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2013-05-16 8:42 AM
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Omaha, NE
Subject: RE: Benghazi Hearings
KateTri1 - 2013-05-15 10:50 AM
Goosedog - 2013-05-15 10:02 AM
KateTri1 - 2013-05-15 9:58 AM
Goosedog - 2013-05-15 9:14 AM

What kind of government would we have if members of a political party held their own to the same standards as they demand of the other?

What kind of government would we have if there were severe spending limits on political campaigns?

You hypothetical requires, possibly unconstitutional, laws.  Mine just requires that people stop acting like mindless drones.

Why would spending limits be unconstitutional? 

I'm not well versed on the legal side of it, but it's really a double edged sword.  For example if we capped spending on elections then people who are well known (celebrity's, and the likes) will have an unfair advantage over Kate if you decided to run for President.  Everyone knows them, nobody knows you and you'd have no ability to get your name out.

Even Public funding of elections have a lot of potential issues because who gets to decide who gets the funding?  The politicians get to pick.  So when you have two parties that are corrupted by money (which I feel we do) the last thing we want is for those two parties to decide that only those two parties get election funding.  We're seeing some of this with the Libertarian party getting cut out of debates, and shoved aside by these two parties in power.

I absolutely hate corporations dumping millions of dollars into attack ads and super PAC's and the likes, but I honestly don't know what the alternative is.  :-/

2013-05-16 8:42 PM
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Subject: RE: Benghazi Hearings

Not sure if it has been posted. I thought it was funny.Jon Stewart mocks Obama on information.


2016-07-08 1:59 PM
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Boise, Idaho
Subject: RE: Benghazi Hearings
2016-07-08 2:16 PM
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Deep in the Heart of Texas
Subject: RE: Benghazi Hearings

Originally posted by jeffnboise


Did anyone hear about the recent FBI announcement about Clinton?

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