The following equipment is nearing replacement:
  • 49m 46s
  • 2600.00 yards
  • 01m 55s /100 yards


Longer set swim this morning.  Only a couple of us at the pool this morning.  Kind of surprised, usually busy this time of year.

  • Calories out: 2911 From lifestyle:2432, From activities:479
  • 1h 10m
  • 21.06 miles
  • 18.05 Mi/hr

Well, I did bike this morning.  It showed up in TP and Strava so maybe it will show up here sometime.

Weird with the leg today, pain is better but the whole leg is tingling. 

  • Calories out: 3317 From lifestyle:2419, From activities:898
  • 52m 14s
  • 2800.00 yards
  • 01m 52s /100 yards

Amazing how the swim improves when the hips and back actually can move.  Even the kick sets were good other than some fatigue in the hamies due to lack of use.

Update on the shots, I think the first shot which went into the disc area that controls the nerves that impacted the lower back, glute and hip pain and stiffness has worked wonders so far.  I can walk like a human and don't have to stretch just to stand up straight.  The other shot which went into the disc area that ran down the leg still has a ways to go.  This is also the one that had the bone spur, not sure if that has any impact or not, but I am still experiencing some outer leg aches and some tingling in the lower leg.  Much better than it was, but still there. 

But, the lower back and hip stiffness going away is a significant improvement in my quality of life. 

  • Calories out: 2933 From lifestyle:2430, From activities:503

Going to be an off day to let the shot sink in, or should I say shots.  Turned out that I didn't quite understand the doctor when he told me they would need to treat to vertebrae which would also require 2 shots.  Actually turned into 3, although one didn't get the actual injection.  They found a bone spur when they were trying to insert the needle.  Not sure if that has any addition ramifications.

Besides not being able to sleep past 3 this morning, I woke up with noticeable improvement.  Still some pain in both the back and legs, although reduced.  Biggest improvement is with the stiffness. I actually felt like I am walking normal instead of an 80 year old with a walker. 

  • Calories out: 2464 From lifestyle:2464, From activities:0
  • 1h 05m 05s
  • 20.00 miles
  • 18.44 Mi/hr

Building back some bike endurance.

  • Calories out: 3257 From lifestyle:2422, From activities:835
  • 1h 20m 01s
  • 25.00 miles
  • 18.75 Mi/hr

Didn't want to get skunked this week (my workout week is Monday - Sunday). 

  • Calories out: 3439 From lifestyle:2412, From activities:1027

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