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Subject: Desoto American Triple-T Sells Out, But...
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Desoto American Triple-T Reaches Earliest Sell Out on Record. Fifty Special Slots Opened Thanks to Sponsor.

HFP Racing announces that the 2006 Desoto American Triple-T event is in a sold out condition. Event producers able to offer fifty special slots thanks to Emilio Desoto.

Columbus, Ohio, February 2, 2006: The Desoto American Triple-T (DATT) event, the country's only true team triathlon tour, has reached a sell out again. However, this year's sell out has been reached several months earlier than in past years. This popular long distance triathlon event has quickly been adopted as the perfect training ground for triathletes seeking to complete a full ironman distance event later in the year.

DATT offers athletes a true test of their physical and mental abilities by challenging them to complete four triathlons over the short span of three days. After successfully completing the weekend's worth of races, participants cover 3.2 miles of swimming, 110.1 miles of bicycling, and 27.2 miles of running.

As race tradition dictates, contestants receive a custom DATT jersey emblazed with their unique race number and event logo. This jersey becomes their badge of honor worn proudly for the duration of the event and year's to come during training or racing. This year's jerseys are being provided by Emilio Desoto, title sponsor of the event and owner of Desoto Clothing, makers of premier triathlon clothing, gear, and wetsuits for over fifteen years. With the special permission of Emilio, the official field size has been allowed to grow from 150 to 200 participants. Emilio adds, "Seeing all the (DATT) athletes standing at the line before the starter's gun goes off wearing their uniforms can send a chill down your spine. The looks of excitement, nervousness, and curiousity for what the weekend holds are amazing."

To register or read more information about DATT, visit

The Desoto American Triple-T is brought to you by HFP Racing. Multisport is your lifestyle. Multisport is our life.


If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.


Scott Erdman
Marketing & Timing Director
HFP Racing
PO Box 27
Painesville, OH 44077
w 440-350-1708
f 440-639-1230
scott2006 [at] hfpracing dotcom
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