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Age Group
2017-09-10Ironman Wisconsin  (draft) Triathlon Full Ironman140.6 miles
2013-05-05Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon  (draft) HistoricalRun Half Marathon13.1 miles
2013-04-07ORRRC Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 04m 03s
2012-08-26Great Buckeye Challenge - Half Iron Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles
2012-08-12Zoom Triathlon - Race 3  (draft) Triathlon Sprint22.57 miles
2012-07-22Zoom Triathlon - Race 2  (draft) Triathlon Sprint22.57 miles
2012-06-17Zoom Triathlon - Race 1  (draft) Triathlon Sprint22.57 miles
2012-06-03Morgans 33rd Annual Little Miami TriathlonTriathlon Other23.02 miles2h 42m 21s 1%
2012-05-12Tour of the Scioto River Valley  (draft) Cycle Tour210 miles
2012-05-06Cincinatti Flying Pig MarathonRun Marathon26.2 miles4h 34m 52s 51%45%
2012-03-2545th Annual ORRRC MarathonRun Marathon26.2 miles4h 33m 38s 70%70%
2012-03-03Pancake Day 2012Run 5k3.11 miles25m 12s
2011-10-08HDH Foundation Family Fun Day 5KTriathlon 3.1 miles24m 15s
2011-09-11Revolution3 Full Distance HistoricalTriathlon Full Ironman140.6 miles13h 07m 51s 44%40%
2011-08-07East Fork Triathlon - Olympic DistanceTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles2h 54m 58s 63%100%
2011-07-10Caesar Creek Olympic TriathlonTriathlon Olympic31.24 miles2h 46m 11s 52%50%
2011-06-15Speedy Feet Wednesday Night Triathlon #2 RaceTriathlon Sprint25.07 miles1h 56m 62%100%
2011-06-05Deer Creek Tri & Du HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.96 miles2h 50m 25s 68%33%
2011-05-141 Eighty Triathlon and Duathlon - Ceasar Creek State Park HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles
2011-05-07Tour of the Scioto River ValleyCycle Tour210 miles12h 00m
2011-04-0322nd Annual ORRRC Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.2 miles2h 09m 59s 64%76%
2011-03-05Pancake Day 2011Run 5k3.11 miles25m 23s
2005-07-17East Fork Tri/DuTriathlon Sprint16.77 miles1h 38m 40s 62%55%
2005-07-10Caesar Creek International TriathlonTriathlon Sprint16.17 miles1h 34m 15s 54%
2005-07-02Firecracker 5KRun 1.86 miles26m 15s
2005-06-19Maumee Bay Tri/DuTriathlon Sprint16.97 miles1h 37m 68%58%
2005-06-05Deer Creek Tri/DuTriathlon Sprint15.97 miles1h 36m 51s 71%
2005-05-30Lou Cox Memorial 5KRun 3.1 miles25m 22s 43%
2005-05-21St. Mary Family Fun RunRun 2.94 miles26m 46s 33%
2005-05-01Olentangy Sprint DuathlonDuathlon 14 miles1h 15m 23s 31%
2005-04-172005 Caesar Creek DuathlonDuathlon 26 miles2h 08m 39s 82%60%
2005-04-102005 ORRRC Xenia 1/2 MarathonRun 13.1 miles2h 11m 05s 77%
2005-03-05Pancake Day 5KRun 3.1 miles27m 40s 60%50%
2004-11-14Beat Michigan 5KRun 3.1 miles27m 25s
2004-09-12AmericanTRI Tri/Du Portage Lakes Triathlon Sprint13.57 miles1h 25m 59s 71%64%
2004-09-04BCBCBCBC RideCycle 64.5 miles4h 00m
2004-08-29Wheelie Fun Tri/Du Series : Buck CreekTriathlon Sprint17.72 miles1h 45m 56s 66%
2004-08-15Tri-County Trail Bicycle AdventureCycle 50 miles
2004-08-14Paint Valley Tri/DuTriathlon Sprint24.47 miles2h 25m 01s 74%
2004-08-08Wheelie Fun Tri/Du Series : Buckeye LakeTriathlon Sprint15.97 miles1h 32m 46s 60%
2004-07-18Wheelie Fun Tri/Du Series : East ForkTriathlon Sprint15.97 miles1h 36m 31s 68%
2004-07-11Wheelie Fun Tri/Du Series : Caesar CreekTriathlon Sprint15.97 miles1h 36m 53s 58%
2004-07-03Highland Co. Family YMCA 5KRun 3.1 miles26m 48s
2004-06-129th Annual Go Banana's 5KRun 3.1 miles25m 45s
2004-06-06Wheelie Fun Tri/Du Series : Deer CreekTriathlon Sprint15.97 miles1h 38m 72%
2004-05-31Lou Cox Memorial 5KRun 3.1 miles26m 25s 47%
2004-05-29Stars & Stripes 5KRun 3.9 miles34m 38s
2004-05-08TOSRVCycle 210 miles15h 30m
2004-05-02Olentangy DuathlonDuathlon 13.8 miles1h 19m 45s 25%
2004-04-10Caesar Creek Ohio DuathlonDuathlon 18.6 miles1h 49m 17s 83%