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Age Group
2012-03-04Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon  (draft) Run Half Marathon13.1 miles
2011-04-30Zydeco Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Mini Sprint12.09 miles
2011-04-23Crescent City Classic  (draft) Run 10k6.21 miles
2011-04-10 Opelousas Rotary Sunrise Duathlon  (draft) Duathlon 4 miles
2011-03-06T-Gator Series Duathlon  (draft) Duathlon 4 miles
2010-08-29Yam City Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Mini Sprint16.09 miles
2010-02-28Mardi Gras Half Marathon  (draft) Run Half Marathon13.1 miles
2009-11-14Cajun Cup 10K  (draft) Run 10k6.21 miles
2009-08-30Yam City Triathlon  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon Mini Sprint16.09 miles
2009-08-15Games of Acadiana Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Mini Sprint12.11 miles1h 10m 98%
2009-05-03Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon  (draft) HistoricalRun Marathon26.2 miles
2009-04-25Eunice Rotary Zydeco Triathlon  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon Mini Sprint12.09 miles1h 11m 59s 87%
2009-04-11Crescent City Classic  (draft) Run 10k6.21 miles1h 30m
2009-03-22Opelousas Rotary Sunrise Duathlon  (draft) HistoricalDuathlon 4 miles
2009-03-15Rip van Winkle Duathlon  (draft) HistoricalDuathlon Standard16 miles1h 37m 35s 98%100%
2009-03-01T-Gator Series Duathlon  (draft) Duathlon 14 miles1h 30m 44s 96%100%
2009-02-01Mardi Gras Half Marathon  (draft) Run Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 59m
2009-01-18Houston Marathon  (draft) HistoricalRun Marathon26.2 miles6h 09m
2008-11-08Cajun Cup 10K  (draft) HistoricalRun 10k6.21 miles1h 22m 92%88%
2008-08-16Games of Acadiana Mini Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Mini Sprint12.11 miles02m
2008-06-22Yam City Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Mini Sprint16.09 miles1h 33m 27s 97%100%
2008-04-26Acadian Medical Center Zydeco Triathlon   (draft) Triathlon Mini Sprint12.09 miles
2008-03-22Crescent City Classic HistoricalRun 10k6.21 miles1h 32m
2008-02-24Mardi Gras Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.1 miles3h 10m 25s 93%80%
2007-08-18Games of Acadiana Mini TriathlonTriathlon Mini Sprint10.11 miles1h 05m 07s 93%71%
2007-07-28Rocketchix TriathlonTriathlon Sprint14.22 miles1h 29m 58s 50%
2007-04-28Eunice Rotary Zydeco TriathlonTriathlon Mini Sprint12.09 miles1h 07m 09s 86%100%
2007-04-07Cresent City ClassicRun 10k6.2 miles1h 24m
2007-03-18Opelousas DuathlonDuathlon Standard20.23 miles1h 54m 27s 97%100%
2007-02-25Mardi Gras MarathonRun Marathon26.2 miles6h 11m 04s 96%
2007-02-10Evangeline Oak DuathlonDuathlon 14 miles1h 24m 32s 97%100%
2007-01-14Houston Half Marathon HistoricalRun Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 54m 38s
2006-12-09Kiawah Island MarathonRun Marathon26.2 miles6h 26m 27s
2006-10-21Rajin' Cajun Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 12.11 miles1h 17m 51s 93%100%
2006-08-19Games of Acadiana Mini Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Mini Sprint10.32 miles1h 04m 33s 92%70%
2006-06-03Sunburst Marathon HistoricalRun 26.2 miles99%100%
2006-04-15Crescent City Classic  (draft) HistoricalRun 6.21 miles
2006-03-19 Opelousas Rotary Sunrise Duathlon HistoricalDuathlon 20.4 miles1h 57m 23s 98%100%
2006-03-11Chilly RogerCycle 33.98 miles02m 20s