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Age Group
2020-08-01Tour de TonkaCycle 48.5 miles3h 30m
2019-09-22Rock 'n' Roll Montreal Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 27m 58s 56%56%
2019-07-06Afton Trail Run 25KRun 15.53 miles3h 26m 15s 59%62%
2018-11-11Rock 'n' Roll Las VegasRun 6.2 miles1h 02m 27s 13%15%
2018-10-28Marine Corps MarathonRun Marathon26.2 miles5h 09m 18s 54%52%
2018-10-07Medtronic TC 10 MileRun 10 miles1h 48m 08s 66%66%
2017-11-23Drumstick Dash (Pi run)Run 3.11 miles30m 47s 31%27%
2017-10-01Medtronic TC 10 MileRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 45m 52s 60%58%
2017-07-04Red, White & Boom TC Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 25m 20s 69%68%
2017-04-23Parkway Classic 10 MilerRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 46m 26s 65%64%
2017-03-25Marine Corps 17.75KRun Other11.03 miles2h 10m 50s 61%61%
2017-03-18Hot Dash 10 MileRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 46m 51s 74%70%
2017-02-11Valentine's Day TC 5KRun 5k3.1 miles29m 22s 27%22%
2016-10-14Ragnar HawaiiRun Other14.97 miles2h 41m 50s
2016-08-20Reykjavík MarathonRun Marathon26.2 miles5h 33m 25s 86%82%
2016-08-12Ragnar Relay Great River  (draft) Run 200 miles
2016-08-06Tour de Tonka  (draft) Cycle 0 miles
2016-06-04Lake Waconia Half Marathon and 10 MileRun Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 27m 51s 75%72%
2016-01-30Securian Winter Run 10kRun 10k6.2 miles1h 03m 57s 52%53%
2015-10-23Ragnar Napa ValleyRun 12.7 miles
2015-10-11Unleash the SheRun 10k6.2 miles1h 01m 34s 50%55%
2015-09-27Toronto 5KRun 5k3.11 miles29m 52s 26%
2015-08-16Lake Marion Triathlon - Sprint CourseTriathlon 21.55 miles1h 59m 53s 61%67%
2015-08-14Ragnar Relay Great RiverRun Other11.75 miles
2015-08-01Tour de TonkaCycle 49 miles3h 16m
2015-06-06Lake Waconia Half Marathon and 10 MileRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 47m 33s 59%58%
2015-04-11Goldy's RunRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 48m 36s 75%76%
2015-01-31Beat the Freeze BiathlonBiathlon (run/bike) 3 miles36m 34s
2014-11-07Ragnar Relay Las VegasRun Other200 miles34h 04m 09s
2014-10-05Medtronic TC 10 MileRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 41m 10s 59%63%
2014-09-01MDRA Victory 5K Run 5k3.11 miles34m 31s
2014-09-01MDRA Victory 10KRun 10k6.2 miles1h 04m 55s
2014-08-15Ragnar Relay Great RiverRun Other11.82 miles1h 58m 02s
2014-08-02Tour de TonkaCycle 80.8 miles5h 26m
2014-07-04Red, White & Boom TC Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.1 miles2h 21m 35s 69%70%
2014-05-10Oakdale Spring Classic DuathlonDuathlon 19 miles1h 43m 32s 76%80%
2014-04-04Ragnar Relay So CalRun Other14.63 miles2h 38m 05s
2014-03-08Irish for a Day 5KRun 5k3.1 miles32m 27s
2014-03-01Phoenix Marathon 10KRun 10k6.2 miles1h 00m 32s 21%8%
2014-02-08Valentine's Day TC 5KRun 5k3.1 miles32m 37s
2013-10-06Medtronic TC 10 MileRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 40m 24s 55%59%
2013-10-05TC 10kRun 10k6.2 miles1h 00m 56s 46%47%
2013-10-05TC 5kRun 5k3.1 miles31m 45s 27%32%
2013-09-07Square Lake Triathlon - Short CourseTriathlon 22 miles2h 11m 37s 48%33%
2013-08-16Ragnar Relay Great RiverRun Other16 miles2h 44m 08s
2013-08-03Tour de TonkaCycle 102.34 miles6h 32m 50s
2013-06-22William O’Brien 10 MilerRun 10 Mile10 miles2h 04m 21s 78%86%
2013-06-15Lake Minnetonka TriathlonTriathlon Sprint18.5 miles1h 36m 52s 46%33%
2013-04-13Goldy's RunRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 43m 52s 71%71%
2013-03-16Get Lucky 7KRun Other4.35 miles42m 18s 18%20%