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2012-10-05 9:10 PM

Subject: off season training

Just completed my 1st duathlon this fall after training all summer.  Looking to do an OLY and 1/2 IM next summer.  Currently learning to swim with the help of a swim coach. 

Training to run a 13.1 mi run in a few weeks, so basically going to focus ALOT on swimming this fall/winter. 

My basic question is whats a good plan for off season training?  I live in MN so lots of snow and cold expected.  I have easy access to the YMCA and could go 5-7 times a week. 

Ive read about increasing aerobic base, with long slow runs/bikes and also the argument for interval training. 

Whats seems to work best for you regarding off season training? 



2012-10-06 12:19 PM
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Subject: RE: off season training

So far my previous offseasons have just involved doing a balanced amount of swim/bike/run, but with no fixed/scheduled workouts (as opposed to a very regimented training program in season).  Just trying to keep the mileage up.

This year though Im working on my bike leg with Jorge's Winter Training Plan (available free on BT).

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