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2013-01-09 7:03 AM

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Hudsonville, MI
Subject: Suggestions on wetsuit

I am looking to pick up a new wetsuit for this coming season.  I currently have a sleeveless and want to purchase a full and was wondering what recommendations people might have to offer.  Looking to spend between $200-$400.


2013-01-09 7:20 AM
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South Wales, UK
Subject: RE: Suggestions on wetsuit

Lucky you!!!!!!!!

I started triathlons last year and got my wetsuit from ebay. The woman hadnt worn it and it still had the tags on but didnt fit her. I got it for £50 british.

Its an Xterra and I have nothing to compare it to but I love it! It has taken a battering this year. I live next to the sea so I wear it to go body boarding with the kids. I put on my booties and gloves and swim with the outdoor swimming club all year round in the sea, we went last weekend and the suit is fine. in the summer i swim in the sea rather than the pool and i have completed two triathlons in it. I have needed to put some black witch on the thighs where i have forgotten to cut my nails before putting it on. My nails didnt go all the way through. It has repaired well and I am hoping to get some more years out of it yet. Good luck x

2013-01-09 10:09 AM
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Extreme Veteran
Subject: RE: Suggestions on wetsuit

I love my De Soto First Wave. Got it a few years ago. Its a 2 piece which makes it great, have used the bib separately and it does a great job of keeping my legs up and holding me in a downhill swimming position.

Also, since it is a 2 piece, I dont get the "pull in the crotch" feeling when I raise the arms above my head.

I cannot recommend the 2 piece design enough.

2013-01-09 10:16 AM
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Subject: RE: Suggestions on wetsuit

Blueseventy Fusion ($295) or Reaction ($395).

I'm a swimmer, and really, really picky about sleeved suits. Most feel restrictive. I have the Reaction and it's great. It's about 300 times more comfortable than my Xterra Vortex.

You might be able to find them on sale somewhere.

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