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Santa Barbara, California
United States
52F / 11C
Total Time = 2h 49m 12s
Overall Rank = 277/280
Age Group = Women 30-34
Age Group Rank = 5/6
Pre-race routine:

This was my second pseudo-destination race, but first one camping. Yesterday we got the Westy packed up and drove up to Santa Barbara. We stopped at the Beach Grill at Padaro Beach for lunch. We drove into Santa Barbara to get my race packet. When I gave the volunteer my name, he looked down at my list and t-shirt size and said "Extra large...sorry but we didn't order any extra large." What the hell??? When I registered for this race it asked my t-shirt size and one of the choices was extra large. Now they're telling me that they didn't bother to order me one? I'm not asking for some crazy plus size tent of a shirt. An XL isn't exactly uncommon. I was pissed. He told me I could take another size and give it to someone else. I decided to get a large. After all, maybe it runs really big. Who knows! :)

We drove up to UCSB to see the swim site. Good news...waves were ankle slappers. Bad news...out of the swim we'd be climbing a zillion stairs to get back up the bluff to the transition area. That should be interesting.

We drove the street part of the bike course and I was so relieved to see that there weren't any crazy hill climbs! YAY! After having to walk my bike for portions of Catalina...and Turkey Tri...and Ironbruin...I was very excited at the prospect of staying clipped in for the whole 16 miles.

We then drove down the coast to Carpinteria where we checked in at the Carpinteria State Park to camp for the night. Our sight was on the ocean...which was nice. I did go try on my LARGE race shirt. Too d@mn tight! :( Then, my husband helped tweak some cables on the bike, then I rode around the campground, making sure that all systems were go.

After that we went out to the beach and hung out watching the kids play in the sand. We also walked into town and got dinner at a little take out place called the Spot. After we went into the Westy, played several rounds of UNO with the kids, and then put them to bed. I tried to go to sleep, but that wasn't happening, so I read until 11. I got sporadic sleep at best.

We were up at 4:45 as I attempted to get into full race gear and three layers of warm clothes without anything so much as grazing the gross floor of the campground bathroom. I pumped up my tires in the dark; we put the kids in their jammies into their seats and headed up to UCSB.

My husband dropped me off by the transition area. As I was getting my gear out of the Westy I realized there was a very cold wind just cutting right through those three layers. I swear I wanted to cry since it was still over two hours to race time. My husband and kids left and went down to Goleta beach to catch up on sleep.

I was able to snag the end spot closest to the bike out in the transition area but my things kept getting blown by the wind. I found the swim in, bike out, bike in and run out areas then headed over to get a better look at the swim in. The tide was pretty high, the waves were slightly higher than yesterday, but not bad, and that ocean looked freaking cold! I spent a lot of time talking to a guy on my rack from Long Beach. The announcer made jokes about the 52 degree water, that no one appreciated.

So I started the cold, gravelly walk down to Campus Point for the swim start. I wanted plenty of warm up time, but that wasn't going to happen!
Event warmup:

Now, I knew there would be waves and cold water, but I didn't know about the rocks. There were rocks everywhere, so, as I tried to walk out into the water for warm up, I'd take one step, then nearly fall. I was trying to figure out how I was going to navigate my way out to warm up I saw several other triathletes coming back in, shaking their heads and saying it wasn't worth it. So, we all headed back to shore. I've NEVER done a swim race without warming up, so that upped my nerves a tad.

As soon as the wave ahead of mine went I was in the water. It was crazy, take-your-breath away cold. Felt extra bad for the two girls in swimsuits! Ouch! I got as used to the water as I could, panicked about not getting any swim warm up, and waited for horn.
  • 16m 6s
  • 820 yards
  • 01m 58s / 100 yards

So the horn went off and I sort of fell into the water. I was told by a UCSB Tri team member not to dive under the waves, as I'd probably end up hitting a rock. I started to swim forward and it was coldy cold cold! The waves were small enough to swim through and not have to dive under. We were swimming diagonal to them, which was an odd sensation. On the second wave I rode up it and when I dropped back down the other side, I hit the sandy bottom. Dang! It was still shallow.

