Movers out this morning for a site survey - check. I've asked what to expect for timing and scheduling the move.
Sewer people out over lunch and scared me saying it could be $6K if the sewer line runs under the garage - that would be worst case scenario. But GOOD NEWS, it doesn't and it's "only" a $2K job. Total repairs are coming it at around $4K. I may be able to negotiate some of it but honestly at this point I'm just wanting to be done. 

Real estate gal in Atlanta is setting up some places for me to see when I hit the ground June 5. Bought my Mom a plane ticket to come see what I've hopefully narrowed down to a short list the weekend of June 9-11. I bought myself a one-way ticket since I'm not sure when I'll need to come home. Likely going to push the house closing date by a week. If ALL OF THE STARS AND UNIVERSE ALIGN, I can schedule the moving of household goods, the closing of my house and moving into a permanent place all within a few days (without having to mess with putting my stuff in storage). I can hope!

Had my work going away dinner last night. My team gave me the most fantastic gift - it was a wooden sign they bought that said 'Be strong and brave' - then each of them picked a word to describe me and they were all painted on the front. Then on the back, they each expanded on why they chose that word. It was the most thoughtful and sweet thing anyone has ever done for me. I definitely cried.

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All the repair estimates should be coming in this afternoon or tomorrow (sewer line, plumbing, electric). Crossing my fingers. This is the worst part. Sewer alone could be $3-5K. Looking at the inspection report I'm so confused on two plumbing leaks identified... wouldn't there be water somewhere? It's a wonder I have lived in this house for 10 years with all of the crap that's so wrong a buyer has to fix it to be "livable" LOL

Locksmith scheduled for tonight (I tried to fix my sliding door lock and screwed the whole thing up).

Moving company on-site evaluation scheduled for Friday.

Junk haulers scheduled for next week.

Real estate agent in Atlanta contacted. Asked her to start seeing things the first week I arrive (June 5).

There is a FREE, company-sponsored 5K on Saturday, June 10, that I really want to do - right on the campus. I was originally planning on coming home the night before but might have to slide my flight so I can meet some new runner friends. It's a timed or un-timed 5K (your choice), just for Cox and all of the Cox companies employees and family. So far, something like 750 people are registered!

Got a call from the real estate person to talk through initial stuff. I told her that my goals were (obviously) to be as close to work as possible, but also a non-negotiable is a yard with a fence. She asked what my budget was and when I told her, she said it would be difficult without an hour commute, there's just not many rentals on the market, NOT TO BE DISCOURAGING, BUT... << eye roll >> I have a few places saved already on Zillow that seem perfect, which yes there aren't a ton of options but jeez let's just see what's out there before telling me I'm doomed.

I fully realize housing in Atlanta is more expensive, but the budget I gave her is 60-70% higher than what I'm paying now, which I think should be work-able. Not like I'm saying I want a mansion for $500 a month, LOL!

Well after looking at my numbers again I emailed the gal back and upped my budget a little. So now it's twice what I'm paying now. TWICE sounds so crazy to me, but if that helps me not sit in traffic for hours each day, I'm willing to pay for that.

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Home inspection was this morning. A few electrical and plumbing things, no biggie, but there is a potential sewer issue that could be expensive. I won't have a quote until Wednesday.

Waiting on both the moving coordinator and the Atlanta real estate gal to call me back to see when I can get things on the schedule. Anxious to get the ball rolling. 

Also back on the step challenge this week with co-workers, so I'll be walking at the very least tonight 

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