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2006-07-12 6:42 PM

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Port Orchard, WA
Subject: I'm Back!

Hello Everyone! It has taken me forever to get back here! Sorry to all of my BT friends. I sort of went through a workout slump and didn't do anything for a few months. Now, I am back on track again! Yeah!

I have just been working out here at the house. No plans for any races right now, as Brad (piggpen35) and I are moving to the Snohomish County area in the next month. So, painting and getting the house ready has taken up most of my time, but I am doing what I can.

2006-07-12 6:47 PM
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Subject: RE: I'm Back!
cool to see that you came back! Can't wait to hear from you on the forums and trough you log.
2006-07-13 9:41 AM
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Subject: RE: I'm Back!

Yes, getting ready to move will trump training anyday I imagine.  Just do what you can...perhaps 1 swim, 1 bike and 2 runs a week will keep you in-the-mix.

Good luck training and with the move!

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