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Age Group
2011-06-19TARGETRAINING Sherwood Island Sprint Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Sprint16.57 miles
2010-08-01THREADS & TREADS GREENWICH CUP TRIATHLONTriathlon Sprint18.5 miles1h 16m 59s
2010-07-18SoBe Mossman Triathlon  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon Sprint16.41 miles1h 07m 50s
2010-06-27STAMFORD KIC IT TRIATHLON  (draft) Triathlon Olympic31.93 miles2h 21m
2010-06-18Lake Waramug Sprint TriathlonTriathlon Sprint16 miles1h 10m 57s
2010-06-13Trifitness Seaside Sprint TriathlonTriathlon Sprint13.6 miles58m 36s
2010-06-06Revolution3 Half Ironman  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.41 miles
2010-05-02Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Other27.5 miles2h 41m 41s 13%3%
2010-03-21Bethel Spring Series - Tour de KircheCycle Criterium22 miles
2010-03-07Florida Great Escape TriathlonTriathlon Olympic24 miles1h 24m 09s
2009-09-27Jarden Westchester Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Olympic24.85 miles
2009-09-13Westport Kiwanis Minuteman Triathlin  (draft) Triathlon Mini Sprint8.2 miles
2009-08-23Timberman - Half Iron   (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles
2009-08-02THREADS & TREADS GREENWICH CUP TRIATHLONTriathlon Sprint17.7 miles1h 14m 1%1%
2009-07-24Tri-State Trek  (draft) Cycle Tour270 miles
2009-07-19SoBe Mossman Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Sprint16.11 miles1h 04m 46s 0%
2009-06-28STAMFORD KIC IT TRIATHLONTriathlon Olympic31.93 miles2h 19m 22s
2009-06-14Park to Park SwimSwim 2 mile Cable2 miles43m 58s 1%
2009-06-07Revolution3 HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.41 miles4h 22m 52s 2%
2009-05-31Tri Ridgefield HistoricalTriathlon Sprint16.45 miles1h 09m 02s 5%
2009-05-23Great Hudson River Swim  (draft) HistoricalSwim Other1.3 miles
2008-09-21Westchester Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles2h 32m 21s 12%3%
2008-08-17Timberman - Half Iron HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles5h 47m 43s 23%
2008-07-20Nautica New York City Triathlon  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles
2008-07-13SoBe Mossman Triathlon  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon Sprint16.11 miles
2008-06-29Stamford KIC IT TriAquabike 25.84 miles1h 37m 57s 7%
2008-06-08Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon Olympic27.5 miles
2008-06-01Tri Ridgefield  (draft) Triathlon Sprint12.31 miles
2008-04-27Westport Minuteman 10KRun 10k6.2 miles46m 44s 21%11%
2007-10-21Escape to Bermuda Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 30.93 miles
2007-09-23Westchester Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic32.06 miles2h 31m 03s 31%16%
2007-09-09Westport Kiwanis Minuteman TriathlonTriathlon Mini Sprint8.2 miles42m 21s
2007-08-26Park City Mossman TriathlonTriathlon Olympic32.05 miles2h 42m 22%
2007-08-18SBR Triathlon Series  (draft) Triathlon Sprint17.35 miles
2007-08-05BMW Greenwich Cup Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Sprint18.5 miles1h 22m 12s
2007-07-08SoBe Mossman TriathlonTriathlon Sprint16.11 miles1h 14m 18s 11%6%
2007-05-27Lady Liberty SwimSwim Other0.93 miles23m 22s 2%
2006-11-19Escape to Bermuda Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Olympic32.93 miles
2006-09-17Westchester Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles2h 26m
2006-08-06Park City Mossman Triathlon  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles
2006-07-302006 BMW Greenwich Cup Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Sprint18.5 miles1h 18m 44s
2006-07-16SoBe Mossman triathlonTriathlon Sprint16.08 miles1h 15m 09s 16%11%
2006-07-08Greenwich Point One Mile Swim  (draft) Swim Other0.93 miles
2006-06-10Robert J. Aaron Memorial Mighty Montauk Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic29.21 miles
2006-06-03Lee County Sport Council Sunset Dash for Cash & 1-mile Swim  (draft) Swim Other0.93 miles
2006-06-02USA Swimming 5K Open Water NationalsSwim Other3.11 miles1h 04m 31s 32%
2005-09-18Mighty Hamptons TriathlonTriathlon Olympic30.75 miles2h 45m 43s 41%32%
2005-09-11Westport Kiwanis Minuteman TriathlonTriathlon Mini Sprint8.27 miles43m 44s 9%8%
2005-09-02Little Red Lighthouse SwimSwim 5.85 miles1h 29m 42s 3%17%