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Age Group
2015-03-22Ironman MelbourneTriathlon 225.8 kms13h 57m 36s
2014-09-28Berlin Marathon   (draft) Run Marathon42.2 kms
2014-05-04Puffing Billy Great Train Race  (draft) Run 13.5 kms1h 24m 48s
2014-04-13Hearld Sun/Citylink Run for the Kids  (draft) Run 15k15 kms49%
2014-03-30Gatorade Tri Series 13/14, Race 5, St KildaTriathlon 25.75 kms1h 28m 25s 48%
2014-03-16Gatorade Tri Series 13/14. Race 4. Portarlington  (draft) Triathlon 34.8 kms2h 04m 56s 67%
2014-03-01Club2Club Swim  (draft) Swim Other1.5 kms73%64%
2014-02-16Gatorade Tri Series 13/14. Race 3. Elwood  (draft) Triathlon Sprint25.75 kms1h 36m 34s 68%
2014-01-25Portsea Swim Classic  (draft) Swim Other1.5 kms
2014-01-12Gatorade Tri Series 13/14. Race 2. St KildaTriathlon 51.5 kms2h 58m 52s 81%
2013-11-24Gatorade Tri Series 13/14. Race 1. Elwood  (draft) Triathlon 25.5 kms1h 29m 20s 74%
2013-11-16Bass Coast Cycle Challenge  (draft) Cycle 85 kms
2013-10-13Melbourne Half MarathonRun 21.1 kms
2013-07-21Run Melbourne Half MarathonRun 21.1 kms2h 12m 08s
2013-01-13Two Bays Trail RunRun Other28 kms3h 41m 51s
2012-05-06Great Train Race | Puffing BillyRun Other13.2 kms1h 20m 40s
2012-02-05Active Feet Fun Tri Series 10/11 Race 4 - SandringTriathlon Mini Sprint10.75 kms44m 28s 51%11%
2012-01-07Portsea Twilight  (draft) Run Other8 kms
2011-12-11Sri Chinmoy Williamstown Foreshore RunRun 10k10 kms58m 28s 81%64%
2011-11-20Gatorade Triathlon Series: Race 1 - St. Kilda  (draft) Triathlon Sprint25.5 kms
2011-11-05Kathmandu Adventure Series Run 0 kms4h 29m 32s 80%68%
2011-07-31Salomon Trail Running SeriesRun Other12.5 kms1h 35m 52s 80%
2011-07-03Gold Coast Airport MarathonRun Marathon42.16 kms4h 50m 20s 82%76%
2011-05-29Sri Chinmoy Running & Fitness FestivalRun Half Marathon21.1 kms2h 11m 02s
2011-02-20Corporate Triathlon National Series - Race 1 - MelbourneDuathlon Standard14.8 kms54m 30s
2011-02-13Omara Cycles Tri-it Women's TriathlonDuathlon Standard21 kms1h 07m
2011-01-02infolio Portsea Twilight 2011Run Other6.7 kms
2010-12-12Sri Chinmoy Williamstown Foreshore Run  (draft) Run 10k10 kms
2010-10-17Around the BayCycle Tour210 kms8h 15m
2010-05-30Sri Chinmoy Running & Fitness Festival  (draft) Run 10k10 kms
2010-03-27Great Ocean & Otway Classic Ride  (draft) Cycle Tour145 kms
2010-01-26Australia Day fun runRun Other6 kms38m 15s
2009-07-05Gold Coast Airport MarathonRun Marathon42.16 kms5h 06m 15s
2009-05-17The Great Ocean Road Half MarathonRun Half Marathon23 kms2h 28m 29s 82%
2009-03-28Great Ocean & Otway Classic Ride  (draft) Cycle Tour145 kms
2009-01-23Mutual Community Challenge Tour (STAGE 4 TOUR DOWN UNDER)Cycle Tour155 kms6h 24m
2008-10-19Portfolio Partners Around the Bay in a DayCycle Tour100 kms3h 30m
2008-10-12Samsung Melbourne Half MarathonRun Half Marathon21.1 kms2h 17m 32s
2008-08-30SRAM Whittlesea ChallengeCycle Tour110 kms4h 43m
2008-05-18The Great Ocean Road Half MarathonRun Half Marathon23 kms2h 30m 25s
2008-04-06Ironman AustraliaTriathlon Full Ironman226.1 kms14h 02m 83%
2007-11-18Shepparton Half IronmanTriathlon 1/2 Ironman113.1 kms6h 30m 29s 89%
2007-09-30Cannibal Gold Coast Half IronmanTriathlon 1/2 Ironman113.1 kms6h 38m 42s
2007-06-17The Age Run To The 'G'Run Half Marathon21.1 kms2h 12m 09s 79%
2007-05-27 Sri Chinmoy Running & Fitness Festival Run Half Marathon21.1 kms2h 17m 17s
2007-02-25BP Ultimate/BRW Corporate TriathlonTriathlon Mini Sprint14.4 kms56m 16s
2007-02-18Gatorade Race 4 ElwoodTriathlon Sprint18.5 kms1h 02m 41s 81%71%
2007-01-14Gatorade Race 3 St KildaTriathlon Sprint25.75 kms1h 24m 58s
2006-12-10Gatorade Race 2 ElwoodTriathlon Sprint25.5 kms1h 26m 47s 84%
2006-11-19Gatorade Race 1 St KildaTriathlon Sprint25.5 kms1h 21m 11s 65%