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Zwift FTP builder, Week 2, Day 1

  • 32m
  • 2.40 miles
  • 13m 19s /Mi

Went to the gym and jog/walked on the treadmill. The room is in the 70s and really too warm for all the aerobic equipment. Sweated a LOT

It looks like we got a couple of inches of snow last night. It's very pretty and if it's going to be cold, we may as well have snow.

Last June when Steve and I returned from the 100 mile DK, I made a hotel reservation at a Candlewood Suites. We had stayed at a Holiday Inn Express which, while very nice, was very pricey. I guess all the hotels were gouging people. Just out of curiosity, last night I checked to see if there were any alternates in case we wanted a different place to stay and all hotels in Emporia, KS are sold out the weekend of Dirty Kanza. I'm glad I booked something so far in advance. Oddly enough, the Holiday Inn Express did have a few rooms but the price was double their usual rate.

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  • 15m /Mi

Didn't wear Garmin, so just guessing on time and distance. Walked around the block with STeve

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  • 16.55 Mi/hr

Zwift FTP Builder, Week 1, Workout 4 - Temp0

  • 55m
  • 17.00 miles
  • 18.55 Mi/hr

Did a race on Zwift, 3 laps of the hilly Watopia route. Steve did this last week and said it was a good, albeit tough, workout. I got dropped at about the halfway point and ended up riding alone, but overall am ok with my effort. I did not come in last!!

Shoulder is pretty sore after yesterday's PT session, which I suppose is normal.

Today will be meal planning, grocery shopping, some Zwift riding, a short run/walk and starting to clean out the basement. I brought home some paper boxes from the office to put GoodWill items in. I have a couple of shelves in the basement that are loaded up with "stuff". Some of it hasn't been touched since I moved in.

And checking my email to see about the Dirty kanza lottery...

WE GOT INTO DIRTY KANZA!!! And our friends, Chuck and Keith, also got in!!! So stoked for this year

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Zwift FTP Builder, Week 1 Day 3

So glad it's Friday after another very busy work week.

Had my first PT session, it went pretty well. The therapist gave me some exercises to do at home and return in a week; if she feels like the shoulder is responding well, she will have me start with some weights. She seemed a little surprised when my shoulder popped loudly when she was manipulating it -- no pain, just loud. She didn't believe that was eminating from the rotator cuff and thinks there might be something going on that didn't show up in the x-rays. If it starts to hurt, I'm supposed to let the doc know.

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Zwift FTP Builder, Week 1 Day 2

BeeBee (my old cat who has licked many serious health issues) had a routine vet appointment today. The vet was checking her heart beat as she has done countless times, and was taking longer than usual, and had a concerned look. She handed me the stethescope and told me to have a listen (I love that this new vet wants her clients to fully understand their pets). I remarked that BeeBee's heart sounded like a galloping horse. Vet says exactly, it should not sound like that. And her pulse was waaayyy too low --- 60 when it should have been 180. Two weeks ago, everything checked out normal, so this is a fairly recent development.

So after an ultrasound and blood test, BeeBee was diagnosed with cardio myopathy. I had noticed that she seemed more lethargic than usual, but she's an old lady who likes her catnaps, so thought nothing of it. But her appetite has been down a bit too. It all kind of makes sense now.

Vet put her on a diuretic pill which, fortunately, is tasteless and can be mixed with food. I think there's another med on order which we should have in a few days. I don't know how much time she has left with us and it makes me sad to think of a day without seeing her sunny little face.

Had a pretty good workout tonight. My coach suggested doing the Zwift series of 6 week Beginner FTP builder. I like that the workouts are shorter, like 50 minutes or so, and each one builds upon the preceding.
Shoulder has been achy but is healing. I have a PT session tomorrow that should get me headed in the right direction. At least the weather is crap now, so being confined indoors isn't much of a choice.

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