• 33m 49s
  • 1782.14 meters
  • 01m 54s /100 meters

Wildwood lake with Derrick and Jill. Both of them had their paddles for Casco Bay. Not me. I was just in survival mode having no swam in... well, a while. Water felt awesome and the fall foliage surrounding the lake was stunning.

  • 51m 11s
  • 6.01 miles
  • 08m 30s /Mi

Solo Fire Road run after the swim. Running on the private tree-lined road with the Autumn colors was just spectacular. Couldn't ask for a better morning. Hip was perfect!

Was supposed to get on the Trainer but stayed at work late and didn't get home till after 8PM.  Rangers outplayed, out chanced and outshot the Red Wings and still lost.  Grrr...

  • 20m 23s
  • 2.65 miles
  • 07m 41s /Mi

Quick run to check the right hip pointer. Felt good.

Resting the hip.

  • Health data: Injury: 2
  • 15m

Yoga, foam rolling, digging into the hip pointer with a lacrosse ball (ouch!)

  • Health data: Injury: 3
  • 43m 25s
  • 5.36 miles
  • 08m 06s /Mi

First 1.75 miles were with my son @ 7:48 pace, two strides at 6:19 pace. Then I ran solo and planned to get an Aerobic Long Run in for 8 miles, but my right hip has been bothering me a little. I think the strides aggravated it and it was to the point were it was altering my run form. Which is an automatic STOP RUNNING.

Few factors are contributing to the hip issue: 9lb recent weight gain, running on the same side of the road, and my Hoka shoes have a blown heel on the right side.

Will continue yoga, foam rolling, and stretching and hopefully this will remedy sooner than later.

  • Health data: Injury: 4

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