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Age Group
2019-03-16Red Shoe Run 5KRun 3.1 miles29m 34s 17%30%
2018-07-14Jax Tri Series #2Triathlon 18.25 miles1h 22m 58s 35%29%
2018-07-04Celebration Run  (draft) Run 3.1 miles29m 59s
2018-06-16Jax Tri Series #1Triathlon 18.35 miles1h 26m 30s 50%
2018-06-09Run for the PiesRun 3.1 miles28m 59s 25%22%
2018-01-06Resolution RunRun 3.1 miles28m 42s 24%29%
2017-12-30Last Gasp Cross Country RunRun 3.11 miles29m 08s 29%
2015-09-20Tropical Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon 16.3 miles1h 24m 22s 43%46%
2015-08-08Jax Tri Series #3Triathlon 19.25 miles1h 33m 42s 59%62%
2015-07-18Jax Tri Series #2Triathlon 19.06 miles1h 29m 26s 50%
2015-06-20Jax Tri Series #1Triathlon 19.05 miles1h 34m 42s
2015-06-13Run for the PiesRun 3.08 miles30m 07s 46%47%
2015-05-16BFAST Triathlon Series - Race #1Triathlon 18.15 miles1h 34m 50s 55%75%
2015-01-17Resolution RunRun 3.04 miles27m 36s 25%10%
2014-08-23Heels & WheelsTriathlon 16.27 miles1h 25m 15s 14%50%
2014-08-09Jax Tri Series #3Triathlon 19.15 miles1h 28m 05s 36%33%
2014-07-19Jax Tri Series #2Triathlon 19.25 miles1h 31m 60%75%
2014-07-04Celebration RunRun 3.1 miles28m 59s 38%23%
2014-06-21Jax Tri Series #1Triathlon 19.15 miles1h 27m 51s 44%50%
2013-01-05Resolution Run 5k  (draft) Run 5k3.11 miles
2013-01-05Resolution Run 5k  (draft) Run 5k3.11 miles
2011-04-02ESSA 5KRun 5k2.79 miles26m 48s
2010-03-21BFAST DUATHLONDuathlon Standard18.8 miles1h 28m 44s
2009-11-21Mandarin RunRun 5k3.11 miles26m 03s
2009-11-21Mandarin Run  (draft) Run 5k3.11 miles
2009-10-31Fun Fall Savannah DuathlonDuathlon Standard17.3 miles1h 19m 23s 19%
2009-09-13The Nation's Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles3h 00m 23s 53%24%
2009-08-08Jax Tri Series Sprint #3Triathlon Sprint13.23 miles1h 13m 23s 44%56%
2009-03-21Julington Creek Plantation Family Days 5KRun 5k3.1 miles24m 12s 17%
2009-03-14Gate River Run  (draft) Run 15k9.32 miles
2008-12-31Gator Bowl 5KRun 5k3.1 miles24m 03s 10%8%
2008-12-07Festival of Lights 5KRun 5k3.11 miles25m 23s 35%3%
2008-10-19Race The Troops Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Sprint12.75 miles1h 01m 21s 10%8%
2008-10-12Marineland "Best of" TriathlonTriathlon Sprint15.57 miles1h 23m 47s 33%100%
2008-07-18Hit the Trails XC Classic HistoricalRun 5k3.11 miles
2008-03-08Gate River RunRun 15k9.48 miles1h 23m 42s 22%8%
2007-12-31Gator Bowl 5KRun 5k3.1 miles25m 10s
2007-10-28Pumpkin Run 5KRun 5k3.34 miles23m 28s
2007-09-15Halfmax National ChampionshipTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.32 miles6h 00m 30s 67%75%
2007-08-11Jacksonville Triathlon Series #3Triathlon Sprint13.25 miles1h 03m 32s 14%17%
2007-07-15ITU Age Group Long Course World ChampionshipsTriathlon Long Course64 miles5h 35m 57s 71%70%
2007-04-29St. Anthony's Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic31.99 miles2h 41m 31s 29%20%
2007-02-17Meadows Pool BiathlonBiathlon (swim/run) 3.67 miles43m 36s
2007-02-10Smart Choices 5KRun 5k3.1 miles23m 50s 3%
2007-01-28ING Miami Half MarathonRun Half Marathon13.4 miles1h 56m 15s 10%11%
2006-12-02Meadows Park Pool AquathlonAquathlon 6.79 miles42m 32s 25%
2006-11-12Miami Man 1/2 IronTriathlon 1/2 Ironman70.3 miles5h 14m 56s 10%4%
2006-10-15Escape to Miami TriathlonTriathlon Olympic31.76 miles2h 45m 37s 18%26%
2006-10-08Wellington Horse Country 10 MilerRun 10 Mile10 miles1h 18m 47s 10%12%
2006-09-23Disney AquathlonAquathlon 3.93 miles35m 09s 17%