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Age Group
2020-04-24USMS 2020 Spring Nationals  (draft) Swim 0.06 miles
2019-04-27USMS Spring Nationals 2019Swim 0.06 miles
2018-10-20UB Club Swimming and USMS Joint MeetSwim 0.03 miles26m 22s
2017-04-28USMS 2017 Spring NationalsSwim 0.06 miles
2016-04-29USMS Spring Nationals 2016Swim 0.06 miles
2015-10-042015 Nazareth Masters SCM Swim Meet  (draft) Swim 0.03 miles
2015-04-25USMS 2015 Short Course NationalsSwim 0.06 miles
2012-09-09Finger Lakes Triathlon - Sprint CourseTriathlon Sprint17.35 miles1h 26m 38s 8%9%
2011-12-03Jingle Bell Run/Walk  (draft) Run 5k3.11 miles
2011-10-09Nazareth Masters SCM Meet  (draft) Swim 0 miles
2011-09-11Finger Lakes Triathlon - Olympic Distance HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles2h 44m 42s 32%55%
2011-02-13Canandaigua Masters Swim Meet  (draft) Swim 0 miles
2011-01-23HAMS New Years Masters Swim Meet  (draft) Swim 0 miles
2010-09-19Finger Lakes Triathlon (Olympic Distance) HistoricalTriathlon Olympic30.32 miles2h 26m 28s 11%19%
2010-08-15Cazenovia Triathlon - IntermediateTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles2h 39m 34s 22%24%
2010-07-25Empire State Games  (draft) Swim 0.03 miles
2010-07-11Musselman AquabikeAquabike 57.69 miles3h 22m 41s 15%20%
2010-06-06Pittsford TriathlonTriathlon Sprint18.67 miles1h 17m 43s 6%12%
2010-04-24River Challenge Paddle TriathlonTriathlon Other26.57 miles2h 16m 32s 62%100%
2010-04-10Greater Syracuse Masters Invitational  (draft) Swim 0 miles
2010-02-14Canandaigua Masters Swim MeetSwim 0 miles
2010-01-24USMS 1-Hour PostalSwim 1 Hour Postal2.31 miles1h 00m
2009-11-2226th Annual Invest in Youth Turkey ClassicRun 5 Mile5 miles38m 23s
2009-09-20Finger Lakes Triathlon - Olympic DistanceTriathlon Olympic31.28 miles2h 36m 27s 31%34%
2009-08-01Ride for Independence  (draft) Cycle Tour62.14 miles
2009-07-18mini-Mussel Sprint Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Sprint19.77 miles1h 27m 36s 12%23%
2009-06-07Pittsford TriathlonTriathlon 18.57 miles1h 19m 42s 12%18%
2009-05-28JP Morgan Chase Corporate ChallengeRun Other3.5 miles28m 40s
2009-05-16Rochester Spring Classic DuathlonF-1 Duathlon 25 miles1h 51m 36s 60%
2008-09-21Finger Lakes Triathlon - Olympic DistanceTriathlon Olympic31.32 miles2h 41m 15s 47%11%
2008-06-08Keuka Lake Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic32 miles3h 04m 18s 67%71%
2008-06-01Town of Pittsford TriathlonTriathlon Sprint18.67 miles1h 22m 36s 13%33%
2008-02-23Freezeroo #6 Pizza Party Series FinaleRun 10k6.21 miles51m 58s
2008-01-31USMS 1 Hour Postal SwimSwim 1 Hour Postal2.1 miles1h 00m
2008-01-26Freezeroo #4 Hearnish 10K HistoricalRun 10k6.45 miles56m 50s 67%83%
2007-09-23Finger Lakes Triathlon - Sprint Distance HistoricalTriathlon Sprint17.4 miles1h 25m 13s 12%21%
2007-07-28Cross Creek Community ChallengeRun 5k3.1 miles27m 39s 56%
2006-09-10Finger Lakes Triathlon - Olympic Distance HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.14 miles27m 55s 20%
2006-07-222006 USMS One- and Two-Mile Open WaterSwim 1 miles32m 15s
2006-06-04Town of Pittsford Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Sprint18.47 miles1h 25m 22s 22%35%
2006-06-01JPMorgan Chase Corporate ChallengeRun 3.5 Mile3.5 miles30m 05s
2006-05-20Rochester Spring Classic Duathlon HistoricalF-1 Duathlon 25 miles1h 57m 23s 61%