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2005-10-28 9:38 PM

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Subject: Cardiac Drift?
Can someone give a brief explanation of this ?  Is it normal, pathologic, a reflection of how good your aerobic power is?  Some friends of mine are currently having an argument about it, but I don't think it is an issue to be primarily concerned with, rather they should just focus on building aerobic endurance at this point.

2005-10-29 3:58 AM
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Washington DC
Subject: RE: Cardiac Drift?
Cardiac drift is a term used to describe heart rate at a given intensity increasing over the course of a workout. You might run at eight minute pace and 140 bpm at the beginning of a workout and be up to 150 bpm at the same pace by the end of the run.

There are many causes, including dehydration, slight glycogen depletion, and reduced movement economy as you fatigue.

Cardiac drift will decrease as fitness increases. I recommend being sure to fuel and hydrate well and, as you say, not worrying about it.

2005-10-30 5:08 PM
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Subject: RE: Cardiac Drift?
A guess a related question on this topic that's always got me thinking... when training on a heart rate should one stick to the effort (ie Watts) that you were out 5-10mins in or so when HR stabilised at your target or should you back if off after say 30mins or so if you've started to drift up?
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