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Age Group
2018-05-20Casey Irish Scholarship 5kRun 3.1 miles27m 50s 64%
2018-03-10Black Cat 10-MilerRun 10 miles1h 36m 22s 28%31%
2017-07-16Give Peace a Tri TriathlonTriathlon 11.35 miles1h 08m 08s 29%23%
2017-05-21Casey Irish Scholarship 5kRun 3.11 miles27m 16s 29%
2016-09-18Colonial Bicycle Wallis Sands TriathlonTriathlon 17.94 miles1h 30m 25s 66%33%
2015-09-20Colonial Bicycle Wallis Sands TriathlonTriathlon 18.15 miles1h 28m 71%55%
2014-09-20Mustang 5kRun 3.11 miles27m 47s 50%50%
2014-07-12Norway TriathlonTriathlon 15.6 miles1h 50m 46s 71%45%
2014-05-11JCC of the North Shore Triathlon by the SeaTriathlon 13.64 miles1h 15m 53s 33%19%
2013-08-04Wild FinSwim 1.02 miles46m 11s 80%62%
2013-05-19Triathlon By The SeaTriathlon 13.64 miles1h 16m 57s 40%19%
2012-11-04All Women and One Lucky GuyRun Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 10m 41s 50%51%
2012-10-13McDougal Orchard Trail RunRun 5k3.11 miles27m 40s 28%12%
2012-08-18Swim & Fin Race For Salem SoundSwim 1 mile Cable0.94 miles44m 44s 90%100%
2012-05-13Triathlon by the SeaTriathlon 13.64 miles1h 13m 12s 38%14%
2011-10-02Maine MarathonRun Marathon26.2 miles4h 39m 52s 60%51%
2011-09-17Mustang 5kRun 5k3.11 miles26m 52s 50%50%
2011-07-24Carrabassett Backcountry Cycle ChallengeCycle Mountain Biking28 miles4h 59m 50%
2011-07-16Alfred Festival 4-milerRun 4 Mile4 miles34m 05s 38%
2011-05-22Casey Irish Scholarship 5kRun 5k3.11 miles26m 04s
2011-05-15Triathlon by the SeaTriathlon Sprint13.62 miles1h 13m 04s 36%
2010-11-07Harvard Pilgrim Maine Coast Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 01m 31s 36%38%
2009-11-08The 2009 Harvard Pilgrim Maine Coast Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 05m 43s 42%48%
2009-09-19Mustang 5kRun 5k3.11 miles26m 18s 49%31%
2009-09-06Saddleback ChallengeCycle Other16 miles2h 54m 23s 100%100%
2009-09-05Rangely RompTriathlon Other26.31 miles2h 43m 34s 73%80%
2009-07-18Alfred Festival 4-milerRun 4 Mile4 miles34m 33s 66%60%
2009-05-17Triathlon by the SeaTriathlon Sprint13.64 miles1h 17m 31s 49%29%
2008-09-14Grillz, NECS FinalsCycle Other7 miles2h 00m 100%
2008-09-01Rangely Lakes Saddleback ChallengeCycle Other7 miles2h 10m 100%100%
2008-08-31Rangely RompTriathlon Other26.31 miles2h 46m 51s 67%50%
2008-08-10Maine Sport Run OffCycle Other8 miles2h 02m 33%
2008-07-20Thompson Lake XTERRATriathlon Other16.82 miles2h 43m 25s 81%100%
2008-06-22Clifford Park AssaultCycle Other9 miles1h 40m 57%100%
2008-05-18Maine Sport MayhemCycle Other5 miles1h 22m 100%
2008-04-12Xterra Merrimack River Trail RunRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 41m 59s 69%47%
2008-02-03Mid-Winter Classic  (draft) Run 10 Mile10 miles
2007-10-13Down and Dirty DuathlonDuathlon 10.9 miles1h 14m 53s 21%14%
2007-09-23Waterford Fall Foliage ClassicRun 5k3.15 miles25m 41s 32%10%
2007-09-16Grillz Memorial, NECS FinalsCycle Other10 miles1h 24m 25%100%
2007-09-02Rangely Lakes Saddleback Mtn ChallengeCycle Other11.6 miles2h 14m 45s 88%100%
2007-07-21Alfred Festival 4-milerRun 4 Mile4 miles32m 47s 73%
2007-07-15Thompson Lake XTERRATriathlon Other15.5 miles2h 30m 84%25%
2007-06-24Clifford Park AssaultCycle Other8.2 miles1h 37m 67%100%
2007-05-13Triathlon by the Sea HistoricalTriathlon Sprint13.64 miles1h 14m 10s 42%42%
2007-02-04Mid-Winter 10-Mile ClassicRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 32m 56s 76%71%
2006-10-01Grillz Memorial, NECS FinalsCycle Other10 miles1h 32m 47s 67%
2006-09-24Waterford Fall Foliage Road RaceRun 5k3.11 miles25m 40s 34%8%
2006-09-17Rotary Park Short TrackCycle Other0 miles39m 67%50%
2006-09-03Rangeley Lakes Saddleback ChallengeCycle Other7.1 miles54m 37s 50%