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2005-09-02 7:19 PM
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State of Confusion
Subject: RE: Two hands
dontracy - 2005-09-02 9:39 AM

justalittletri -

Wonder if they would take a lowly University of New Orleans student, we pay less in tuition but our accounting program is the best in the state.

Brandy, there's a Penn State satellite campus a few miles from us. It's within biking distance I think.

You'd be most welcomed to stay with us if you went there.

We live in the northwest part of Philadelphia. It's a great place.

ahhh, Philly. I love that city. I went to the University of the Arts there. My sister lives there and I love going back there to visit. There are a lot of good schools in that city and I'd bet one of them has a decent accounting program.

2005-09-02 9:24 PM
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chicago area
Subject: RE: Katrina
Posting this in several spots. Can anyone help me find a contact to deliver supplies to the Katrina stricken area? Please see my post "Can someone be a contact..." if you can help in any way.
2015-08-25 2:50 PM
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Gulf Shores, AL
Subject: RE: Katrina
Originally posted by tri_it_cajun_style

What the hell?  I thought Hurricane Katrina was going to stay towards Florida??? No offense Florida peeps!

I am gonna bump this post for posterity. This was the beginning post of an 8 page thread that started as Katrina was approaching New Orleans. This was pre facebook and was a viable part of communicating after the storm. The world has changed alot since then, but Ron and Marma really created something cool back then. If you not too bored, skim through the thread, it lasted a long time and was important to alot of us. Some of us are still around on BT.
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