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Age Group
2014-07-19USAT Duathlon Nationals  (draft) Duathlon 5.89 miles
2010-08-29Lakes Country Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 21.4 miles
2010-08-14Northwoods TriathlonTriathlon Sprint17.36 miles1h 06m 02s 2%6%
2010-07-25Chisago Lakes Triathlon Half Iron HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.29 miles4h 53m 13s 9%23%
2010-07-18Heart of the lakes TriathlonTriathlon Long Course26.8 miles1h 45m 47s 8%12%
2010-06-12Liberty Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles2h 16m 30s 5%10%
2010-05-29Apple DuathlonDuathlon Standard26.72 miles1h 36m 42s 11%15%
2010-05-01Chain of Lakes TriathlonTriathlon Sprint16.14 miles1h 05m 17s 1200%24%
2010-04-17Earth Day Half Marathon - St. Cloud MNRun Half Marathon13.1 miles1h 36m 17s
2009-08-30Lakes Country Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 21.4 miles
2009-07-12Graniteman Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Sprint18.43 miles
2009-06-07Buffalo Triathlon - Olympic DistanceTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles
2008-10-05Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2008-08-24Lakes Country Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Sprint21.55 miles
2008-07-27Chisago Lakes HIM  (draft) Triathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles
2008-07-20Heart of the Lakes Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Long Course26.8 miles
2008-07-13Graniteman Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Sprint18.43 miles
2008-06-29Lake Waconia Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Sprint24.5 miles
2008-05-24Apple Duathlon  (draft) Duathlon Standard6.22 miles
2008-05-03Chain of Lakes Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Sprint16.34 miles
2007-09-08Lake Wobegon Trail Ride  (draft) Cycle Tour72.2 miles
2007-08-26Lakes Country TriathlonTriathlon Sprint21.4 miles1h 29m 56s 12%27%
2007-08-11Northwoods Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Sprint17.36 miles1h 08m 25s 5%12%
2007-07-29Chisago Lakes HIMTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles5h 20m 25s 30%41%
2007-07-15Heart of the Lakes TriathlonTriathlon Long Course26.8 miles1h 52m 49s 16%25%
2007-06-24Lake Waconia TriathlonTriathlon Sprint24.5 miles1h 42m 21s 15%21%
2007-06-03Buffalo Triathlon - Olympic DistanceTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles2h 28m 10s 28%39%
2007-05-26Apple DuathlonDuathlon Standard26.72 miles1h 45m 03s 30%68%
2007-05-19Fargo Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.1 miles1h 38m 12s 7%19%
2007-04-29MN Ironman Bike RideCycle Road Race100 miles5h 12m
2007-04-21St. Cloud Earth Day Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.1 miles1h 42m 34s 17%38%
2007-01-27Securian Frozen Half Marathon HistoricalRun Half Marathon13.1 miles1h 50m 48s
2006-09-16BEST OF THE U.S. Citizens Sprint RaceTriathlon Sprint18.5 miles1h 25m 31s 28%65%
2006-08-27Lakes Country TriathlonTriathlon Sprint21.6 miles1h 38m 13s 31%52%
2006-06-25Lake Waconia TriathlonTriathlon Sprint19.1 miles1h 42m 32s 51%44%
2006-06-10Princeton 5kRun 5k3.11 miles22m 32s 27%29%
2006-06-03Paddle - Pedal - Run (Bike leg only)Triathlon Mini Sprint11 miles
2006-05-27Apple DuathlonDuathlon Standard26.72 miles1h 54m 54s 53%76%