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2005-07-05 11:13 PM

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Miramar, FL
Subject: 10 days to First Tri - Sprint
Well, it's really my second, but my first was 15 years ago when I was an Elite Swimmer.... Many years and pounds ago...

Anyway.. I have quite a few questions, mostly regarding gear I'll need:

- It's only 1/4 mile, so not much needed here. Just my goggles and suit, right?

- Do I bike and run in my swim suit? Should I get a triathlon specific suit?
- Do you recommend I go out and buy biking shoes, or will my running shoes suffice?
- Do I need to wear socks?
- I have a hybrid Trek 7300FX bike. Does it make sense to get Aero Bars?

- This is definitely my weakest leg. My 243lbs. make it pretty hard on my legs, but my training has really done wonders. Two months ago I couldn't run over 2 min. without stopping. Now I'm up to 3 1/2 miles run/walk. I'm sure I won't be able to run all 3 miles (pathetic, but true), so I plan on walking to warm up, then running about 1 1/2 miles, and then walk/run to finish.
- Again, do I run with socks?

- Other than water, do you recommend anything like Gel Packs?
- If so, where do triathletes carry their food? A bike pouch?
- Race it at 7AM. What would be a good breakfast before the race?

- Do I leave all the gear in the transition area?
- When should I apply suntan lotion? Before the swim?

I apolozie for the many stupid questions and thank you in advance!!!


2005-07-05 11:23 PM
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Subject: RE: 10 days to First Tri - Sprint
No stupid questions, especially for your first one.

Rule number one, don't do anything on race day you haven't done in training.  Rule number two.... tis is your first one, just have fun and finish

That said,.....
Swim - suit and goggles is all you need, unless its cold enough for a wetsuit.

Bike  - I swim in a tri suit bottom, has a light padding for the butt.  You can get one before the tri, but if not, go with what you have.

Running shoes will suffice for now.  Only go sockless if you have trained that way, you might get blisters and that would not be a fun place to find out.  Don't worry about aero bars for now

Run - Yep, my own 237 lbs make the run fun too, but sounds like you have a good attitude about it.  I think you'll be surprised at what you can do on race day

Nutrition.  -  Depends on how long your race is.  I take a gel about 1/2 hour before start and then go with a cytomax or something on the bike and in transitions.

As for breakfast, get some carbs in you.  I like PB on wheat, or PB and honey, and a Clif bar or similar

Gear is left in transition area. Look up Michael Pate's article on how to set up the T zone.  Put on sunscreen before the swim

Have FUN!  And post a race report

2005-07-06 7:51 AM
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Subject: RE: 10 days to First Tri - Sprint
my advice would be to read what everyone else is about to say, but remember to come back and tell us how great you did so that those of us who weigh 243lbs and are three months away from our tri and can barely run will feel encouraged and feel like they can do it.
2005-07-07 3:44 PM
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Miramar, FL
Subject: RE: 10 days to First Tri - Sprint
Thank you very much. I will definitely keep everyone posted. 9 days to go now... I'm getting both nervouse and excited. I am pretty sure I will have to walk during the run portion, but I WILL FINISH.

Thanks for the tips. I've been reading many others that will be helpful.

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