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2010-09-10 7:22 AM


Subject: First Tri
I have my first Sprint Tri on Sunday.....I have no idea really what I should be wearing. The swim aprt is in the required please. I am a single parent and on a non existent budget, so what can I get away with for the first one please?

I am only hoping to get to the end as I really need to see what the nuts and bolts of the race do I lay out my stuff? That would be useful info too, and what should I take?!! I know, I sound like I am rushing prep, which I am but time is limited.

Thanks in advance.

2010-09-10 7:47 AM
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Just South of Boston
Subject: RE: First Tri


There is a ton of info on this site, and you'll find answers to most of your questions here. Use the 'search' button in the upper right to find specifics.

How long is the race?

as for your questions, here are some threads which may help:

Transition area info:

Bike wise, just use whatever you have.

For clothing, if you have some tri shorts, use those. You can swim/bike/run in them, and it keeps things easier in transition. I'm assuming no one is using a wetsuit in the pool?

Good luck, and have fun. Learn from this one, so the next one you'll really be able to push it.

2010-09-10 8:06 AM
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Subject: RE: First Tri
I've only done 2 sprint tris but here's what I learned:

-a tri suit is super helpful (i found one on sale), but there were quite a few people without them.  
-baby powder works great for getting junk off your feet in t1 (first transition, swim to bike).

I bring two hand towels with me.  One is used to wipe stuff and the powder off my feet quickly before I put on socks and bike shoes (some people don't use socks, i'm not that advanced yet!).  On the second one i put my bike shoes in front of my running shoes, laces undone.  Socks go in the bike shoes.  I put my socks on & take them off again before so they're less tight after being in the wash right before.  race number belt goes on top of the bike shoes.  Sunglasses in helmet also on top of bike shoes.  Baby powder is in my running  shoes so it doesn't fall over & the ugly hairband i have to keep sweat out of my eyes is in my other running shoe.   bottle of water for a quick drink is at the top of my towel, gatorade is on the bike.

I have a really super bright windbreaker with zipoff sleeves i bring the sleeves to tie to the transition rack.  makes it easier to spot my bike, but  if you know where you are, you'll be fine.

Most important thing, don't forget....have fun!

2010-09-10 12:42 PM
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Melon Presser
Subject: RE: First Tri
You got good advice above. Remembering to have fun IS the most important thing. Good luck!

If you're on a budget, do the tri in whatever you have. You can swim in a swimsuit (plus a sports bra underneath if you have boobs) and throw some athletic shorts on in transition. If it might be cold, bring something longsleeved to wear on the bike and run.
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