I rounded the first buoy, trying not to swallow those diagonal waves. I cut it close and almost hit the rope holding the buoy in place. I made the left turn and was now swimming sort of parallel to shore. A few times I did start to feel panicky. I had been warned that there were huge kelp beds in this swim, but they're still freaky. It creates a lot of dark shadows below, which is not a good thing. Several times I had to lift my head and calm down. I can't do breaststroke in a wetsuit, so I was doing this odd stroke that was somewhere between a water polo head above water freestyle and doggy paddling!

Then I saw a woman pass me but stay ahead of me at about my speed. I decided that I'd try drafting off her...and it worked! I rode behind her for a good 5 minutes or more. Plus, her bubbles helped me not see those dark, kelpy shadows below.

We rounded the last buoy to head back to shore and she was picking up speed. I couldn't keep up with her and had to let her go, but at least the current behind me to help propel me forward. I looked up and saw my husband and kids up on the bluff near the transition area! I was careful to stay to the right of the staircase, as were told that there were rocks we'd hit near the stairs. Nice. I felt the bottom, stood up, and started running out of the surf line. No sooner did a volunteer say "be careful...the rocks are slippery" and a wave hit me, I slipped, and I fell straight back into the water! Hope the race photographer caught that one! :) I looked down at my HRM and was shocked to see I was out in 16 minutes! It's not a PB, but it's pretty good considering that this was the most challenging swim I've done. Only my times in Long Beach and Catalina were better! I somehow managed to even go faster than the pool swim at Ironbruin! Go figure!
What would you do differently?:

I really needed a wetsuit with sleeves. I would have rented one, but I'm hard to fit. I should have looked for a wetsuit top to wear over it. I need to get more OW practice. In the fall when I was training in OW a lot, I didn't get so panicky. I keep talking myself out of OW practice because of the cold.
Transition 1
  • 09m 18s

So, just when the difficult swim was over, I had the joy of having to climb MANY stairs back up to the transition area. That was just cruel. I had a really hard time with the wetsuit and couldn't get it off my heels for the life of me. It took me a while, but I finally got transitioned and ran out to the mount line.
What would you do differently?:

I need to figure out how to get that d@mn wetsuit off my heels more efficiently. I feel like I should race my T1, but I'd rather rest a little there than on the bike.
  • 1h 22m 15s
  • 16 miles
  • 11.67 mile/hr

I was pumped for this bike race! It had a lot of rollers, which I love, but no big crazy climbs. Also, it was only one loop so the scenery never got redundant. Plus, it went through all these areas that I remember from college, so it was such a trip down memory lane!

I got clipped in quickly then headed toward the main entrance of campus, and turned right onto the bike path. It headed downhill toward Goleta Beach. I spent a lot of time there swimming and sunning back in the day. It also went past the Beachside Bar/Cafe, where I worked as a senior. I then followed the Goleta bike path. I couldn't predict what was coming next, but at every turn I was remembering it. My husband and I used to ride this path a lot as it takes you to downtown Santa Barbara.

So we wove around the marsh area then into a suburban Goleta neighborhood. There were two wood bridges that were interesting to ride over that I had totally forgotten about. This part of the course was a series of rollers. I wasn't able to open up and go as fast as I'd like because I didn't preview the course before hand, and couldn't remember where all the twists and turns were. Luckily, the volunteers were everywhere and very helpful.

This part of the bike path then became the Maria Ignacio Bike Path. I used to ride this in college as it's kind of rustic. It goes near a river and there are a lot of trees around. I then went under the 101 Freeway and the train track as an Amtrak was going overhead. That was cool.

