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Canandaigua Masters Swim Meet - Swim

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Canandaigua, New York
United States
Canandaigua Masters Swim Club
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Pre-race routine:

This was my first ever swim meet. Swimming in a meet like this takes on a different mentality than triathlon. In tris, I've never felt like I realistically was competitive with anyone but myself. I know I'm not a threat for a podium spot. But in swimming, I feel like I'm competing to win.

I don't have a competitive background in swimming. I actually failed a swim competency test in college and was forced to take a remedial swim class. So to be competing to win against a collection of largely former high school and college swimmers, is a big step.

I started swimming masters about 5 years ago. This past March, I moved over to my current club and coach. Its been a good move for my swimming. I've gotten a lot faster in the last year. I felt like it was time to see just how competitive I've become.

I did not sleep well last night. I had that nervous excitement that preceeds many of my triathlons. I was running through my mind my starts, my strokes, my turns. Dreaming about winning. I woke up early. Mixed results of falling back to sleep. I eventually got out of bed about 7:30.

I met up with Rstocks, his son Matt, and Dexter for coffee in Canandaigua at 9:30. It was actually a few minutes before that as we all were early. It was good to catch up with these awesome BT folks!

After coffee, we headed over to the school. Got there a couple minutes before 10. Changed, and headed over to the pool.
Event warmup:

In practice the last week or so, coach had put together a 2000 yard warmup that she suggested we do. That was my plan. I got in and did about a 500. Then 100 kick. Then I started 6x50 free on 0:50. I started running into trouble here. Lots of folks wanted to warm up. And lots of varied speeds. I kept running into people.

I finished my free 50s and did 4x50 back. Same deal with traffic.

I also mixed in some drills and some builds. But it was too chaotic to think about a consistent 100, or even 50.

I was able to do a few starts. It was good to go off the blocks and figure out how to keep my goggles from coming off. It took 3 tries, but I got it.
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My first event was the 200 Medley Relay. I started off with backstroke. Bob did fly, Dudley did breast, and we recruited Bruce from my swim team to do the free. Swimmers were called and I jumped into the water. I got on the back blocks and waited for the bell. BEEP!

Off I pushed! DOLPHIN KICK UNDER WATER! GO! I dolphined about 1/2 way down the pool. I came up and stroked for all I was worth. Get to the end and do my open turn. Push off and dolphin underwater again! I went maybe a 3rd of the way and came up for air. I stroked hard until the end.

My time was 33:46, which was the 3rd fastest back split. Bob jumped in and took off like a rocket! Dudley followed and then Bruce closed the deal for us. I don't have the results, but I think we finished 3rd overall.

I went and sat down by coach after the event and she wanted me to do 2 things. Move my butt further out on the block. And not go so far underwater dolphining.

A few events went by before my next one, the 100 backstroke. I tried to follow coach's advice. Push out my butt a bit more on the start. Not dolphin as much. I succeeded. I felt I had a strong race. I did do my open turns. But I was more controlled on the pushoffs. I dolphined to just beyond the flags. I could tell that I wasn't in first. There was a guy next to me that was a touch ahead. But I pushed hard and closed as best I could. 1:12:51. 3rd overall. 1st in age group.

When I got back to the group, I was congratulated by Bruce. He said he was genuinely impressed with my time. There was a lot of conversation about my lack of flip turns. They were amszed that I didnt do any. They were giving coach grief for not teaching me right. I'll definitely have to work on them. And make it up to coach.

A bit of a break. Got to watch a really fun race in the 500 free. Bob was neck and neck with Dana the whole way. They were pushing, and pushing, and pushing. Bob was barely able to edge her out at the finish. That was fun, fun, fun, to watch.

Up next were the 200 free relays! My chance to go off the top of the blocks! Would my goggles stay on? I didnt really know what time I could put up in a 50 free. I was hoping to go below 30.

I started off. BEEP! I jumped! And my goggles stayed on! OK, DOLPHIN KICK! I came up and started stroking. I got to the end. I had a really slow open turn. Slow even for me. I pushed back off and dolphined more. I came up and started stroking some more. I tried to breath a few times like my normal breathing pattern. But I didnt get much air as there was so much flying water. I'm sure I lost time trying to breath. I didnt really need to though. I wasnt gasping. I'll definitely get some time gains by just swimming instead of worring about breathing on the 50.

I finished in 27:90. I wsa raelly pleased with that for my first time doing a 50 off the blocks. I know I've got a lot of improvement ahead with flip turn and improved breathing.

Dudley was next. Rocket Bob followed and the Bruce brought us home. We finished below 2:00 for the team.

A few events went by. The 50 back came up. The winner was maybe 1.5 seconds faster than my relay split. A flip turn and a touch more and I'd be there.

My last event was the 200 back. My plan was to take it out easy and negative split. That was the plan at least. I did take it out what I thought was easy. But after 100, I realized I wasnt going to be picking it up much. The 150 mark was similarly tough. I was having a tougher and tougher time. The last 25 I did pick it up. Finished a touch stronger than the previous legs. This race hurt. I did not feel successful in it. I did finish 3rd overall and 1st in my agegroup. But I wasnt as happy with this race as the other 3.

In comparing my paces of my 50, 100, and 200 back, I have to wonder if I'm not a sprinter. 33, 36, and 41 second pace per 50 were my averages for the 3 races. Thats a pretty big discrepancy. Something to ponder.
What would you do differently?:

I know that I've got to do flip turns if I'm going to win. I think I'm going to make a concerted effort to do these from now on.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with my results. I now know for sure where my times are in 4 events. I have a lot of opportunity for improvement too.
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Event comments:

Sawbellies did a really nice job runnnig this meet. It was well organized and moved very quickly. They did a great job.

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2010-02-14 3:29 PM

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Rochester, NY
Subject: Canandaigua Masters Swim Meet

2010-02-14 3:39 PM
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West Chester, Ohio
Subject: RE: Canandaigua Masters Swim Meet

Cool race, Rob!  I have yet to do a Master's flip turns?  Really?  Fast splits!!

2010-02-14 5:02 PM
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Subject: RE: Canandaigua Masters Swim Meet
2010-02-14 5:19 PM
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Malvern, England
Subject: RE: Canandaigua Masters Swim Meet
Congratulations on your first swim meet and a very successful one at that!
2010-02-15 7:48 AM
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Canandaigua NY
Subject: RE: Canandaigua Masters Swim Meet

Nice job Rob!!!  Congrats on a successful first swim meet!!!

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