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2005-01-06 9:29 AM

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Armpit of Ontario
Subject: Weight training while Tri training?
I can't seem to find any good info on the BT site, or anywhere else on the web for that matter, for good resistance workout recommendations.

I don't mean just a few weight sessions for tri-specific muscle groups thrown in now and then, but total body 2-3 day/week workouts @30-60 min to maintain the gains I made over the past 4 years and to even continue to add bulk.

I know bulking isn't ideal for a triathlete, but I don't want to give up what sculpting I have, which was gained through low rep high weight sessions.

I had a fitness assessment at my local YMCA (since I've been rather sedentary for the past 6-12 mo) and was talked into using the Techno-Gym circuit machines.
I've never used machines, just did heavy training at home on a bench with Olympic weights doing the core excercises; squats, presses, dips, pull-ups with a isolation thrown in(bicep/tricep, calves, shoulder raises/presses) and of course, heavy resistance ab training 3 days/week.

Any thoughts on what type/frequency/intensity weight training would be best so as not to completely sabotoge my Tri training and burn me out trying to do too much?

you guys (and gals) are great!

2005-01-06 9:58 AM
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Virginia Beach, VA
Subject: RE: Weight training while Tri training?
I used to lift 4-5x per week. Now that I have 3 other sports to train for I lift 2x per week for 60+ min each. Lately I've been alternating intensity with volume. I typically lift chest and back Tue and then shoulders and arms Thursday. I rarely lift legs anymore but I am going to start doing squats again avery 7-10 days or so. I do abs 2-3x per week whenever I can fit the extra 20min in. One week I'll go heavy...6-10 rep sets, the next I'll do volume...12-15+ rep sets. You really don't have the time for isolation moves if you hope to get sufficient S/B/R training in also so stick with good compound moves that work a bunch of muscles at once...all kinds of presses and rows. Don't forget core exercises. I personally think that squats, deads, push-presses, and snatches are great exercises for any athlete although I'd bet that 99% of endurance athletes don't do them because they're scared of getting "bulky". I don't really think that's a problem for most people. Anyone that has attempted any bodybuilding can tell you just how difficult it is to build lean mass...lots of dedicated training and lots of quality energy input.
2005-01-06 10:21 AM
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Subject: RE: Weight training while Tri training?
Post this elsewhere on here, but will post again.

Found the Navy SEAL training program many moons ago and since they're some of the best conditioned people on the planet thought it might hold some merrit for the rest of us.

The PT is nothing but pushups, situps, and pullups with the cardio being running and swimming. I put it into a spreadsheet and added biking. The PT is done in a round-robbin format: push - sit - pull - push - sit - pull and so on. Just keep going without rest in between sets until all sets are done. This is to train for muscular endurance.

The PT is done on Mon, Wed, Fri....or something like that to fit your schedule.

If there are any questions, let me know via PM.

Spreadsheet attached.

pt.xls (18KB - 40 downloads)
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