The trail then ended on Ribera road and I was now riding down a residential street. From here to Cathedral Oaks was a constant, but low grade climb. Nothing too bad. I hung a left and was now on Cathedral Oaks for the whole back part of the course. I was cruising along and loving this course when I passed someone! Woo hoo! Then someone else. I was loving this. Just as I'm having such a great time, the guy I passed last passes me. Now, I have to say that most people I have encountered in triathlons and wonderful, supportive people. This guy rides past me and said "On you're left big mama!” What the hell??? Are you kidding me? I was so pissed off! How dare he call me that? Then I realized something. Here he is...he looks the part. He has the aero helmet, the tri bike, the tri suit, and yet he doesn't have the skills to back it up. He is back here with the back of the pack women and just got passed by a slow, fat triathlete! Ha! His sad little inflated ego must have been hurt. So, I now went from sun shiny triathlete winding through the meadows to the aggressive shark on the prowl. I was after this mother f**ker!

He had passed me on an uphill, but on the downhills and flats, he might as well have been going backwards. I flew passed him and said in a sarcastic drawn out way "On your left". He said something offensive and I told him to "f**k off". I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help it. This guy was such a prick! I've never encountered anyone remotely like that in any of my races. On the next uphill he passed me and said "you're lucky my feet are still frozen from that swim". Whatever. At this point I was back near Winchester Canyon and decided to dig deep, stay positive, and try to find my happy place...whatever. I was frustrated but didn't want to let one jerk ruin my otherwise great race.

But of course the third time I passed him I have to say "On your left...for the third time." Oops...where did that happy place go? He passed me yet again as we started to descend back down toward the 101. As we passed over the freeway I told him I'd see him later knowing that we were now in Ellwood Beach and there weren't any uphills for him to take me on.

This is where the bike ride turned into a total trip down memory lane. I rode past Ellwood Beach Dr. which is the street that my apartment was on senior year. That was a great apartment out near the trails on the bluffs. My husband and I were dating when I lived there and had a lot of good times there. I was then riding up Hollister on the road that we rode on the night we got engaged. My husband had surprised me on our second anniversary by showing up at my apartment, unexpected and proposing. We had wine and with my buzz I decided we couldn't celebrate without champagne. Neither of us could drive, so we rode our bikes down this same street to Albertsons. On the way home I was wearing a backpack with a bottle of champagne and two flutes, and he was balancing a cake on his handlebars. What a hilariously fun ride!

I took a right turn on Pacific Oaks and was now heading past the condo of a guy I dated sophomore year. I was also back near some dirt paths that I used to ride on. At Phelps I hung a left. As I approached Storke Road to go through, there were two cops who were supposed to stop traffic for me. Neither noticed me coming and were waving cars through. I had to hit the brakes so as not to get hit by a truck! That sucked.

At the end of Phelps I was on the campus bike path. This was how I used to ride to school senior year, and I haven't been on that bike path since. Very cool! I took it up to El Colegio which is the road south of IV that runs into campus. I looked back and couldn't see the mean guy anywhere! Yay.

As I rode through campus I went into the tunnels that go under streets. I forgot all about those. It really took me back! I had so much fun snaking my way through campus. I was sightseeing and definitely lost some speed from looking around so much. It was cool to go past the Rec Cen that I used to swim at, the Administration building where a group of students sat in a hunger strike for days demanding more funding for the Chicano studies department, Campbell Hall where freshmen classes of 900 students were held, my old chem lab, my old physics lab, the lawn where students marched in protest to prop 187, the building I was in during a genetics class when the El Nino storms got so crazy and so much of the town was flooding that school was cancelled (the only time it was), and many new buildings that just look out of place! After my little ride back in time, I turned back out onto the road that goes past the dorms and took me back to the transition area.
What would you do differently?:

I feel like I had a great ride, though I wouldn't let some lame guy get to me like he did. I shouldn't have stooped to his level.
Transition 2
  • 08m 28s

