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Age Group
2014-11-23Route 66  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2014-11-22White River Marathon  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2014-09-20Columbia River Power Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-08-31Tupelo Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-08-17Pikes Peak Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-08-02Eagle Creek Trail Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-07-19Loonies Midnight Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-07-12Hatcher Pass Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-06-28Dawg Gone Long Run  (draft) Run 31.07 miles
2014-06-07Storm The Dam  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-05-18Shires of Vermont  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2014-05-16Old Colony Marathon  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2014-05-15Nutmeg State Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-05-14Red Island Marathon  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2014-05-13Granite State Marathon  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2014-05-12Pine Tree Marathon  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2014-04-04Zion 100 Trail Run  (draft) Run Ultra Marathon100 miles
2014-03-16Tobacco Road Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-03-15Rock N Roll USA  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2014-03-09Dirty Double Trail Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-03-08Kings Mountain Maraton  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-02-23Last Chance For Boston  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2014-02-16Mercedes Marathon  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2014-02-08Rocky Raccoon 50 Mile  (draft) Run Ultra Marathon50 miles
2014-02-02Rock n Roll New Orleans  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-01-12BankTrust First Light Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2014-01-11Mississippi Blues Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-12-28The HUFF 50K Trail Run  (draft) Run Ultra Marathon31.07 miles
2013-12-21First Day Of Winter Fat Ass 50K  (draft) Run 31.07 miles
2013-12-14Rocket City Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-11-23JFK 50 Mile  (draft) Run Ultra Marathon50 miles
2013-11-17Hot Chocolate Run  (draft) Run 9.32 miles
2013-11-10Marshall Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-11-03Day of the Dead 4  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-11-02Day of the Dead 3  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-11-01Day Of the Dead 2  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-10-31Day Of the Dead 1  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-10-20Columbus Marathon  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2013-10-19Indianapolis Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-10-05MOX 12 Hour  (draft) Run 50 miles
2013-09-20Center Of The Nations Series  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-09-19Center of the Nations series  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-09-18Center of the Nations Series  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-09-17Center of the Nations Series  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-09-16Center of the Nations  (draft) Run Marathon26.2 miles
2013-09-07Run Woodstock - Freak 50K  (draft) Run Ultra Marathon31.07 miles
2013-09-07Run Woodstock - Mellow Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles6h 24m
2013-09-07Run Woodstock - Mellow Marathon  (draft) Run 26.2 miles
2013-09-06Run Woodstock - Far Out 5K  (draft) Run 5k3.11 miles
2013-08-17Beast Of Burden 100  (draft) Run Ultra Marathon100 miles