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Age Group
2015-09-27Donagh Road RaceCycle 65.2 kms1h 55m 04s 13%
2015-07-12Canoe Cove TT + Road RaceCycle 64.1 kms
2015-06-07Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon HistoricalTriathlon 44.26 kms2h 42m 25s 12%12%
2015-05-24Indian River Road raceCycle 60 kms1h 46m 05s 40%
2015-05-17China Point DuathlonDuathlon 30 kms1h 15m 43s 24%
2015-05-09Mother's Day TTCycle 19 kms30m 02s 12%
2014-09-21Niagara Falls BarrelmanTriathlon 115.6 kms4h 49m 12s 3%12%
2014-08-10Duathlon by the SeaDuathlon 55 kms2h 14m 12s 27%57%
2014-07-20Triathlon Chaleur Caisse PopulaireTriathlon 25.55 kms1h 05m 59s 12%32%
2014-07-13Tri by the BayTriathlon 27.95 kms1h 15m 52s 2%12%
2014-05-25Ottawa Half Marathon  (draft) Run 21.1 kms
2014-02-23Freeze Your Gizzard Half MarathonRun Half Marathon21.1 kms1h 33m 40s 18%
2013-10-27Ironman 70.3 Miami HistoricalTriathlon 113.11 kms4h 49m 25s 7%6%
2013-08-18Cycling PEI China Point TT + Road RaceCycle 60 kms2h 02m 35s
2013-08-11Triathlon by the Sea - Olympic CourseTriathlon 54.1 kms2h 21m 57s 21%40%
2013-06-23Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant HistoricalTriathlon 113.13 kms4h 57m 19s 10%18%
2013-05-05PEI Duathlon #1 - China PointDuathlon Standard29.74 kms1h 14m 36s 4%
2013-02-17Freeze Your Gizzard Half MarathonRun Half Marathon21.1 kms1h 38m 07s 18%
2012-08-19Ironman Mont-Tremblant HistoricalTriathlon Full Ironman226 kms11h 47m 22s 35%52%
2012-08-12Triathlon by the Sea - Olympic Course  (draft) Triathlon Olympic51.5 kms
2012-07-08Brudenell TriathlonTriathlon Sprint24.65 kms1h 06m 30s 5%7%
2012-07-01EPIC Dartmouth  (draft) Triathlon Other204.9 kms
2011-10-16Prince Edward Island Half MarathonRun Half Marathon21.1 kms1h 49m 22s 15%24%
2011-09-10Fundy H2O Triathlon  (draft) Triathlon Olympic47 kms
2011-08-13Triathlon by the Sea - Dalvay Beach - Olympic CourseTriathlon Olympic51.5 kms2h 30m 29s 22%33%
2011-06-05Subaru of Moncton DuathlonDuathlon Standard27.92 kms1h 11m 46s 23%54%
2011-05-22China Point DuathlonDuathlon Standard29.4 kms1h 16m 34s 17%
2011-01-30ING Miami Half Marathon  (draft) Run Half Marathon21.08 kms
2010-08-29Subaru East Coast 1/2 Iron triathlonTriathlon Olympic56 kms2h 49m 36s 22%56%
2010-08-21Sackville TriathlonTriathlon Sprint25.75 kms1h 14m 23s 18%29%
2010-07-31Triathlon by the SeaTriathlon Sprint24.82 kms1h 08m 04s 10%21%
2010-07-04Fredericton Duncan Hadley Triathlon / Duathlon HistoricalTriathlon Olympic51.5 kms2h 38m 26s 41%56%
2010-05-30Navy Trident's TriathlonTriathlon Sprint25.75 kms1h 14m 10s 18%36%
2009-08-22Sackville TriathlonTriathlon Sprint25.75 kms1h 12m 52s 11%27%
2009-07-25Triathlon by the SeaDuathlon Standard26 kms1h 07m 16s 30%38%
2009-06-28Heart of the Highlands Triathlon - Sprint DistanceTriathlon Sprint28.75 kms1h 27m 44s 26%33%