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Age Group
2018-09-30Ironman Chattanooga  (draft) Triathlon 144.6 miles
2018-08-04Lake Logan Half  (draft) Triathlon 70.4 miles
2018-04-07Valley of the Lillies  (draft) Run 13.1 miles
2017-08-06Lake Logan International Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 50.93 miles
2017-08-05CNC mountain ride  (draft) Cycle 60 miles
2017-08-05Lake Logan Half  (draft) Triathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles
2017-07-08Moon over croom  (draft) Run 7 miles
2017-06-18Mack Cycle Trilogy Series  (draft) Triathlon 13.35 miles
2017-04-29Blueberry 5k  (draft) Run 3.1 miles
2017-04-01Zion HM  (draft) Run 13.1 miles
2017-03-25Winter Park Road Race 10k  (draft) Run 6.2 miles
2017-02-11Run 4 Love  (draft) Run 4 miles
2017-01-14Winter Park 5k  (draft) Run 3.1 miles
2016-12-18Mount Dora Half Marathon  (draft) Run 13.1 miles
2016-12-09Ragnar Trail  (draft) Run 15 miles
2016-11-20Clermont Clay Road 15k  (draft) Run 9.3 miles
2016-10-16U Can Finish 5 miler  (draft) Run 5 miles
2016-10-01Cherokee Harvest Half  (draft) Run 13.1 miles
2016-09-17Rock N Run 5k  (draft) Run 3.1 miles
2016-08-20Asheville Running Experience  (draft) Run 13.1 miles
2016-08-13celebration of running 5k  (draft) Run 3.1 miles
2016-08-06Loggerhead TriathloonTriathlon 16.48 miles1h 25m 50s 18%
2016-06-11Singer Island Triathlon  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 13.25 miles1h 11m 33s 45%20%
2016-03-26Tomoka Half MarathonRun 13.1 miles1h 52m 29s 13%6%
2016-03-12Winter Park Road Race 10kRun 6.2 miles51m 15s 10%3%
2016-03-06Swamphouse 5k  (draft) Run 3.1 miles
2016-02-28Moccasin Run  (draft) Run 10 miles
2016-02-14Flatwood Ramble  (draft) Run 10 miles
2016-02-13Run 4 Love 4 miler  (draft) Run 4 miles
2016-01-31Down2Earth  (draft) Run 6.2 miles
2016-01-30Lady Track Shack  (draft) Run 3.1 miles
2016-01-23Seasons 52 5.2k  (draft) Run 3.2 miles
2016-01-09Fl ROC trail HM @ Princess PlaceRun 13.1 miles2h 04m 42s 33%20%
2015-12-05OUC  (draft) Run 13.1 miles
2015-11-29Space Coast HMRun 13.1 miles1h 53m 50s 6%0%
2015-11-14Fl ROC Trail @ Spruce CreekRun 12.27 miles2h 03m 40s 45%11%
2015-10-25Lighthouse LoopRun 13.1 miles1h 57m 46s 14%5%
2015-10-25Cocoa Beach  (draft) Run 13.1 miles
2015-10-18U Can Finish 5 Miler  (draft) Run 5 miles42m 01s 15%8%
2015-10-03Harvest Half Marathon  (draft) Run 13.1 miles
2015-09-12Rock N Run 5k  (draft) Run 3.1 miles
2015-08-15Celebration of Running 5k  (draft) Run 3.1 miles
2015-08-01Loggerhead TriathlonTriathlon 16.48 miles1h 23m 59s 40%
2015-07-11Moonlight Moonshine 10k  (draft) Run 6.2 miles
2015-05-03Cincinnati Flying Pig Half MarathonRun 13.1 miles1h 57m 50s 18%5%
2015-04-25Run for the Trees  (draft) Run 3.1 miles
2015-04-18Down to Run Endurance ChallangeRun 13.1 miles2h 15m 47s 37%25%
2015-03-14Winter Park Road Race 10kRun 6.2 miles52m 29s 12%4%
2015-03-01Swamp House Half MarathonRun 13.1 miles1h 55m 43s 22%9%
2015-02-15Flatwoods Ramble Run 10 miles1h 38m