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Age Group
2009-05-02Busselton 1/2 Ironman  (draft) Triathlon 1/2 Ironman113.1 kms
2009-03-22Murray Man Long Course Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Long Course77 kms4h 20m 07s 92%
2009-03-01Women's TriathlonTriathlon Sprint26.75 kms1h 23m 33s 14%11%
2009-02-22Oceania & Australian Long Course Triathlon ChampioTriathlon Long Course105 kms5h 21m 35s 82%87%
2009-02-20Holiday Bay Haven SwimSwim 1.2 kms19m 30s 25%15%
2009-01-30State Aquathlon Championships Aquathlon 10.6 kms47m 24s 74%50%
2009-01-26Australia Day TriathlonTriathlon Sprint25.75 kms1h 35m 32s 82%70%
2009-01-18City of Rockingham Waikiki - PursuitTriathlon Sprint25.75 kms1h 16m 23s 75%74%
2008-12-07Ironman Western AustraliaTriathlon Full Ironman226.2 kms12h 45m 28s 60%67%
2008-11-16Bun Berri Classic TriathlonTriathlon Olympic51.5 kms2h 58m 43s 96%75%
2008-08-31City to SurfRun Other12 kms1h 07m
2008-02-08State Aquathlon ChampionshipsAquathlon 10.6 kms46m 37s 76%
2008-02-03City of Perth TriathlonTriathlon Olympic51.5 kms2h 55m 50s
2008-01-13Waikiki EnduroTriathlon Other39 kms2h 09m 21s 90%71%
2007-12-16City of Rockingham TriathlonTriathlon Sprint26.95 kms1h 30m 44s 62%31%
2007-12-02Ironman Western Australia HistoricalTriathlon Full Ironman226.2 kms13h 04m 13s 71%69%
2007-11-04Bun Berri Classic TriathlonTriathlon Olympic51.5 kms2h 57m 12s 92%100%
2007-09-23Cyclosportif Sur le Rivet a YorkCycle Other54 kms1h 42m 59s
2007-08-26City to SurfRun Other12 kms1h 07m
2007-07-29Cyclosportif Peletons de PinjarraCycle Other45 kms1h 45m
2007-07-01Cyclosportif Cicli a Swan ValleyCycle Other46.8 kms1h 50m 08s
2007-05-20Toodyay RandonneurCycle Road Race45 kms1h 52m
2007-05-05Busselton 1/2 IronmanTriathlon 1/2 Ironman113 kms5h 47m 06s 73%702%
2007-04-08160 ITT ChampionshipsCycle Time Trial80 kms2h 51m 08s 80%
2007-03-25Corporate Teams TriathlonTriathlon Mini Sprint12.75 kms42m
2007-03-17Karri Valley TriTriathlon Other39 kms2h 30m 50s 94%92%
2007-02-24Meelup Classic TriathlonTriathlon Olympic39 kms2h 21m 38s 92%77%
2007-02-11The Mark Webb MemorialCycle Time Trial45 kms1h 42m 42s 96%
2006-12-17City of Rockingham TriathlonTriathlon Sprint25.75 kms1h 21m 41s 41%
2006-12-10State Interclub Championships MandurahTriathlon Sprint23.75 kms1h 19m
2006-11-26Great Perth Bike RideCycle Road Race53 kms1h 46m
2006-10-29Noosa Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic51.5 kms2h 53m 43s 77%71%
2006-09-03Cyclosportif Pedali a PickeringCycle Other50 kms2h 00m
2006-05-21Cyclosportif Sur le Rivet a YorkCycle Other80 kms2h 35m
2006-05-06Busselton Festival of TriathlonTriathlon 1/2 Ironman113 kms6h 01m 50s 78%68%
2006-04-02Point Walter Challenge TriathlonTriathlon Olympic51.5 kms2h 42m 27s 81%100%
2006-03-18Karri Valley TriTriathlon Long Course39 kms
2006-03-05Rosie O'Grady Womens TriathlonTriathlon Sprint25.75 kms1h 15m 51s 37%23%
2006-02-05City of Perth TriathlonTriathlon Olympic55.5 kms1h 51m 87%20%
2006-01-26Australia Day TriTriathlon Sprint24.4 kms1h 17m 56s 80%75%
2005-12-11State Interclub Championships MandurahTriathlon Sprint23.75 kms1h 21m 43s 83%71%
2005-12-04Womens Specific TriTriathlon Sprint20.4 kms1h 07m 15s 44%
2005-11-20Great Perth Bike RideCycle 53 kms1h 44m
2005-10-16TWA State DuathlonDuathlon 14 kms43m 22s 75%75%
2005-07-19Busselton Festival of Tri  (draft) Triathlon Sprint18.4 kms
2005-05-07Busselton Festival of TriathlonTriathlon Sprint18.4 kms57m 26s 66%53%
2005-04-10Womens Specific Triathlon Coogee BeachTriathlon Sprint24.4 kms1h 17m
2005-03-28City Beach TrieventsTriathlon Sprint20.5 kms1h 17m 32s 77%58%