• 19m 34s
  • 1.51 miles
  • 12m 57s /Mi

Felt "off" on this one --- did a run 5/walk 1 interval. It's kind of warm for this time of day --- 72, and humidity feels high. Still a great way to start the day

Steve had to go back to work last night on a project that isn't going well. I threw together some turkey chili in the crock pot and kicked back. It was about 8 pm and it felt great to just sit in the chair and watch TV (the old person thing again). Must have been something out in the yard -- the two boy kitties were sitting a few feet away from the window staring intently out into the darkness. I hate when they do that, it's creepy.

This morning the house smelled great from the chili simmering all night.

  • 25m

various plyo and strength

Really sore from yesterday's ride. Took Advil before going to bed, which helped quite a bit. Today will be a recovery day.

  • 4h 10m
  • 50.00 miles
  • 12.00 Mi/hr

Dirty Mudd'r Gravel Ride in Streator --- tough ride today. Pretty flat course. First 20 miles went great although it was a little warm. A weird weather front moved in and suddenly the wind was pretty strong and temp dropped 10 degrees. There are a lot of wind turbines in this part of Illinois and they went from zero movement at the start to spinning steadily.

There were two sections (about 8 miles total) where the road was really just a stretch of mowed grass between two bean fields. Those were hard to ride and really took a lot out of me.

At the second sag stop (mile 44), one of the organizers was suggesting omitting the last loop and taking a shortcut back to the start. There was a dark cloudbank looming and it looked like a bad storm was brewing. We thought this was a good idea and it was a 2 hour drive home anyway, so instead of a metric 62 mile ride we ended up with a 50

Steve and I are headed up to Streator today for an organized gravel ride. It's about a two hour drive. No idea what to expect as far as turnout or set up. It's a fairly flat route so the suffer scale should be manageable.

  • 13m 37s
  • 1.07 miles
  • 12m 43s /Mi

Jog 5, walk 1

  • 1h 23m
  • 12.60 miles
  • 9.11 Mi/hr

Took paved trail up to the singletrack, did two loops and then rode back to Centennial Park and did some laps on the grass trails. Starting to look like fall

Glad it's Friday, this week seemed to fly by. I guess that happens when work is busy. I've been going home and just kind of sitting around in the easy chair after dinner, old person style.

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