Life in San Diego

Thursday - August 28

Lots of ideas for next year. Guess I am fully recovered - hahahah. I need more vacation time and money to do it all!

Wednesday - August 27

Race report is complete. It is long, but I wanted to remember the entire weekend experience. :-)

Another busy day of work and then packing for Barcelona. I feel recovered and physically ready to start training again. I am going to wait until after the work trip to get back to any routine.
Still thinking about what to do for next year. I am going to go back to self-coaching. It was fun to try using a coach for a season and I really liked the coach I used, but I am ready to do my own thing again.

Tuesday - August 26

Sorry for the lack of responses. Thank you for the inspires.

I arrived back in San Diego last night and had a busy day back to work today. Leaving for Barcelona, Spain for a work trip on Friday morning. Feeling a little crazy. I will post a full race report soon.

This race was FUN! It was a long day, but I relaxed and had a great time. I had so many friends racing, volunteering, or cheering. It was great to come back here for my 10th. I didn't come close to having a PR or a fast race, but I couldn't stop smiling!!! I loved spending time with my friends and sharing the amazing ironman experience.

Monday - August 25

Travel day back to San Diego.

Sunday - August 24

  • 5h 48m 05s
  • 112.00 miles
  • 19.31 Mi/hr
  • 5h 24m 49s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 12m 23s /Mi
  • 56m 20s
  • 4224.00 yards
  • 01m 20s /100 yards

Saturday - August 23

  • 22m
  • 800.00 yards
  • -----

Practice swim. Water is 77 degrees. The water temp for Louisville has never been less than 82. Crazy! Air temp is very hot and humid. Heat advisory for today and tomorrow.

Met up with some of my old E2 team (Eddie, Kevin, and Steve) for the morning swim. we swam a little and goofed off. Hung out for a while after the swim. Now I am relaxing, packing gear bags and checking bike. Will have things dropped off in transition before 5.

Friday - August 22

I had such a wonderful time with family. It was great!!!! My sister and niece were in town. Fun seeing my sis 6 months pregnant with my niece to be. wonderful being with my parents. Spent lots of time with my grandparents. Had a fun day shopping and eating with my two aunts. Great time. Already missing them. My dad dropped my off in Louisville this morning around 10. Checked in to hotel (Galt), checked on to race, and picked up bike from tribike transport.

Tammy checked me in. She is such a great person. I can tell she is loving volunteering this year. Going to meet up with her for dinner.

Meeting up with some of the E2 (Cincy/Dayton) tri team soon.

So excited to race! Hot and humid!! Wow - San Diego has spoiled me. Ready for #10. No time goal - just plan to finish with a smile. :-)

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