Now, I was shocked that in 16 miles of riding, my body was still cold in places. One of those places was my right foot. During the last 4 miles it became completely numb. I couldn't feel anything below the ankle. That was also the ankle that my timing chip was on, so I feared it was too tight as well. I had a hard time walking on that foot through T2. So when I got to my rack, dumped the helmet and gloves, I sat down. I sat and massaged that food for a few minutes trying to get feeling back into it. It was still ice cold. It started to feel better, so I got my running gear on and headed out of transition, by way of a porta potty!
What would you do differently?:

I normally run through the transition area, but with that numb foot I didn't dare. I wish I hadn't lost so much time massaging the foot, but didn't know what else to do. Also wish I had gone to the restroom closer to race time so that I wouldn't need the pit stop!
  • 53m 5s
  • 3.1 miles
  • 17m 07s  min/mile

So my run started as I exited the porta-potty! :) I headed down the hill past the Marine Science lab and past where the swim start had been. From there it was up a steep trail onto the bluffs. When I got to the top I noticed that my lower back was hurting A LOT! This happened at Ironbruin as well. So I stopped, stretched it, and hoped it would be better. I've been having a lot of back pain lately, so I need to go see my sports med doctor about a referral.

As I started running along the top of the bluffs, the view was as breathtaking as I remember. The ocean was gorgeous, although the winds were insane at this point! Unfortunately, my back just kept aching. I couldn't run. I had to walk a lot. Even walking hurt, so I stopped. I stretched, I twisted, I cracked it, and I did whatever I could to find relief. I jogged when I could, but walked the rest. This was discouraging.

As I continued along the bluffs, I was now looking at the campus lagoon. It looked nicer and less brackish than when I was in college. Couldn't smell stagnant sulfur like I used to! ;) I looked across at San Nic, my dorm from freshmen year. What a great place! I had so much freaking fun there.

I kept running around the bluffs and down a hill to the 1 mile marker and ade station. Oh wait...did I say ade station? I mean I the truck that was loaded up with what was the ade station.

I then went up a large flight of stairs and was near the new dorm that was recently built called Manzanita. I then ran up along the outskirts of IV, hung a right at the dining commons and past the San Raf dorms. I hung a right and was now on another bluff looking down at the lagoon. My back was still bugging, but I was doing more running. I didn't see anyone else on the run course, but was convinced I was not last. Then I heard a volunteer get on her walkie-talkie and say "Number 31 just passed....yes, she's the last one". D@mn! I don't want to be DFL again! No way! Since that thinking screwed me up at Turkey Tri, I decided to live in denial pretending that this volunteer just didn't realize that there were hordes of slow people back behind me that she just hadn't seen yet! ;)

I was now running around the west side of the lagoon then the north. This brought back memories as our graduation ceremony was held on the lawn here. What a great day (except that I was really on the 4.5 year plan and had to go back to class the Monday morning after the ceremony!) This was also the walk of shame connecting IV, where we partied, with the dorms, where we went to puke and/or pass out. Ah...the joys of being a young, stupid freshmen at a notorious party school! As I ran past the UCEN I noticed that the rape light was gone. This was a light that we used to joke about. It seemed to be on a motion sensor, but it was on and every time we'd walk by the light would go out and we were in the dark. We were convinced some pervert had rigged it this way and that any day he'd jump out of the bushes and attack us in the dark...hence the nickname "rape light". is no more!

I ran past the rest of the lagoon and up a hill. That put me out near the dining commons and I had a slow quick run though the finish chute! I was glad to be done.
What would you do differently?:

I don't know what I could have done about the run, but I do need to get to a doctor about this back pain.
Post race
Warm down:

I walked back toward the transition area to grab my Endurox and my phone. I called my husband and he and the kids were down playing at Goleta Beach. I warmed-down by walking back to the swim start surprised to see my thermal still there. I headed back up, packed my gear, and rode to Goleta Beach.

