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Virginia Duathlon - Duathlon

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Virginia Beach, VA
United States
50F / 10C
Total Time = 1h 22m 32s
Overall Rank = 102/382
Age Group = 30-34
Age Group Rank = 14/34
Pre-race routine:

Up at 6am (only ~5 hours of not-so-good sleep). Had a prot shake with 1/2 cup of oats, loaded the Jeep and hit the road. One quick stop at 7-11 for coffee. About a 40min drive to the race. Checked in and got my spot organized...then waited patiently for 9am. Had a bananna about 30min prior to the gun.
Event warmup:

~3 miles easy on the bike just to make sure everything was in order. ~2mile easy jog to get the legs going and get my body temp up was cold and WINDY!
  • 19m 17s
  • 5 kms
  • 03m 52s  min/km

11th out of 34 in my age group on the first 5k - 6:13/mile

The start was fairly fast...I was in the first wave and the overall winner from last year was right next to me. A pack of about 15 pulled away in the first 800m as I did my best not to push with them. I knew that pace was too fast at this point in my training. Gradually about another 10-15 guys passed me over the 5k. I had hoped I could just go sub-20min on both 5k runs. Considering I had n't pushed anything close to that hard since last fall I did fine. My lower back got a lottle sore but nothing that slowed me down.
What would you do differently?:

Obviously I need some tempo and speed work but it's early in the season and I was happy to run sub-20min.
Transition 1
  • 01m 10s

Good enough...I decided not to try the "hop on the bike barefoot" method and instead put my shoes on before running out of transition...that probably added 20sec to my transition time.
  • 41m 14s
  • 22 kms
  • 32.01 km/hr

20th out of 34 in my age group on the bike - 20mph

I can't believe haw many guys blew by me on the bike...had to be 40-50. Most of them looked like roadies...big calves and huge hammies/quads...but I doubt many if any of those guys will be doing tris so it's probably just a by-product of the duathlon. And all the damn disc and aero wheels I heard whizzing by!!! I wasn't happy with my ride...but mostly just because the other guys were strong riders and it was tough to see everyone pass me.
What would you do differently?:

I obviously need to develop more power on the bike. Gotta find some road guys to ride with once in a while. This LSD stuff on the bike isn't doing me much good...hopefully it pays off later in the season.
Transition 2
  • 00m 46s
  • 20m 5s
  • 5 kms
  • 04m 01s  min/km

11th out of 34 in my age group on the second 5k - 6:29/mile

My legs were a bit tight coming out of transition so I went with a faster turn-over and shorter stride...I typically have a very long stride. I started getting knots in the muscle just above my knee caps on the inside of my quad around the mile mark. Had the same thing last year at Xterra but that got to the point of cramping. I was able to run through it today without too much trouble. I just missed sub-20min despite running 5:48 pace for the final 1.2 miles. At least I know I can run that kind at the end of a race with no speed training.
What would you do differently?:

Well, considering I had only done a single brick in training (and that was a very light 2 mile run off the bike) I kind of expected to be tight.
Post race
Warm down:

Searched for water...had to walk 1/4 mile from the finish chute to find it. Then walked another 10-15 min. Light streching and waiting around for the transition area to open back up.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Unfortunately I lost the chest strap to my HRM the other day so I didn't get to log HR data for the race...would have been nice to see how things went. This was the first time I've pushed beyond Z2 in the last 4-6 months...and my first race of the season. I don't expect to be ready to actually race for another 2-3 months. I took 3 months off from running and have only been back at it for about 3 months doing LSD and being religious with my HRM. I certainly didn't expect to set any speed records out there. It's time to start adding tempo work though. And I need some serious work on the bike...I can't believe how many guys blew by me out there on the roads. Overall, considering it was my first race of the season and my first push above Z2 since last summer/fall I guess I did fine.

Event comments:

Overall they could have done a better job with the race. A few things that stuck out to me were that there were limited garbage cans around the parking/transition area, the start line wasn't clearly marked, and there was no water at the finish. After exiting the chute and handing over your chip you had to walk 1/4 mile back to the parking lot/registration area for any water. The run course was kind of boring but it was short so it went by quickly. The bike course would have been nice if not for the wind and standing water. With better weather this would have been a fun race.

Last updated: 2005-02-16 12:00 AM
00:19:17 | 05 kms | 03m 52s  min/km
Age Group: 11/34
Overall: 72/382
Performance: Average
Got my mile splits on my watch: Mile 1 - 6:02.15 Mile 2 - 6:22.31 Mile 3 - 6:14.97
Course: The runs were on an old air field so it zig-zagged through runways and taxiways. Kind of boring and the surface was old cement that was in bad shape. Several of the segments had decent head winds but it wasn't too bad.
Keeping cool Good Drinking Just right
Time: 01:10
Overall: Average
Run with bike? Average
Jump on bike? Average
Getting up to speed and into shoes: Average
00:41:14 | 22 kms | 32.01 km/hr
Age Group: 20/34
Overall: 165/382
Performance: Below average
Wind: Strong with gusts
Course: The bike course was super windy...officially 24mph winds...cross-winds and "in your face" winds. Seemed like no matter which direction the course turned we never got a tail wind. Also, part of the original course was completely flooded so they had to cut it down to 22k from the original 30k. Even still, there were 3 or 4 sections where we hit 1 inch or more of standing water. Oh yeah...and my damn chain came off when I tried to drop to the small ring up front...had to get off and spend 30seconds getting it back on before i could get rolling again.
Road: Smooth Wet Cadence: 84
Turns: Average Cornering: Average
Gear changes: Average Hills:
Race pace: Hard Drinks: Just right
Time: 00:46
Overall: Good
Riding w/ feet on shoes Good
Jumping off bike Good
Running with bike Good
Racking bike Good
Shoe and helmet removal Good
00:20:05 | 05 kms | 04m 01s  min/km
Age Group: 11/34
Overall: 66/382
Performance: Good
Got my mile splits on my watch: Mile 1 - 6:34.44 Mile 2 - 6:32.63 Mile 3 - 5:48.00
Course: Repeat first 5k course.
Keeping cool Good Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Good
Mental exertion [1-5] 3
Physical exertion [1-5] 4
Good race? Ok
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? No
Post race activities: Average
Race evaluation [1-5] 3

2005-04-03 9:44 PM

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Virginia Beach, VA
Subject: Virginia Duathlon

2005-04-03 9:51 PM
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Virginia Beach, VA
Subject: RE: Virginia Duathlon
Joel, Nice race; it always seems to be windy for that one. Always good to get the first race of the season done. Good job!
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