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2012-12-06 4:36 PM
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Subject: RE: Training a lot. Ladies, how do you not look like crap?
I second a lot of the advice here. Keeping an emergency kit is a fantastic idea. I have my own business, so can get away with a lot since I work remotely. If I have a meeting to go to after a workout, I make sure to pack a wrinkle resistant dress, nice ballet flats, and some quick makeup. I use clips or hair sticks to pin my long hair in a way that is nice but quick.

I, alas, am one of those people who seems to break out from exercising - no matter how much I shower and use cleansers. Have yet to find something that will clear it up- which is quite embarrassing at times. If anyone has something that works for them, let me know! I will try anything at this point.

2012-12-06 4:41 PM
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Subject: RE: Training a lot. Ladies, how do you not look like crap?
I try not to wear much make up ever that way if after a workout I don't have make up on, no-one notices!  I forgot to wear makeup to work today - a couple of people said how nice i look today - maybe they were being sarcastic.
2012-12-06 4:47 PM
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Subject: RE: Training a lot. Ladies, how do you not look like crap?
Have you asked him what he wants you to look like? Perhaps he could go into your closet and pick out what he thinks would be an acceptable outfit for kids events/dinner. Maybe this is his way of nicely telling you that he's feeling a bit neglected and needs more attention?

I rarely wear makeup or dry my hair on the weekends. My husband has gotten used to (3 IM's later) the natural look. If we go out for dinner I'll put on jeans and make an attempt to look nice. Earrings can do a lot to perk up the athletic pony tail hat look.

I'm lucky in that I teach PE and no one expects me to look nice. lol... I started off the school year going to work straight from the gym with my hair wet and in a pony tail. That way no one would think twice if I showed up at work with wet hair. On days that I don't swim I still go to work with wet hair.
The second workout of the day is immediately after work. I'll shower and then let my hair dry naturally.

My husband is more worried about having dinner and clean clothes during heavy training months.

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2012-12-06 5:26 PM
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Maui, Hawaii
Subject: RE: Training a lot. Ladies, how do you not look like crap?
dcomiskey - 2012-12-06 7:19 AM


x2.  Shop their sales - usually good selection in most sizes and good discounts.

YMX makes some gorgeous tops that are multi-purpose.  But $$$.  Again, wait for sales.

^^^^both of these will take you from workout to kids games/events looking awesome.

I almost always wear my hair up - a slicked back pony tail always looks nice.

A little bit of mascara and lip gloss after a quick clean up can go a long way.

Schedule your "dates" for your non-workout days (you need at least one of those a week) when you can spend a little more effort to spruce up.

2012-12-06 5:47 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: Training a lot. Ladies, how do you not look like crap?

Not that I'm on to any secrets, but it's pretty normal for me to go straight from a workout to a parent conference, concert, or charity event within 15 minutes! Things that help would be short hair with a simple style (ideally, one that can air dry), good conditioner if you swim a lot, nice-looking workout clothes if you're going somewhere where that would be acceptable, wrinkle-free dresses (black works best for my kind of life!), comfortable shoes that look classy, simple jewelry that goes with lots of things, minimal makeup.  Also, choosing workout and regular clothes that work for your body type, complexion, etc. If you're thin, choose designs that show off your lean lines and the curves you do have; if muscular, then show off the muscles. I design a lot of my own clothes and I get a lot more comments when I'm wearing my own designs, or tri clothes, than off-the-rack "dressy" stuff. A fit woman in flattering clothes who's comfortable in her body is probably way "hotter" than a couch potato who's all dolled up.

2012-12-06 5:55 PM
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, Guam
Subject: RE: Training a lot. Ladies, how do you not look like crap?

OP---If I were your husband and IF I had his concerns about your apparence, I would get another job to enable you to:

1. Quit working. 2. Hire some one to come in and do the house work and cooking work for you.  3. Get you an annual pass to the beauty/massage/facial/hair place of your choice. 

Hope this helps. :-)

2012-12-06 6:27 PM
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Subject: RE: Training a lot. Ladies, how do you not look like crap?

I'm fairly new to training and doing all the things that need to be done and look good in a short amount of time. I pretty much agree with all the suggestions so far and I've learned some stuff for myself.  Try some Raspberry Glace lipstick by Clinique it brightens up your face and makes your teeth look whiter.  

