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Sweet spot intervals

When I got home from work on Friday, I went to get the mail and was greeted with a mess in the front yard where someone had missed the slight curve in the road, run over our mailbox and driven through the yard, narrowly missing the street light. Our mailbox is in mangled pieces and there were remnants of a car's front fender and some undercarriage parts strewn around the yard. This is not the first time our mailbox has been hit, something about the slight curve in the road makes it a target, but no one has ever knocked the pole out of the ground. And everyone has stopped and let us know and paid for any damages.
There's a long stripe of what appears to be radiator fluid running down our street for half a block, so the vehicle sustained some major damage.
So we called the police. Slow night for Chatham PD, they sent two officers out. They talked like it would be pretty easy to figure out who did it and that person would be arrested. We really just want to be paid for the $500 or so it's going to cost to replace the mailbox (subdivision covenants = expensive mailbox).
So that was our excitement for Friday, and I posted another day with no workout.
A planned mountain bike ride with some girlfriends had to be cancelled for today. It's raining and windy out, really bad weather for anything outdoors.

Another crazy day at the office. I have got to get some semblance of a workout in today.
We bought some popcorn from a neighbor kid who was selling for the Boy Scouts. I've been eating it the last two nights. It kind of gives me a stomach ache but man, does it taste good. I may need an intervention.

Supposed to do some mountain biking tomorrow with some ladies (yeah StartingtoTri for coming to Springfield!) but forecast looks really un-promising (rain, wind, etc.). It may turn into a lunch thing.
Work is getting crazy again. You can tell it's the end of the year. I've got a bid package that has to go out on Monday, another one for Wednesday, and a bunch of promotional material to update for a public hearing. One of my coworkers, a younger gal who started as an intern, was promoted to be group manager for our department. She's doing a great job so far.
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FTP test on Zwift. This was hard, I've definitely lost some condition.

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  • 7.53 Mi/hr

Rode singletrack on gravel bikes with some of the cx group. Ran a light on my helmet and one on my handlebars. We rode 3 laps counter clockwise, one lap clockwise. There were a couple of minor spills where people slipped on roots or missed corners in the dark.

Slept poorly Sunday night and it caught up with me on Monday, went to bed around 8 last night and slept like a rock.

I need to do some grocery shopping, which will probably get done on my lunch hour today. Kind of hoping I can squeeze a short run in but that's debatable. Will most likely ride the church trails again tonight with Brenda.

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