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Age Group
2016-10-01Ironman Maryland HistoricalTriathlon 126.2 miles
2016-09-18Ironman Atlantic CityTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles5h 58m
2014-11-16Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas MarathonRun 26.2 miles5h 14m
2014-11-02New York City MarathonRun 26.2 miles5h 16m
2013-10-27Marine Corps Marathon  (draft) HistoricalRun Marathon26.2 miles
2013-09-21ChesapeakeMan Ultra Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon 140.6 miles13h 19m 49%17%
2013-07-28Pittsburgh Triathlon - International Distance  (draft) Triathlon Olympic32 miles
2013-06-23Rev3 Williamsburg - Half Rev  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles
2013-05-19American Triple-T Ohio - Race #4: Little Smokies Half Iron HistoricalTriathlon 64.84 miles15h 06m 91%
2013-05-18American Triple-T Ohio - Race #3: Olympic PM  (draft) Triathlon Olympic32.34 miles
2013-05-18American Triple-T Ohio - Race #2: Olympic AM  (draft) Triathlon Olympic32.34 miles
2013-05-17American Triple-T Ohio - Race #1: Super Sprint  (draft) Triathlon Mini Sprint4.88 miles
2012-10-07Half Full REV - Olympic 40 Mile DistanceTriathlon Olympic39.43 miles3h 40m 09s 22%
2012-09-29ChesapeakeMan Skipjack 75.2 Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 75.2 miles5h 35m
2012-08-26Ironman Louisville HistoricalTriathlon Full Ironman140.56 miles15h 02m
2012-06-10Ironman 70.3 Eagleman Triathlon  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles
2012-05-20American Triple-T Ohio - Race #4: Little Smokies Half Iron  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 29.2 miles2h 36m
2012-05-19American Triple-T Ohio - Race #3: Olympic PM  (draft) Triathlon 32.33 miles3h 34m 25s
2012-05-19American Triple-T Ohio - Race #2: Olympic AM  (draft) Triathlon 32.33 miles2h 56m 45s
2012-05-18American Triple-T Ohio - Race #1: Super Sprint  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 5.06 miles35m 36s
2011-09-24ChesapeakeMan Skipjack Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 1/2 Ironman75.2 miles
2011-09-10Patriot's Half  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman72.3 miles
2011-08-28Annapolis 10 Miler  (draft) HistoricalRun 10 miles
2011-07-31Pittsburgh Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Olympic31.99 miles
2011-06-25Garrett County Gran Fondo - Diabolical Double Metric  (draft) Cycle Century125 miles
2011-06-12Ironman 70.3 Eagleman Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles6h 14m 14s
2010-08-29Ironman Louisville HistoricalTriathlon Full Ironman140.6 miles14h 23m 51s 55%50%
2010-06-13EagleMan Ironman 70.3 Triathlon  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles
2010-05-09Kinetic Sprint  (draft) HistoricalTriathlon Sprint23.58 miles
2010-05-01St. John the Baptist 5k  (draft) Run 5k0 miles
2009-10-25Longhorn Ironman 70.3 Austin HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles5h 52m 13s 32%
2009-09-20Fair Hill Ride and Tie  (draft) Run Other0 miles
2009-09-13Parks Half-Marathon  (draft) Run Half Marathon13.1 miles
2008-10-11Baltimore Running Festival- Marathon/Half Marathon/4 Person Team Relay/5K   (draft) Run 0 miles
2008-09-27Kensington 8K  (draft) Run 4.97 miles
2008-08-31Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon  (draft) HistoricalRun Half Marathon13.1 miles
2008-07-20Nautica New York City Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic33.89 miles2h 56m 30%
2008-07-18Hit the Trails XC Classic  (draft) HistoricalRun 5k3.11 miles
2008-06-08Accenture Escape from Alcatraz HistoricalTriathlon Other27.53 miles3h 30m
2008-05-18Columbia Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic32.62 miles2h 56m 17s 21%
2008-04-27St. Anthony's Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles2h 47m 253%
2007-09-16Music City Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Olympic32 miles
2007-07-22Ironman USA Lake Placid HistoricalTriathlon Full Ironman140.6 miles15h 01m 23s
2007-06-10EagleMan Ironman 70.3 Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles5h 50m 43s
2007-04-14Escape From Ft DesotoTriathlon Sprint14.5 miles1h 22m 12s