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Age Group
2016-07-17Stone Harbor Triathlon Triathlon Sprint14.35 miles1h 42m 58s 94%
2014-09-21Ironman Princeton 70.3Triathlon 70.3 miles8h 02m 26s
2014-07-12Lake Lenape TriathlonTriathlon 13.7 miles1h 26m 18s
2012-09-01DQ Triathlon at Marlton LakesTriathlon Sprint14.25 miles1h 27m 11s 76%
2012-07-15Stone Harbor Triathlon Triathlon Sprint14.36 miles1h 25m 02s
2012-02-19Bucks County Winter Race Series - Staggered Start 4.6 MilerRun Other4.6 miles42m 50s
2012-02-12Bucks County Winter Race Series - Eenie-Meanie-Minie-Moe Half MarathonRun Half Marathon9.27 miles1h 39m 16s
2012-02-05Bucks County Winter Race Series - Pick Your Way 5.3 MilerRun 5.3 miles51m 03s 86%
2012-01-29Bucks County Winter Race Series - Terrible Tyler 9.3 MilerRun 9.3 miles1h 45m 16s
2012-01-22Bucks County Winter Race Series - Honest Abe 4.5 MilerRun 4.5 miles48m 17s
2012-01-15Bucks County Winter Race Series - Polar Bear 8 MilerRun 8 miles1h 31m 25s
2012-01-01Bucks County Winter Race Series - Cham-Pain 5KRun 5k3.11 miles28m 30s
2011-12-18Bucks County Winter Race Series - Tyler Challenge 10KRun 10k6.21 miles84%
2011-12-11Bucks County Winter Race Series - Jingle Bell 5.3 MilerRun Other5.3 miles49m 59s
2011-12-04Bucks County Winter Series - Covered Bridge 5KRun 3.11 miles29m 58s
2011-11-24Thanksgiving 5 MilerRun 5 Mile5 miles44m 50s
2011-09-03DQ Triathlon at Marlton Lakes HistoricalTriathlon Sprint12.55 miles1h 04m 01s 29%36%
2011-07-23New Jersey State Triathlon - Sprint Distance HistoricalTriathlon Sprint14.92 miles1h 26m 11s 40%64%
2011-07-17Stone Harbor Triathlon Triathlon Sprint14.76 miles1h 09m 58s 29%22%
2011-05-28Hammonton Recreation Department Sprint TriathlonTriathlon Sprint15.95 miles1h 14m 12s 53%60%
2011-05-15Sesame Place Classic 5KRun 5k3.1 miles28m 55s
2011-05-01Blue Cross Broad Street RunRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 46m 53s
2010-11-25Thanksgiving 5 MilerRun 5 Mile5 miles45m 30s 62%
2010-11-20Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon HistoricalRun Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 10m 30s 51%68%
2010-10-03Komen Race for the Cure - Central NJRun 5k0 miles
2010-09-25Robert Massaroni Memorial 5KRun 5k3.1 miles27m 52s
2010-09-19Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll Philadelphia Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 17m
2010-09-129/11 Garden of Reflection 5KRun 5k3.1 miles26m 07s
2010-09-04DQ Triathlon at Marlton LakesTriathlon Sprint14.35 miles1h 12m 04s 36%
2010-08-22Timberman - Half Iron HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles6h 59m 01s 71%73%
2010-07-25New Jersey State Triathlon - Sprint DistanceTriathlon Sprint14.92 miles1h 19m 01s 15%10%
2010-06-04Bristol Township Tiger Classic 5KRun 5k3.11 miles29m 20s
2010-05-16Courier Times Sesame Place Kiwanis 5k ClassicRun 3.11 miles27m 15s
2010-05-02Broad Street Run - Blue Cross Blue ShieldRun 10 Mile10 miles
2010-03-28Ocean Drive MarathonRun Marathon10 miles1h 40m 05s
2009-11-26Thanksgiving 5 MilerRun 5 Mile5 miles50m 15s
2009-09-20Philadelphia Distance Run - ING HistoricalRun Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 30m 36s 87%
2009-09-139/11 Garden of Reflection 5KRun 5k3.1 miles29m 04s
2009-09-05DQ Triathlon at Marlton LakesTriathlon Sprint14.35 miles1h 15m 29s 52%
2009-07-26New Jersey State Triathlon - Sprint DistanceTriathlon Sprint14.92 miles1h 24m 08s 36%25%
2009-07-19Stone Harbor TriathlonTriathlon Sprint14.75 miles1h 16m 51%
2009-05-17Courier Times Sesame Place Kiwanis 5k ClassicRun 3.11 miles30m 05s
2009-05-03Broad Street Run - Blue Cross Blue Shield HistoricalRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 40m 50s
2009-03-29Ocean Drive 5K HistoricalRun Marathon3.1 miles
2009-02-15Staggered Start 4.6 MilerRun 4.6 miles
2009-02-01Pick Your Way 5.2 MilerRun 5.2 miles
2009-01-18Honest Abe 4.6 MilerRun 4.6 miles
2009-01-04Predict Your Time 5.3 MilerRun 5 Mile5.3 miles
2009-01-01Cham-Pain 5KRun 5k3.1 miles
2008-12-28Tyler ChallengeRun 10k6.2 miles