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Year Type Subtype Show

Age Group
2010-06-12Gallup TriathlonTriathlon Sprint15.75 miles1h 34m 12s 75%
2009-10-11Bosque BoogieRun 5k3.1 miles43m 45s
2009-03-07Blue Mountain TriathlonTriathlon Winter27 miles3h 28m 14s 92%
2008-10-26Embassy Suites Hotel and Spa Day of the Tread - 50Cycle Other50 miles4h 48m 11s
2008-10-19Duke City Marathon - Half Marathon WalkRun Half Marathon13.1 miles3h 14m 12s 36%62%
2008-09-28Tour de Acoma - 1/2 CenturyCycle Tour52.72 miles4h 19m 36s 81%
2008-05-29New Mexico Law Enforcement Torch Run - GrantsCycle Other9.74 miles44m 10s
2008-05-27New Mexico Law Enforcement Torch Run - GallupCycle Other13 miles1h 10m 47s
2008-05-22New Mexico Law Enforcement Torch Run: Shiprock to Cycle Other5.5 miles25m 52s
2007-09-30Squash Blossom Run - 5kRun 5k3.11 miles29m 33s 35%7%
2007-09-29High Desert Screamer - BeginnerCycle Other7 miles45m 09s 47%50%
2007-09-23Tour de Acoma - 1/4 CenturyCycle Tour25 miles1h 45m 33s 60%59%
2007-05-18NM Law Enforcement Torch Run: Final LegRun 3 Mile3 miles38m
2007-05-14NM Law Enforcement Torch Run: Gallup to GrantsBiathlon (run/bike) 14.01 miles1h 06m 34s
2007-05-10NM Law Enforcement Torch Run: Shiprock to GallupCycle Tour6.28 miles25m 46s
2007-04-05AZ Police & Fire Games - 3 mi runRun 3 Mile3 miles25m 30s 100%100%
2007-03-30Ragnar Relay del SolRun Other11.8 miles1h 59m 10s 46%
2007-03-18Shamrock ShuffleRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 46m 43s
2007-01-07Walt Disney World MarathonRun 26.2 miles6h 02m 27s
2006-10-28Boo, Run for your LifeRun 5k3.11 miles28m 51s
2006-10-22Duke City Marathon (Relay)Run Other10.4 miles1h 39m 30s
2006-09-1710th Annual Run for the Hills - 10kRun 10k6.2 miles1h 04m 38s
2006-09-09Arlington Police/Fire/Sheriff 9-11 Memorial 5KRun 5k3.11 miles27m 57s 36%36%
2006-08-19Nevada Police and Fire GamesRun 5k3.11 miles25m 31s
2006-08-18Nevada Police and Fire Games - Road RaceCycle Road Race28 miles1h 57m
2006-08-17Nevada Police and Fire Games - Time TrialCycle Time Trial10.5 miles33m 10s
2006-08-16Nevada Police and Fire Games - Mountain Bike RaceCycle Other15 miles1h 43m 37s
2006-07-30Inter-Tribal Ceremonial 5kRun 5k3.11 miles24m 35s 48%
2006-06-25JCC Sportz Outdoor Offroad TriathlonTriathlon Other9.46 miles1h 20m 45s
2006-06-04Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival - Xterra Off-Road Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Other20.38 miles3h 42m 13s 95%96%
2006-05-19New Mexico Law Enforcement Torch Run - Final LegRun Other3 miles40m
2006-05-15NM Law Enforcement Torch Run G2G RelayCycle Other12.44 miles53m 03s
2006-05-14Jay Benson TriathlonTriathlon Sprint15.25 miles1h 28m 36s
2006-01-15P. F. Chang's Rock 'N' Roll Arizona Half MarathonRun 13.1 miles2h 09m 15s 34%
2005-11-06Gallup Talons 5k Run/WalkRun 3.11 miles27m 30s
2005-10-23Duke City (Half) MarathonRun 13.1 miles2h 29m 38s
2005-08-20Nevada Police and Fire Games 10kRun 6.21 miles1h 00m 15s
2005-08-19Nevada Police and Fire Games - Road RaceCycle 30 miles2h 10m
2005-08-18Nevada Police and Fire Games - Time TrialCycle 12 miles37m 22s
2005-08-17Nevada Police and Fire Games - CriteriumCycle 15.52 miles51m 29s
2005-08-17Nevada Police and Fire Games - Mtn. BikeCycle 12 miles1h 43m 39s 100%
2005-08-07Inter-Tribal Ceremonial 5k Run 3.11 miles23m 46s
2005-06-26Sportz Outdoors Off-Road TriathlonTriathlon Sprint9.35 miles1h 16m 26s 79%
2005-05-18Law Enforcement Torch RunBiathlon (run/bike) 16.58 miles1h 35m 09s
2005-05-15Jay Benson TriathlonTriathlon Sprint15.23 miles1h 27m 09s
2005-04-16AZ Police Games - Time TrialCycle 6.8 miles22m 59s
2005-04-15AZ Police Games - Road RaceCycle 44 miles2h 26m
2005-04-14AZ Police Games - Mtn. bike raceCycle 17 miles1h 44m 01s 100%
2005-02-20Glendale YMCA Sprint TriTriathlon 15.42 miles1h 15m 08s 45%
2004-11-25CU Turkey TrotRun 3.1 miles26m 52s