We drove into IV as there was a chicken burrito at Freebird's with my name on it! This was one of my FAVORITE places to eat in college, and still is. A lot of other racers and volunteers were there as well. After, we walked to the IV bookstore. I bought a new UCSB t-shirt since I didn't get a race shirt. I had to leave with something new to wear! We then drove back to Long Beach! Time for an ice bath!

What limited your ability to perform faster:

My weight is an issue, as always. This was an "A" race so my last 3 months of training were supposed to have me peak for this race. But, I've been so inconsistent that it didn't happen. The cold water, and lack of sleeves was a problem for the swim. Finally, my sore back hurt my run time.

Event comments:

On the good side, this race had a great, one-loop rolling hill bike course. It was scenic and fun to ride. The run was a fun trail run with gorgeous views of the ocean up on the bluffs.

On the down side, I feel that this was not an inclusive race. If you're fast and lean, then this race will accomodate you. If not, you'll be made to feel inferior. I have raced much harder courses whose staff did not make me feel that way. I paid what everyone else paid and deserve to have a shirt that fits. Also, the race seemed very focused on the college aspect of the race, but not the age groupers. When I did Ironbruin, there was a good balance between the two, but not at UCSB. I expected a little more of my alma mater and was disappointed. The announcer kept talking about the UCSB team and the SB Tri Club and making a lot of inside jokes about them that no one else understood. I would like to see this race be more inclusive in the future, since it such an amazing venue!

Last updated: 2007-11-13 12:00 AM
00:16:06 | 820 yards | 01m 58s / 100yards
Age Group: 5/6
Overall: 254/280
Performance: Average
Suit: Zoot Two Sleeveless and Squid Lid
Course: Swim out 150m to first buoy, left turn and swim 500m past 3 buoys, turn left and swim 150m back
Start type: Wade Plus: Waves
Water temp: 52F / 11C Current: Medium
200M Perf. Below average Remainder: Average
Breathing: Below average Drafting: Good
Waves: Good Navigation: Good
Rounding: Good
Time: 09:18
Performance: Bad
Cap removal: Below average Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck? Yes Run with bike: Yes
Jump on bike: No
Getting up to speed: Good
01:22:15 | 16 miles | 11.67 mile/hr
Age Group: 4/6
Overall: 268/280
Performance: Good
Wind: Some with gusts
Course: One large lap through Goleta, Ellwood Beach, Isla Vista, and the UCSB Campus
Road: Rough Dry Cadence:
Turns: Average Cornering: Average
Gear changes: Good Hills: Good
Race pace: Comfortable Drinks: Just right
Time: 08:28
Overall: Bad
Riding w/ feet on shoes
Jumping off bike
Running with bike Bad
Racking bike Good
Shoe and helmet removal Bad
00:53:05 | 03.1 miles | 17m 07s  min/mile
Age Group: 5/6
Overall: 272/280
Performance: Below average
mile 1 - 22:40, mile 2 - 16:13, mile 3 - 12.9
Course: One large loop in the trails on the bluff south of the lagoon, a loop near the Manzanita dorms, back out to the bluffs, then along the north shore of the lagoon
Keeping cool Good Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Good
Mental exertion [1-5] 4
Physical exertion [1-5] 4
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? No
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Below average
Race evaluation [1-5] 3

2008-03-30 10:18 PM

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Long Beach, CA
Subject: UCSB Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Triathlon

2008-03-30 10:50 PM
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2008-03-31 1:19 AM
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Melon Presser
Subject: RE: UCSB Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Triathlon

Wow, Jocelyn--a great race for you, especially the bike, AND you smoked the jerk. (Strangely enough, I had people be rude to me this weekend's tri, and that has never happened to me either. Those poor people--it's insufferable to be around them; could you imagine being them? Yech!)

Congratulations. Funky rocks and shallowness on the swim, crazy stairs, tough spots on the bike, and I know the run's not your favorite, and you did a stellar job all around.

