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2005-05-21 12:11 PM


Subject: One duck foot
I have a left foot that points forward and a right foot that turns out.. doesn't cause pain but am worried muscles won't strengthen evenly and too just doesn't seem to be the most effient way to continue.. Anything I can do to encourage this foot to aim in a forward direction..?

2005-05-21 5:39 PM
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Subject: RE: One duck foot
I'm certainly no expert on muscle alignment, strengthing, conditioning, etc. and am not 100% sure this will help (is that enough of a disclaimer?), but I have kind of a bad knee that wants to turn in when I run, etc. rather than staying aligned over my foot. One of the exercises my MAT Therapist has me doing is to stand up with no shoes on and balance on one foot. Holding that position with the glutes, bend my knee with the feeling like I'm driving my foot into the floor. Again, you should feel it in the glutes. As I'm bending, extend my other leg forward straight in front of me and bring it back, and stand up straight. Repeat to the side, repeat to the back, and then switch legs. As you progress, you can add 2 more extensions, one extension midway between the straight forward and sideways positions, and one between the sideways and straight back positions (for each leg). There are also core stability exercises that I do, but I think this one addresses your question/need the most head on. Let me know if it's not clear or if there are other questions on it.
2005-05-21 6:37 PM
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Subject: RE: One duck foot
You explained it very well - I will incorporate your exercise into my workout. Thank you for taking the time to help.
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