• 54m
  • 22.10 kms
  • 24.56 KM/hr

Base miles. Harder than last week since it was the second day in a row of riding, but still fairly easy to keep the 6x6min at 140 with 100w rest. Let the 100 watt rest drop all the way to recovery though. Tempted to do these foundation rides on the rollers next time.

Position on the bike continues to get a bit lower but the lady bits were definitely a hot spot an hurting by the end. If I sit up I seem to find my seat bones and then when I go back on the bars my position is pretty good for a minute and then I loose it and I am back to riding on the nose of the saddle.

Right IT band tender on the backside where it connects to the knee.

  • 1h 15m
  • 28.10 kms
  • 22.48 KM/hr

Couldn't get motivated to do it yesterday when Simon was riding so we both did sessions this morning.

Definite fitness improvements and the strength workouts don't feel hard when I do them but I do feel them in the legs later.
Max wats 485 :) and that is with not really trying for max since I am aiming for 310 for those 10 seconds.

Comprised of 3 sets of 5x 10 seconds high wats with 1:50 rest in between and 10 minute rests in between those. so long workout with some strength, the kind of rides I like.

numbness in foot and crotch were pretty bad for this one though, but I am noticing better flexibility in my back and being able to lean over the bike and engage the core a bit easier. Solid, motivating ride.

  • 1h 00m
  • 25.40 kms
  • 25.40 KM/hr

6x6 min at 140 with only 1 minute rest in between.

FITNESS IMPROVEMENT!!!! Not only did the rest cut down this week (from 2 minute rest per set to 1 minute) but it was easier to hold a higher wattage. The screen was hovering around 150 instead of 140. YAY! estimate about a 9 watt gain. And I wasn't pushing that hard, felt like it could have easily been a 20 minute pace.

Who am I kidding, it was still a challenge. For the first have I told myself just get through 6. Then the one more and then the last felt good. The last 2 minutes of each set were always a mental challenge. Lactic acid was loading up in the calves and I had to drop the watts well below 100 during my rests to get them to flush and recover. But No way I could do that with just a 1 minute rest a few weeks back so it's nice to feel some gains.

Hips are also starting to feel better on bike. Noticed my position was a bit lower over the bike and was starting to engage the core to get smoother pedal strokes and higher watts with less effort. Crotch is still an issue and I have some numbness on the labia around the vagina. Left foot still goes numb and at one point the fingers in my hand went tingly.

The coming straight home and getting on the trainer while simon works out seems to be ok. We had sushi tonight which was good and easier than trying to heat something up and then clean up after dinner.

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