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Newbury Park, California
United States
Generic Events
60F / 16C
Total Time = 50m 4s
Overall Rank = 26/42
Age Group = F30-39
Age Group Rank = 6/15
Pre-race routine:

I spent the night at my moms house as she lives pretty close to the race. Ate 1/2 a bagel with almond butter and apricot sugar free fruit spread. Stopped for a quad espresso and on to the parking lot to pick up the shuttle to the trail head. Also this race was sorta special to me, as I went to high school about a mile away from the race and hiked up these trails all the time as a kid. Of course we were hiking up them with cases of beer back in those days
Event warmup:

Well, the race had a LOT of people. I was doing the 6k (which was more like a 7k but anyway...) there was also a 1/2 marathon starting 30 minutes before the 6k. Now, there were a few hundred people there and they had ONE shuttle to the race start. A van, that held maybe 15 people? yeah, you do the math. Needless to say it was a bit chaotic, 1/2 mary racers were getting very ansty, as their start time was 8am, and we're in line for the shuttle and it's 7:55 am. They were afraid of missing their race etc. Of course no one missed anything it just started late. Very late. The 6k was supposed to start after the 1/2 mary but I wasn't sure if they were going to keep the same gap or what, and then with the pre race talk there wasn't much time for a warm up. Too bad, for a short race like this I could have used one.
  • 50m 4s
  • 4.25 miles
  • 11m 47s  min/mile

Oh boy, where to begin. Ok, I'm going to break it down by the miles.

Mile 1- 9:18 110 ft climbing Ave HR 154 Max HR 175

clearly went out to fast. Started with a small uphill on a wide trail then turned onto an asphalt fire road. That turned into a major downhill and I just flew down it. I started picking up momentum and couldn't stop myself so I just went for it and was passing people. I figured I'd pay for it later but hey, passing people is not something I experience often while running. I even hit a 6:11 pace for a brief moment. Wow, so THAT is what it feels like to be fast.

Mile 2 10:57 168 Feet climbing Ave hr 162 Max hr 171

First half of mile two was down hill, the second half uphill. Off the pavement and onto trails. Turned a corner and passed an aid station with gu and cliff bars. Looking back, should have grabbed something but I didn't want to lose time. Knew there would be another aid station and I had a gu in my pocket.

Mile 3 16:35 Ave HR 894 Feet Climbing 160 Max 168

:( I fell apart. mentally and physically. So I had passed the aid station. This mile was ENTIRELY uphill. Had a few stream crossings. The first one I gingerly went across. Almost slipped on a rock and ended up wet anyway. The second and third I said fuck it and just ran thru the water. So Im running along and I had been around people the entire time. All of a sudden I hit a giant muddy hill, and I can no longer run, it's steep, my HR is at 170 and thats walking. i figure I'll let it drop to 150 and return to running. I'm doing my best to keep a good hiking pace as it is. Next thing I know, Im all alone. It's peaceful and gorgeous. The pics don't do the trails justice, they look all brown and dry. Down on the trails it was lush and green and shaded. At first Im just enjoying the scenery then I start to think...hmm, there were a lot of people stopping at the aid station as I ran by. No one has passed me in a bit, there's no one in front of me and no one behind me as far as I can see. Did I turn the wrong way at the aid station? am I lost? Am I on the 1/2 mary trail? Then I start to panic a bit. So I come up with plan B. OK, if Im on the 1/2 mary trail I'm ok I can make it. It will take forever but I'll be fine. I start racking my brain as to where the second aid station was supposed to be. Tell myself I will stop the panic, get myself to the next aid station and worry about it then. Total lack of mental focus for 5-6 minutes out there. Slowed way down, ate a gu. UGH UGH UGH. I'm still upset with myself for this. I eventually heard someone behind me, hollered at them "Are you 6k?! Am I lost?" she said "yup, 6k, I hope we're not lost" and that kinda kicked my ass back into race mode. Finally hit the aid station, took 1 gatoraid one water mixed them together and drank 1/2 the cup. Told myself to get my &#$* together already! Maybe sometime next week I will forgive myself for the loss of focus ;)

Mile 4 10:37 Climbing 85 feet Ave HR 162 Max 169
Ok, pretty much crested the GIGANTIC hill in the first tenth of mile four..As I crested the top of the hill it I thought awesome, I can make up some serious time here. Hahaha, yeah right. The downhill was sandy, rocky and full of ruts. The good part was instead of focusing on how much pain I was in, I had to focus on footing. It took constant attention to decide where to place each step, when I saw a clear patch I'd run as fast as I could until the next sandy area etc. I really wish I had on trail specific shoes and more experience on trails. I could have really flown down that hill a LOT faster.

Mile .25 2:12 (9:36) Climning 132 feet Ave HR 172 Max HR 180
I knew we were near the end and it was one last little hill. I just said this is going to hurt but it wont take long and ran as fast as I could. There were some people behind me and I was determined to not let them pass. 180 Max HR. not bad. I don't think I've seen that on the HRM before! I felt really strong crossing the finish line :D

What would you do differently?:

Trust myself that I followed the trail. Should have taken a gu sooner since the race started an hour late. Run faster.
Post race
Warm down:

Walked around a bit. Drank water water water!!! Ate many orange slices then moved onto coffee. I had a lot of coffee and a massage

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Lack of experience on technical trails. Lack of fitness running up huge hills. Weighing 20 (at least) pounds more than I should.

Event comments:

The Generic Event people are very cool and nice and always have fun events. Sometimes they are late and they don't have timing chips. I still like the events they put on, they always have a fun local vibe.

Profile Album

Last updated: 2007-12-18 12:00 AM
00:50:04 | 04.25 miles | 11m 47s  min/mile
Age Group: 0/15
Overall: 0/42
Performance: Good
Mile 1 9:18 Mile 2 10:57 Mile 3 16:35 Mile 4 10:37 .25 2:21 Ave HR 160 Max HR 180!!!!
Course: Gorgeous trails and fire roads in Satwiwa Canyon.
Keeping cool Average Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Below average
Mental exertion [1-5] 3
Physical exertion [1-5] 4
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? No
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Good
Race evaluation [1-5] 4

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2008-01-14 12:52 PM
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Subject: RE: Xterra Boney Mountain Trail Run
Nice job!!!
2008-01-14 1:48 PM
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Lansdale, PA.
Subject: RE: Xterra Boney Mountain Trail Run
I'd like to run there! Trail running is so much more fun than road running!
2008-01-14 9:29 PM
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Newbury Park, CA
Subject: RE: Xterra Boney Mountain Trail Run
Way to go studette.  I live about a mile from that hill and I wouldn't want to run up it!
2008-01-15 12:13 PM
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Subject: RE: Xterra Boney Mountain Trail Run
Congrats!  Great race report
2008-01-15 5:39 PM
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2008-01-16 12:15 PM
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Long Beach, CA
Subject: RE: Xterra Boney Mountain Trail Run

What??? You didn't take a case of beer on the trail run like the good ole days? It might have made mile 3 less frustrating! Ha!

Great job Verna! You're turning in to such a running stud! That rocks! Trail running is way more fun. Plus, it's so fun to race on famililar ground! Good job!!!

2008-01-17 11:34 AM
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Reykjavik, Iceland
Subject: RE: Xterra Boney Mountain Trail Run
Congratulation  and great RR
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