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2006-05-15 9:21 AM

Atlanta, GA
Subject: Bike Aid Stations?
Okay - dumb question with my first HIM a week away (let's go Florida BT'ers!):

How do the bike aid stations work? I don't want to get penalized, and I especially don't want to cause an accident. I see 'accidents' all the time at run aid stations, and that's without people clipped in or balancing on tires.

Is it okay to stop? Is it okay to throw bike bottles to the side of the road right before or at the stop, or do I need to refill and only throw the bottles they give? If I want to stop without blocking traffic, should I stop before or after? Are they like a pit stop, or self serve?

Yeah, I know it's just nerves, but I've got 'em, and this will give me something other than the 1.5 weeks I just spent sitting on my behind flying around to fixate on.


2006-05-15 9:55 AM
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North Carolina
Subject: RE: Bike Aid Stations?
You can throw your bottle or the bottle they give you on the ground in the vicinity of the water stop. I have never seen anyone stopped but I am sure it has happened. I would not stop before the stop and I would make sure there is no one around you if you decide to. The way the stop is suppose to work is you just reach out and grab a water from the volunteer holding them up!!! Before you get there you put you arm out so they know you are coming in for a water b/c a lot of people will not pick one up. I recommend using all of them. Its free fluids!!!
2006-05-15 10:00 AM
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Newbury Park, CA
Subject: RE: Bike Aid Stations?

Nobody wants you to cause an accident.

Can you stop - Sure, just pull off to the side of the road far enough to be out of the way. 

Do I need to refill and only throw the bottle they give - The aid stations will have bottles of water and sports drink in disposable sports top bottles.  These fit nicely in your water bottle cages.  Generally you come to the aid station and at the beginning there will be a place to throw your empties.  Toss your empty and then look for the volunteers lining the road handing out replacement bottles.  Slow down a little, make eye contact with a volunteer, point to them, shout, make your intention known they you want what they have.  They will pass you the bottle and tou can then rack it.  If you want some Gu or another bottle just repeat this as you roll throug the aid station.  When you get a new bottle say "thank you!!!"

Reference the above - it's a pit stop.

The volunteers will take great care of you.  They can't cross the line on the side of the road for everyone's safety so get over enough and slow down as much as you need.  This is no the place for any sudden lane changes, or other movements. 


2006-05-15 10:08 AM
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Boston, MA
Subject: RE: Bike Aid Stations?

BTW, before you slow down PLEASE look around so there are not riders close to you. Also if you are planning to stop please indicate this to the riders behind you and try to do this on your far right probably a bit ahead of the aid station to avoid any accidents. Before get going also check if there are not riders coming up…  Se you in 6 days!

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