Just good, funny, FUN people. I miss friends like that. 


  • Walking
  • 15m

Beach walking after brunch in Ft. Lauderdale.

Today was spent POOLSIDE at the beach house in Ft. Lauderdale. We all slept in, then slowly made our way out to the backyard pool with bloody marys, champagne, wine... it was super relaxing and fun, jamming out to music, telling stories, etc. Good ol' girl time with my new best friends. The day extended into evening, then night, and we were still in our swimsuits at the dining room table ordering Thai delivery. It was the perfect recovery day.

Run #1
  • 1h 40m 12s
  • 8.07 miles
  • 12m 25s /Mi

Leg 18 - start time 1 a.m.! Sleepy and pitch black outside. I actually MISSED this hand off because the leg right before mine was only 2.1 miles and Jena was freaking fast. We literally parked and I hustled around to find all of my safety gear, hydration, etc. - and promptly forgot my race bib, haha. No other runners around me for 95% of this run. I kept letting out huge sighs of relief every time I passed a Ragnar sign. Within the first mile, I ran past a random dude with 10 Coronas on a park bench, pissing on the sidewalk. I didn't make eye contact and just kept going. I heard him mumble-yelling after I passed, and kept looking behind my shoulder the next mile. Needless to say, I didn't turn on my music at all.

It was after this leg that the race officials decided to CANCEL THREE OF THE LEGS due to unsafe areas and conditions. Of course, there was a major uprising amongst participants as to why they didn't research the area beforehand, secure more police presence, etc. To cancel three legs mid-race is astonishing to me. I guess they ran right through an area well-known for attacks and crime, and the harassment was already starting with the early runners. Business owners were shocked there was a race through that area of town, and it sounded like it was law enforcement who made the officials stop running through there. The cancelled legs were all in the other van, and there was some sort of "holding" situation in place of running, and the runners could buddy up to get in miles after that if they wanted to. So weird.

Run #2
  • 1h 56m 18s
  • 8.51 miles
  • 13m 40s /Mi

Leg 30 - start time 10 a.m. and only about an hour of sleep. After I had finished the 1 a.m. run I was SUPER nauseous and it never went away. So I had a hard time fueling for this. I think I forced down a granola bar, and I know I took a 5-hour energy.

I ALSO missed this hand off because of a few things. Two legs before this one, our 25-mile runner had started her last leg (6 miles) and captains got a text saying that leg was having 1.5 miles added to it. It was 88 degrees out and our girl was already running 25 miles. And not carrying water. So we decided to find her on the course, give her water and let her know about her extra mileage. She was not happy about it as she was running a sub-8-minute pace thinking she was almost done. Then the next runner, right before me, was worried about the heat so we drove up and down the course trying to find her to offer water, but we kept missing her and them missed the dang handoff. Oh well.

I was incredibly anxious about the 88-degree heat, because I know exactly how my body performs in it. And I was right. I freaking melted and slowed to a 13-14 minute mile. I had tons of ice water in my pack, but I felt like I needed so much more. I texted the van and asked for a Gatorade, and they found me like a flock of angels on the course at my mile 5. I drank an entire 20-oz of Gatorade in the last 3 miles, along with more and more water. Couldn't get enough. I was still nauseous, so couldn't bear the thought of eating my gel or honey stingers, and that didn't help my energy levels.

In hindsight, I did a horrible job of hydrating and eating calories in-between runs. I was the official navigator and safety monitor for our van, so every single leg I was mapping and giving the driver directions - I just plain forgot to eat and drink. Mostly drink. Ugh. Lesson learned.

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