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Age Group
2021-07-11Vivicitta BudapestRun Half Marathon13.11 miles1h 41m 44s 8%12%
2020-10-18Nato runRun 6.21 miles40m 32s 3%14%
2020-10-03Ostoros 4KRun 2.49 miles14m 49s 5%40%
2020-09-13Tiszafüred TriathlonTriathlon 32 miles2h 59m 47s 62%73%
2019-10-06Kosice MarathonRun 26.22 miles2h 48m
2019-09-14Ostoros 4KRun 2.49 miles15m 51s 3%20%
2019-05-26Otscher 20kmRun 10.89 miles2h 48m 03s 70%83%
2019-03-24Eger Hegy 12KRun 7.77 miles1h 19m 57s 39%45%
2018-10-06Budapest 10KRun 10k6.21 miles39m 52s 1%1%
2018-09-23Nato runRun 2.67 miles15m 47s 2%2%
2018-09-22POLAR Kaptárko & Nagy-Eged Trail 2018Run 10.87 miles1h 31m 06s 8%12%
2018-09-01Budapest Urban GamesRun 6.21 miles52m 49s 13%9%
2018-08-04Morfit RunRun 5k3.11 miles19m 04s 9%20%
2018-07-06Corrida de ToulouseRun 1.86 miles10m 35s 4%3%
2018-05-05Morfit RunRun 5k3.11 miles18m 58s 5%8%
2018-04-15Vivicitta BudapestRun 10k6.21 miles43m 52s 1%1%
2018-01-07Felsotarkany TrailRun 10k6.09 miles47m 01s 7%13%
2017-11-26Trail des ButtesRun 8.39 miles1h 07m 39s 10%13%
2017-10-15Budapest MarathonRun Marathon26.22 miles4h 57m 21s 65%58%
2017-10-07Morfit RunRun 3.11 miles19m 01s 5%17%
2017-09-24Nato runRun 3.42 miles22m 08s 5%5%
2017-09-16Mezokovesd 7KRun 4.35 miles27m 05s 3%8%
2017-09-09Ostoros 4KRun 2.49 miles15m 33s 6%20%
2017-06-10Eloi Vasquez Memorial RunRun 5.59 miles49m 52s 3%20%
2017-06-04Hook and Ladder 5kRun 3.11 miles20m 21s 1%1%
2017-05-06Morfit RunRun 3.11 miles20m 35s 8%
2017-04-09Vivicitta BudapestRun 6.21 miles
2017-04-01Morfit RunRun 3.11 miles
2017-02-04Morfit RunRun 5k3.11 miles27m 47s
2017-01-07Morfit RunRun 5k3.11 miles22m 01s 19%33%
2016-12-03Morfit RunRun 5k3.11 miles21m 05s 5%
2016-09-04Podersdorf - 29th Int. Austria TriathlonTriathlon Sprint16 miles1h 11m 21s 31%
2014-10-11Budapest MarathonRun Marathon18.64 miles2h 26m 26s
2014-09-14Budapest half marathonRun Half Marathon13.11 miles1h 34m 50s 5%
2014-07-06Budapest Night runRun Half Marathon13.11 miles1h 41m 39s 6%28%
2014-03-30World Masters championshipsRun Half Marathon13.11 miles1h 27m 59s 39%67%
2013-12-13USATF Cross Country Club NationalsRun 10k6.21 miles42m 50s 98%93%
2013-10-19SD’s Down and Dirty HalfRun 10k6.2 miles43m 02s 9%40%
2013-09-28Pilot Butte ChallengeRun Other1 miles08m 54s 7%67%
2013-08-10Mt. Ashland Hillclimb RunRun Half Marathon13.3 miles2h 35m 35s 16%32%
2013-08-02Cascade Lakes RelayRun 7.54 miles49m 12s
2013-07-25Eugene Open track meet 5kRun 5k3.11 miles18m 20s 10%11%
2013-07-11Eugene Open track meet 5kRun 3.11 miles18m 44s 9%22%
2013-07-01McKenzie Track 3kRun 1.86 miles12m 09s 17%
2013-06-15Butte Burner 3.33 ChallengeRun 20.5 miles3h 30m 10%50%
2013-06-09Dirty Half MarathonRun 13.1 miles1h 36m 30s 7%19%
2013-06-02Heaven Can WaitRun 5k3.11 miles18m 59s 3%10%
2013-05-27USATF Oregon 1 Mile Road Race ChampionshipsRun 1 miles05m 26s 89%
2013-05-04Salmon Run 10KRun 10k6.21 miles40m 32s 3%8%
2013-04-07Horse Butte 10 MilerRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 10m 35s 11%33%