You are an inspiration and good luck with your HIM. 

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2012-12-06 6:34 PM
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Subject: RE: Training a lot. Ladies, how do you not look like crap?
Left Brain - 2012-12-06 12:27 PM
Kido - 2012-12-06 12:24 PM

You may look like crap to yourself, but as a guy, I don't think that's an issue!


The only time my wife looks like crap is when she is down with the flu or something.  Then I just feel bad for her.

Agreed......I can just see me asking my wife if she could dress up a bit more for our kid's game.  She'd show up in 5 inch heels, a very short skirt,  low cut sleeveless blouse, and a giant smirk on her face.

This. Plus I would be showing up with the black eye.

2012-12-06 8:33 PM
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Subject: RE: Training a lot. Ladies, how do you not look like crap?

Here's a tip I learned in college...

Do NOT keep solid deodorant in your car glove compartment if you live in the south.  It doesn't stay solid.

Other than that... I work in a recreation center.  If my workout ends after 1pm I generally don't shower (unless I'm working until 7 that day, and even then...)  It IS safe to keep deodorant in your desk.

Can't help you much more than that. 

2012-12-06 9:44 PM
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, New Hampshire
Subject: RE: Training a lot. Ladies, how do you not look like crap?

Reading these responses, I'm thinking I'm the girliest girl on BT! Still, with all my dresses and shoes and makeup aside, I've become a pro at quick changes and quick makeup and hair.

Dry shampoo is a great quick fix. For those with dark hair (I have jet black hair) you will have to get a colored dry shampoo or it will look white/grey and very obvious. Check Sally Beauty Supply for cheap options, otherwise Bumble + bumble makes a great dry shampoo for red/brown/black hair.

Short hair *might* be quicker and look like it has a style, but that depends on the cut and your hair texture. Short hair also means more frequent be wary, because pixie cuts can be high maintenance! A little hair pomade for short styles works wonders. For long hair, you could...

Ponytail - so many ways to make this polished and sleek! Low or to the side, it takes seconds. Take a thin strand, wrap it around the elastic, and secure with a bobby pin and it's very "done". I like to pull my hair into a ponytail, and while I'm securing with an elastic, I only pull most of the way through on the last pass through. Another 15 - 20 minutes later and it's enough to crimp a cute curl when I pull it all the way through the elastic. Instant bouncy ponytail.

Buns can be sleek and polished, but I prefer messy buns myself. It allows you to get away with not having to blow dry fully, or even with a good towel drying, you can get a cute, messy bun.

I have bangs (think Zooey Deschanel's hair - funny enough, my name is Jess Day, which is her character's name on New Girl). They take literally 30 seconds to blow dry. Instant style, no matter what the rest of the hair looks like. Put up in a messy bun when towel dryed and then let down, it's wavy.

Messy, loose braids are sexxeh-hott.

Milkmaid braids/headband braids are cute and quick. Make two pigtails, bring them over your head like a headband, pin with bobby pins. I can do this in under 2 minutes.

As for makeup, tinted moisturizers/BB creams go a long way, and I apply face makeup with my hands regardless of whether I have 30 minutes or 3 minutes to get ready - much easier than packing a brush and cleaning it every time. Multipurpose items such as cheek/lip stains do double duty for cheeks and lips. Decide what you'd rather focus on. For some, a bright lip perks the face up right away. For others, blush or bronzer goes a long way. A cat eye with liquid eyeliner takes practice, but once you get it, is a quick way to look done. Pick one focus when you're short on time. A dedicated makeup bag in your gym back means you don't have to think about what makeup to pack from home.

I'm really girly girl and I don't wear yoga pants unless I'm actually doing yoga, although I make an exception for post-race day/post dance gig driving home, same goes for workout wear, no matter how "cute" it is. I could go on forever about clothing, but to keep it simple, have clothes that fit. A good fitting pair of jeans with a white v-neck tee is classic, casual, and put together if you throw on a blazer and nice shoes. Or a bright cardigan. Or a sleek leather jacket. Or a standout scarf. Oooh, a fedora dresses it up and hides dirty hair. Okay, I'll stop now!

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