Been a tough December for me.  Last week I was in Denver for work, caught a sinus infection on a Red Eye flight home.  Was in bed sleeping 14 hours a day last Thursday till Saturday.  Sinus infection was waning and I started getting my upstairs ready for new hardwood floors and I must've pulled my back lifting something.  Lower back pain worsened to the point where Monday I was in excruciating pain, lower back was killing and pain radiating throughout my groin, hips and thighs.  Rushed to the doctor and got an MRI.  Results of the MRI just showed back muscle spasms so they prescribed some prednisone, ibuprofen and valium to sleep.  

I took one valium last night and I feel normal today.  Scary normal compared to the pain I was in yesterday.  Sigh.  I'm pretty sure culprit is bending wrong, stress, weak core.  I haven't trained in a really long time.  I think I'm going to try a light jog with my son today.  I need to get out and move.  Going to do some Yoga now.  

Eagleman training is supposed to start next Monday.  I'll say a prayer that I can start.  

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    6/11/2017 Cambridge, Maryland
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