2008-03-31 11:03 AM
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Long Beach, CA
Subject: RE: UCSB Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Triathlon
Thanks Verna and Yanti! Yeah, I'm trying not to take the shirt thing personally, I'm just such a geek for those race shirts. I know some people complain about them or never wear them. That's not me! I wear them like a silly, cotton badge of honor! I'm just bummed that it doesn't fit. I would have been willing to pay more for an XL, but that wasn't an option!
2008-03-31 4:19 PM
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Owings, MD
Subject: RE: UCSB Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Triathlon


I LOVE your race reports!  They always make me smile!  Sounds like a great weekend with your family, and another good race to add to your growing list of accomplishments (despite the cold and other obstacles in the form of people too stupid to live). 

You go, girl!


2008-03-31 4:53 PM
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Subject: RE: UCSB Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Triathlon

1.  Way to stick it out Jocelyn!

2.  Hmm, the most "informative" race report I've read

3.  I'd email the RD about the shirts, that's ridiculous.  lots of us wear XLs.

4.  Didn't happen to catch a holes number, you could always post it here just for revenge!

5.  You probably know this having lived there, but Santa Barbara is very insular.  I had the same reaction at the SB tri last year.

I am continually amazed at the cruelty of some people, but thankfully it is such a small percentage, the huge majority are very encouraging

2008-03-31 7:08 PM
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Carlsbad, California
Subject: RE: UCSB Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Triathlon

Great job out there Jocelyn

Interesting that you camped at Carp State Beach where there is another cool tri in September. (The Transition area is the north parking lot next to the big grassy field)

Thanks for the great detail in your report. I spent a lot of time in SB and all of those places are very familiar. I almost did this Tri a few years ago and might have to give it another look at some point.

Glad to see one of the cool kids made it up to do this race. Oh, and don't sweat the azzhat out on the course. Dude obviously had issues with his race. Sounds like you made a great time of the whole experience.

Oh, and I would definitely EMail the RD. I bet they will do something for you

2008-04-01 1:38 AM
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Subject: RE: UCSB Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Triathlon
Great job this weekend! That bike jerk totally deserved whatever you gave him, good for you for passing him. Your race report is so wonderfully detailed I could picture it almost exactly. I lived just a few blocks up from Ribera, and I used to ride that path to the beach so I know where you're talking about. Congrats on a great race, you really nailed that bike ride!
2008-04-02 10:28 AM
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Long Beach, CA
Subject: RE: UCSB Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Triathlon
OK, after reading Chris's post I went back and read this. Holy crap...did I ramble on for days! Sorry about that! I should learn not to write these in my post race delirium...or at least edit it after a good night's sleep! I shortened it some...
2008-04-02 2:44 PM
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Subject: RE: UCSB Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Triathlon

sealiongirl - 2008-04-02 8:28 AM OK, after reading Chris's post I went back and read this. Holy crap...did I ramble on for days! Sorry about that! I should learn not to write these in my post race delirium...or at least edit it after a good night's sleep! I shortened it some...

 LOL, no, no,. it wasn't the amount of info (I love love love long race reports, the more info the better). it was the inside info on where you lost your virginity!

2008-04-03 3:53 PM
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I'm a Tennessee girl living in SoCal.
Subject: RE: UCSB Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Triathlon
Great race report, Jocelyn! Sorry about the jerk you encountered on the bike course. That's always one of my fears when I'm in a race, too. I haven't encountered it yet, but I'm sure I will at some point. WTG for giving him back some of what he was handing out!

2008-04-03 9:54 PM
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Long Beach, CA
Subject: RE: UCSB Kendra Chiota Payne Memorial Triathlon
ChrisM - 2008-04-02 12:44 PM

LOL, no, no,. it wasn't the amount of info (I love love love long race reports, the more info the better). it was the inside info on where you lost your virginity!

Once again...this is why I should edit my report the next day after a good night's sleep!

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