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2021-06-19Mt Washington Road Race  (draft) Run Other7.6 miles2h 36m 58s
2020-12-13Dogtown Trail run  (draft) Run 5.22 miles1h 03m 04s
2020-10-08ECTA run for the trails  (draft) Run 10 miles1h 52m 16s
2020-05-08Ragnar Relay Cape Cod  (draft) Run 200 miles
2020-04-04Umstead 100-Mile Endurance Run  (draft) Run 100 miles
2020-02-15Martha's Vineyard 20 Miler  (draft) Run 20 Mile20 miles3h 27m
2019-11-03Falmouth in the Fall  (draft) Run 7.01 miles1h 08m 12s
2019-08-03TD Banknorth Beach to Beacon 10k Road Race  (draft) Run 6.2 miles58m 07s 14%
2019-07-30Yankee Homecoming 10m  (draft) Run 10 miles1h 43m
2019-07-06Abenaki Attack  (draft) Run 10k6.21 miles1h 43m
2019-05-19Dogtown Trail run  (draft) Run 5 miles1h 00m 40s
2019-05-16backshore 5K  (draft) Run 3.35 miles28m 33s
2019-05-11Spring For The Trails  (draft) Run 13.1 miles2h 39m
2019-04-20TARC Spring Classic  (draft) Run Half Marathon13.2 miles2h 41m
2018-11-17JFK50 miler  (draft) Run 50 miles12h 18m 14%
2018-10-21Ravenswood Trail Race  (draft) Run 4.2 miles49m 40s
2018-10-14BIG BAD ULTRAS  (draft) Run 31.07 miles7h 33m
2018-09-22Joe English TwilightChallenge  (draft) Run 26.2 miles5h 24m
2018-09-15ECTA run for the trails  (draft) Run 10 miles1h 48m
2018-08-12Al's mammoth Trail Half Marathon  (draft) Run 13.1 miles2h 48m
2018-07-31Yankee Homecoming 10M   (draft) Run 10 miles1h 35m
2018-07-14Pingree Run for the Hills Trail Race  (draft) Run 6.21 miles1h 10m
2018-05-17Backshore 5 miler  (draft) Run 5 miles45m 33s
2018-04-21TARC Spring Classic  (draft) Run Half Marathon13.1 miles
2017-11-04Stone Cat Trail Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2016-10-02Stone tower 15K  (draft) Run 9.32 miles1h 48m
2016-08-18SANDY NECK FULL MOON 25K  (draft) Run 25k17.4 miles4h 59m
2016-05-29Salomon Trail Running Festival at Pineland Farms  (draft) Run Ultra Marathon31.07 miles6h 36m
2016-05-08MOTHERS DAY 6 HR  (draft) Run Other26.5 miles5h 36m
2016-04-10Cape Cod Trail Race  (draft) Run 31.07 miles6h 46m
2015-11-22Essex Lions Turkey Trot  (draft) Run 5 miles44m 54s
2015-11-0137th Falmouth ib the Fall  (draft) Run 7.01 miles
2015-07-21Hamilton Firefighters 5 mile  (draft) Run 5 miles48h 35m
2014-11-02Falmouth in the Fall  (draft) Run 7 miles
2014-10-18TARC Fall CLassic  (draft) Run 13.1 miles2h 29m 48s
2014-09-20Ironman Maryland  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 140.6 miles13h 30m 48s 44%
2014-08-24Cranberry Trifest - Olympic Course  (draft) Triathlon 33.33 miles2h 55m 49s 46%
2014-08-16Blazing Saddles Century  (draft) Cycle 101 miles6h 20m
2014-07-26MascomaMan Triathlon - Half Iron Course  (draft) Triathlon 70.3 miles6h 43m
2014-06-14Patriot Half Triathlon  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 70.3 miles6h 25m
2014-04-26TARC Spring Classic  (draft) Run 6.21 miles1h 27m
2014-04-06Cape Cod Trail Race  (draft) Run 31.07 miles7h 03m 50%
2014-03-01Black Cat 20 Miler  (draft) Run 20 miles3h 10m 30s
2013-11-24Essex Lions Turkey Trot  (draft) Run 5 miles41m
2013-11-03Ironman Florida  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 140.56 miles13h 36m 38s 63%30%
2013-09-08FirmMan Rhode Island  (draft) Triathlon 70.3 miles6h 05m 20s 59%
2013-08-25Cranberry Trifest - Olympic Course  (draft) Triathlon 33.24 miles2h 45m 33s 39%6%
2013-08-17Blazing Saddles Century  (draft) Cycle 64 miles4h 10m
2013-06-22Ipswich Rotary Ramble  (draft) Run 6.21 miles1h 00m 05s
2013-06-08Escape the Cape Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 11.43 miles1h 09m 39s