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Tuesday - September 2

Monday - September 1

  • 1h 33m 38s
  • 10.65 miles
  • 08m 47s /Mi

Ran from Bill's house and ran the Shoreham 5-miler course, Ashley Hill etc... Wicked humid out. I was so drenched by the end of the run my shoes were sloshing.

Sunday - August 31

  • 42m 02s
  • 2281.33 meters
  • 01m 51s /100 meters

Wildwood Lake. Helped a newbie Ken swim across the lake for the first time.

  • 1h 12m 35s
  • 9.38 miles
  • 7.75 Mi/hr

Manorville Hills. First time on the Mountain Bike in a long time. Crushed the climbs with ease, heart rate stayed low despite humid conditions. I am committed to keeping my Bike fitness.

Saturday - August 30

  • 2h 09m 40s
  • 44.57 miles
  • 20.62 Mi/hr

First time I rode the 'Northville Ride' with Wynn and Tony. Spectacularly beautiful flat ride with some rollers. We hammered for a bunch of it, aero, no drafting. Quads are shredded.


Friday - August 29

Work is CRAZY.  We announced a 3 million dollar contract awarded from Office of Secretary of Defense for the Program I am a Director of.  Needless to say  have been wicked busy at work and will continue to be.  But I'm committed to consistently swimming, biking and running and finding that balance -- which is why I'll stick to two 70.3's next year.  No Ironman.  No Marathons.  You can read about our company press release here.

So yeah, I put my running clothes on Friday evening but was so tired I figured I'd just lay down in bed for a second.  Needless to say, I fell asleep and missed my Run.

Thursday - August 28

Didn't leave the office till 8:30 PM...

Wednesday - August 27

  • 42m 57s
  • 5.38 miles
  • 07m 58s /Mi

Cow Harbor Training Run with Mike P from work. Very happy with this pace for a very tough course. There were so many people training on the course, it felt like Race Day a bit.

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