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2009-04-24 9:59 AM

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Hingham, Ma
Subject: 20/20 Tonight

There is a 2 hour 20/20 special tonight that one of my best friends is being featured in.  He is a criminal defense attorney in Syracuse and just finished a murder trial defending this women convicted of murdering her 2 husbands and attempted murder of her daughter.  I believe the first hour is going to be about the history of the "Black Widow", as the media has dubbed her, and the second hour is focusing on him.  This was his first murder trial.  I know the case pretty well, but I would be interested in hearing what other people think.

2009-04-24 10:10 PM
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Subject: RE: 20/20 Tonight

Just finished watching the program, thanks for the heads up. Your friend had his work cut out for him. I could have bought the theory of the daughter killing the step father, but tough to believe as an 11 year old she would have been capable of planning and carrying out the murder of her father in such a manner.

The prosecutor was pretty impressive, though I was surprised the judge let him fly off the handle at a witness like that, even if she was the defendant. It wasn't as if she wasn't being responsive, it seemed uncalled for.

Question about your friend, don't mean it to come across as negative. Did he lose weight during the stress of the trial? His suits didn't seem to fit. I know it is strange for me to have noticed that in all the detail of the proceedings, maybe it was just in such contrast to the polish of the prosecutor in the court room.

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