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Age Group
2016-07-09HITS Triathlon Series: Kingston - Half Iron Course  (draft) Triathlon 70.3 miles
2015-09-13TOUGHMAN Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles
2015-08-02Orange County Tri- Super Sprint  (draft) Triathlon Other18.02 miles
2015-07-08Pat Griskus Sprint Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 14.1 miles
2015-05-03Long Island Half Marathon  (draft) Run 13.1 miles
2014-09-06Lobsterman Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 32 miles
2014-07-27Ironman Lake Placid  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 140.6 miles6h 30m 52%67%
2014-06-22Police Tri  (draft) Triathlon 16.75 miles
2014-06-01Rev3 Quassy - Half Rev  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles
2014-05-04Long Island Half Marathon  (draft) Run 13.1 miles
2014-03-09MHRRC Ed Erichson MemeorialRun 10 miles1h 21m 30s 47%71%
2013-09-08Toughman Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 70.3 miles6h 21m 38s 65%45%
2013-08-25Park City Mossman Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Olympic32 miles
2013-06-01Pawling Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Sprint14.83 miles
2011-10-23Run the Farm  (draft) Run 5 Mile5 miles
2011-09-25Wheel and Heel Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Sprint17.03 miles
2011-09-02World Police and Fire Games- Road Race  (draft) Cycle Road Race24.85 miles
2011-07-17Tri n' Du Putnam  (draft) Triathlon Sprint17.25 miles
2011-07-10Pawling Mountain Road Race  (draft) Cycle Road Race20 miles
2010-10-24Run the Farm  (draft) Run 5 Mile0 miles
2009-09-13Tour de GreenwichCycle Road Race20 miles1h 10m 43s 78%78%
2009-08-23Timberman - Half Iron   (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles
2009-07-26Nautica New York City Triathlon  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles
2009-05-3032nd Annual NYPD vs FDNY 5 Miler  (draft) Run 5 Mile0 miles
2008-11-02ING New York City Marathon HistoricalRun Marathon26.2 miles5h 08m 52s
2008-09-21Westchester Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles2h 45m 31s 30%50%
2008-07-19NYRR Run for Central ParkRun 4 Mile4 miles44m 10s
2008-06-13WHOLE FOODS COOK YOUR BUNS 3 MILE RUN & BARBEQUERun 3 Mile3 miles32m 45s
2008-02-03NYRR Gridiron ClassicRun 4 Mile4 miles30m 12s 16%31%
2007-09-23Westchester Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles2h 25m 25s 21%35%
2007-07-22Ironman USA Lake Placid HistoricalTriathlon Full Ironman140.6 miles16h 19m 09s 90%89%
2007-05-19EnduraSport HalfTriathlon 1/2 Ironman71.3 miles6h 50m 11s 59%
2007-04-22Hook Mountian Half-Marathon Run Half Marathon13.1 miles1h 56m 48s 39%69%
2006-09-17Westchester Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles2h 35m 56s 32%
2006-08-20Vytra TOBAY TriathlonTriathlon Sprint13.21 miles1h 21m 29s 18%38%
2006-06-17Pat Griskus Olympic TriathlonTriathlon Olympic32.29 miles2h 50m 14s 61%77%
2006-06-03Pawling TriathlonTriathlon Sprint15.43 miles1h 10m 42s 11%20%
2005-09-24Jones Beach Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Sprint16.61 miles
2004-09-25Jones Beach Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Sprint16.61 miles
2004-09-25Jones Beach Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Sprint16.61 miles