Long May You Run

Wednesday - October 1

Tuesday - September 30

Monday - September 29

  • 49m 52s
  • 5.20 miles
  • 09m 35s /Mi

End of trail and back
Out - 25'40"
Back - 24'32"

2x.5mi pickups on the way back w/.5 mi ez between
pickup 1 - 4'15"
pickup 2 - 4'30"

Really have to start doing more "track" type workouts with fast/hard effort repeats.
Form feels so much better at a quicker pace.

Sunday - September 28

  • 1h 51m 31s
  • 31.64 miles
  • 17.02 Mi/hr

Been a while since i've gotten a longer rode ride in. 1st half was all climbing (about 650ft up).
Total of 1612 ft of climbing.

Lots of climbing on this ride. My strategy was to try to smooth out the acceleration and decelerations on the terrain changes. I've found myself flying down hills, only to quickly decelerate on the next climb and have to work hard.

Tried to get into a good gear so that i could transition to the climbs with "spinning feet" and quickly downshift to maintain easier pedaling until i settled into a comfortable climbing pace.

What i found was that shortly after settling in, i could usually begin to pick up the pace and sometimes even shift back up. As i started to come to crest of the hill or if the incline eased, i had recovered enough to begin to accelerate and as i crested the hill i was already moving at a pretty good pace.

I thinked this translated to a faster overall average speed. Not blowing up on the climbs and then just recovering at the top of the hill.

I was flying on some slight up hills and moving much faster on the flats for longer periods of time then i usually do.

Saturday - September 27

  • 35m 28s
  • 10.55 miles
  • 17.85 Mi/hr

Busy day, but snuck in a quick ride (like the speed)

Friday - September 26

  • 37m 47s
  • 11.05 miles
  • 17.55 Mi/hr

Quick pre-work ride.

Run #1
  • 28m 37s
  • 2.61 miles
  • 10m 57s /Mi

Some GI issues, had to stop and walk a few times.

Run #2
  • 26m 15s
  • 2.58 miles
  • 10m 10s /Mi

Still having GI issues, had to stop and walk a few times on the way back as well.

Note to self - Hamburger, fries and a beer at lunch is not good preparation for a 5 mile run after work.

Thursday - September 25

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